Happy Fiesta, Cagayan de Oro!

How could I forget the festive and colorful fiesta of my homeland, Cagayan de Oro City? Known as the City of Golden Friendship, this place never cease to amaze foreigners and tourists with its smiling and accommodating residents. Really, without expecting anything in return.

How could I forget my weeknight at the Night Cafe in Divisoria, devouring the sumptuous lechon (roasted pig) matched with puso (steamed rice wrapped in coconut leaves)? Indeed, a staple in a traditional Filipino feast.

How could I forget the array of okay-okay (used clothing) stalls, carrying imported brands? I wonder – are these the same clothes that the generous people in the USA donated to the Philippines? Read: should be FREE. Sigh. 

How could I forget the pirated music CDs and movie DVDs displayed openly to the crowd? This is illegal, right. But I guess, not in the Philippines.

How could I forget this “no-work” holiday? Thanks to the Filipinos’ commitment to Catholicism. St. Augustine, hats off to you!

There is so much more that I miss, but the list goes on and on…might as well stop. Care to share?