My Take On The Santiago-Barretto-Tulfo Airport Brawl

This is getting crazy! Everyone involved in the Santiago-Barretto-Tulfo airport brawl is suing somebody. This is just in – the ground stewardess involved may sue Claudine Barretto for human rights violation. What’s up with that? I know what’s wrong here – Cebu Pacific has proven its inferior customer service training to its employees. Granted, Claudine Barretto is a “monster” customer, but still as a customer service representative of the company, which a ground or flight stewardess belongs, an enormous amount of patience should be practiced. I can understand, if she cried after the incident, but to sue? Come on! Is somebody milking somebody here? You decide.

Each person has his own way of dealing with frustrations. Unfortunately, Claudine Barretto does not do it in a calm and graceful manner. But suing her of such is insanely extreme. In the US, the way Claudine acted is nothing but just another dissatisfied customer. It may not be right, but it is acceptable. After all, customers are always right.

To all people involved, they need to alienate themselves from the media and think deeply. Maybe and somehow, their emotions and pride will simmer down. As what Senator Miriam Santiago said in a TV interview, “to file no case is the best case” for this whole scandalous incident.