White Is Beautiful

Summer is soon be over, so as my 9-year old daughter’s Summer Camp. Truth be told, I am quite relieve. She is so dark now that I worry. I obviously still want her to have a fair skin. Am I obsessed with having a whiter skin? Perhaps, yes. Admittedly, I still have the traditional Filipino perception in me that white is pretty. Shallow-minded? Yes, I am. After all, I am a Filipino.


Officially In Love With Manny Pacquiao

The “replay” button of this Youtube video, Sometimes When We Touch sung by Manny Pacquiao and Dan Hill , must have cried foul on me for repeatedly hitting it for so many times. Even my daughter complained about it. The thing is – I am not really a Manny Pacquiao fan. I have not seen any of his boxing fights. I am never interested. I only see clips of it when I watch Filipino news. This guy is definitely a newsmaker. Go figure.

Anyway, back to this video….it gives me chills listening to it. I see Manny Pacquiao in a different light. He is utterly romantic (and handsome…love the eyes). Let us face it, the man does not really have a diction like any other Filipino singers out there. But really, this video must have captured so many ladies’ hearts. Man, I am officially in love with the PacMan. Sshh….don’t tell my husband. 🙂 Besides, he remains the one.

According To My Friend….

According to my friend….blah blah blah”

If you hear somebody say something like this in an intellectually stimulating conversation, most likely, the “intellectual” part is soon be gone. The worst kind – people who argue with all their might that they are correct just because that’s what their friend says. Come on, people! Read and know the facts before you impart your two cents about a topic, because your thoughts maybe worth nothing. Unfortunately, this scenario, aside from the “how-to-become-a-US-citizen” talks, is common in a Filipino conversation. The very one thing that I disdain. I just have to remind myself that I am a Filipino too. Sad, but true.

How to track your Umac Express Balikbayan Box

It is no brainer, really. But I just want to share what I dug from my gazillion clicking of links. Balikbayan box, anyone? Yes, yes, it is a very popular term for Filipino overseas. Even old stuff we got from the thrift stores, we send it to the Philippines anyway. If you are using Umac Express Cargo, you are in luck!  This post is intended for that. Again, no brainer. Instead of waiting for the next business day or hour to call a Umac’s Office, use your computer and your Internet connection. It easy and convenient.

1. Visit this link – http://www.forexcargouk.com/search/index.html. This works for Balikbayan boxes originating from Canada, USA, London, Italy, Bahrain, Hongkong, Korea, Macau, Greece, Spain, New Zealand and Singapore

2. Click the “Track Your Box” tab located at the top of the page.

3. Type the Invoice Tracking Number inside the (color grey) blank after the word “GO”.

4. Click “GO’.

5. The results will be displayed at the lower portion of the same page.  If you find any discrepancy in the information, especially the destination or consignee address, better call your local Umac’s Office (Read: not the agent).

Start sending some “love” to the Philippines.

Filipinos in the Medical Field vs Filipinos Who Are Married to Americans

Why is it that most (if not, some) Filipinos in the medical field are not enthusiastic in meeting or being in the same circle with other Filipinos who are married to Americans? Are they thinking that these Filipinos, particularly Pinays, are lesser than them? Or is it just me that thinks of this?

Most of the Filipinos employed in the medical industry came to the country based on a working visa. Having a medical-related degree like a 4-year degree nursing, physical therapy, medical technology, etc. as we all know is hard and expensive to get in the Philippines. It is either you can afford it or you are smart to pass it. Meanwhile, Pinays married to Americans do not need to have an impressive educational degree or money to spend on immigration fees to get stateside. You maybe the dumbest and the poorest in your barangay, you can still pass for a visa. All you need is a supportive US citizen spouse.

In my personal opinion, it boils down into one factor – common interest. Even if all Filipinos come from one nation, one culture and one heritage, everyone is unique.

If you are the type that likes intellectually stimulating conversation, then most likely, you will look for friends that are equally intelligent and educated. If you are the type that talks about other people’s business, then look for friends that like the same. Remember the sayings – birds of the same feather flock together.

I am back!

I must admit, this site drives quite a number of visits a day. I tried to let go, and just focus on my other blog (www.rimart.us), but I can’t. From this day forward, I am maintaining two sites – this one and the other one. Okay, I am spinning your head right now? Sorry. I must have posted the same tone of topic in this blog, saying “I am back!” so many times. So many to count, my head aches! I am just glad that, my subscribers are still here.

See you ’round!