My Take On The Santiago-Barretto-Tulfo Airport Brawl

This is getting crazy! Everyone involved in the Santiago-Barretto-Tulfo airport brawl is suing somebody. This is just in – the ground stewardess involved may sue Claudine Barretto for human rights violation. What’s up with that? I know what’s wrong here – Cebu Pacific has proven its inferior customer service training to its employees. Granted, Claudine Barretto is a “monster” customer, but still as a customer service representative of the company, which a ground or flight stewardess belongs, an enormous amount of patience should be practiced. I can understand, if she cried after the incident, but to sue? Come on! Is somebody milking somebody here? You decide.

Each person has his own way of dealing with frustrations. Unfortunately, Claudine Barretto does not do it in a calm and graceful manner. But suing her of such is insanely extreme. In the US, the way Claudine acted is nothing but just another dissatisfied customer. It may not be right, but it is acceptable. After all, customers are always right.

To all people involved, they need to alienate themselves from the media and think deeply. Maybe and somehow, their emotions and pride will simmer down. As what Senator Miriam Santiago said in a TV interview, “to file no case is the best case” for this whole scandalous incident.


Filipina Fiancee Swallowed By The Sea In Oregon, US

Life is full of surprises. Just when you think that it is so kind to you, in an instant, it can be mean . This is probably what a 45-year old American in Oregon, who was about to wed his Filipina fiancee of two years, feels right now. A fairy tale romance and a wonderful loving woman — everything a man could ask for. However, his life became sour because of an unforeseen event.  READ MORE.


How do you know when you are addicted to blogging?

If you are reading this blog, the chance is – you are one of us. I just want to share some hints to know if  indeed you are a blog addict.

  1. The first and last url that you visit in every computer session is your own blog site.

  2. Even at work, all you can think of is how many “hits” you have for the day.

  3. Having your own domain is as good as getting a Nintendo Wii game console for Christmas.

  4. Joining forums and online communities is for the sole purpose of advertising your blog.

  5. Seeing paid blog marketing as a lucrative side job, or even a full time job.

  6. You wake up early in the morning or sleep very late a night just to catch paid post offers.

  7. You impose a quota of 300+ of entrecard drops per day, even if it means not really reading the content of the visited blogs.

Anything you can think of? Please share.

Time for assessing yourselves, guys. Are you one of us?


Holiday Season Is Here, Giftgiving Comes Near!

Time flies so fast. A few months from now, it is already the holiday season. A time to give and receive presents from friends and families. It is the season that everyone is waiting for. For me, getting corporate gifts is the best. My last employment in the Philippines was by far a topper. I looked forward to see what the company gave to the employees. It ranged from gift baskets to novelty items.

In the corporate arena, giving corporate gifts to clients and other important business connection is a form of strengthening public relations. It is a mean to extending gratitude for a great business relations. Companies who make these corporate gifts are also rejoicing. It is also the time wherein their sales skyrocket.

But for now, I am not expecting anything. The Philippines and the US have different views on this thing. Well, all I know is – I am lucky to have a job when the economy is tough.

Are You Looking For The Best Diet Pills?

As we get older, many of us are struggling to keep or lose those unsightly extra pounds. We try to hit the gym, but as always, procrastination defeats us. Also, media denotes that beauty is being thin and fit. Of course, being fit is difficult if we live sedentary lives. Most of us will turn to diet pills as the last resort even if we do not know the side effects it will give to our body.

In choosing our Diet Pills, we must assess the pros and cons of the chemicals in it. It may be positioned in the market as all-natural and herbal, but still a diet pill is a pill. Let us not rule ignorance and indifference within ourselves. A certain website called ConsumerPriceWatch.Net is dedicated to evaluate and rate various consumer products,which includes different brands of Diet Pills . According to this site, Orovo is the #1 among the ten best Diet Pills in the market. It was evaluated after a 12-point criteria, namely, value, ingredient quality, customer feedback, safety, company reputation, reorder rates, customer service, product sensation, packaging, long-term benefits, product convenience and most importantly, weight-loss potential. This pill was originally invented as a wrinkle prevention medication, but the lady inventor noticed that it also decreased her weight in a fast phase. After this discovery, the pill hit the market as a diet pill brand and it is selling like hot cake.