Are Filipinos Stupid?

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Are Filipinos Stupid?

Personally, I think some Filipinos are stupid — just like any other nationality. I do not blame other people who have bad impressions of Filipinos or any other nationality or race. Such view must have originated somewhere, mostly through personal experiences. Empathy is not easy and accurate.  But you know what, I do not let other people influence on how I feel and think about certain things, least being judgmental. I am my own person. I am my own self. I am a Filipino. I must be stupid then, if I think that, my fellowmen in general are stupid. My point is – giving hasty generalization is not good. It defies logic. For me to be proud of my ancestry, I have to be non-judgmental and be open-minded.

Whatever nationality or race, there are always flaws. Flaws that should be dealt with, and not mocked about.