Filipinos in the Medical Field vs Filipinos Who Are Married to Americans

Why is it that most (if not, some) Filipinos in the medical field are not enthusiastic in meeting or being in the same circle with other Filipinos who are married to Americans? Are they thinking that these Filipinos, particularly Pinays, are lesser than them? Or is it just me that thinks of this?

Most of the Filipinos employed in the medical industry came to the country based on a working visa. Having a medical-related degree like a 4-year degree nursing, physical therapy, medical technology, etc. as we all know is hard and expensive to get in the Philippines. It is either you can afford it or you are smart to pass it. Meanwhile, Pinays married to Americans do not need to have an impressive educational degree or money to spend on immigration fees to get stateside. You maybe the dumbest and the poorest in your barangay, you can still pass for a visa. All you need is a supportive US citizen spouse.

In my personal opinion, it boils down into one factor – common interest. Even if all Filipinos come from one nation, one culture and one heritage, everyone is unique.

If you are the type that likes intellectually stimulating conversation, then most likely, you will look for friends that are equally intelligent and educated. If you are the type that talks about other people’s business, then look for friends that like the same. Remember the sayings – birds of the same feather flock together.


4 thoughts on “Filipinos in the Medical Field vs Filipinos Who Are Married to Americans

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  2. i liked that last part of your blog post, i don’t really have problems with pinays marrying americans but what i don’t like about them is their attitudes change and they become something else. i dislike people who are only interested in talking to you because they wanted to talk about other people’s business…that’s just cheap talk for me.

  3. I dont think u should compare these two groups not unless u are discriminated by one group.You dont really judge a person based on their education not unless she or he is running for public office, he he

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