Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong?

The conflict between the Philippine blogging world and the government agency, Dept. of Social Welfare and Development, is far from over. A controversy, that sparked from a feisty commentary post dated October 21, 2009 by a Filipina blogger, EllaGanda, has awaken the interest of the intrigue-hungry media.

Just to give you a background – around the later part of 2009, the Philippine experienced a curse of nature – Typhoon Ondoy. More than 1.8 million residence were affected and ended up homeless. The flash floods killed a number of people. It was a calamity that crippled a struggling nation. However, help and assistance from all over the world came and poured just like the rain relentlessly. Volunteers signed up, and they committed a huge part of their personal time to help people in need. Amidst the urgency to allocate the donations received in a timely manner, it looks like DSWD was not able to do it, according to EllaGanda, of which she was a volunteer herself. With the intention to help expedite the matter, she blogged about it and posted images of the said warehouse where the “rotten” donations were stored (I believe, the term “idle” is more appropriate). Then, the media did their part of sensationalizing it, and boom, before you knew it, DSWD was scrambling to regain their tarnished reputation to the extent of suing the said female blogger.

In my opinion — this is indeed a typical “a mountain out of a mole hill” scenario, obviously, fueled by the manipulating media. The interviews granted to DSWD by the giant TV stations on primetime news should be enough for them to state the facts and to verify information. Why not just resolve the issue and stop bickering. If the suit will push through, it is just a waste of time and money. I just hope, they are not getting it from the taxpayer’s money. 

If I were in Ella’s shoes, I would probably do the same – blog about it. However, I would definitely exclude the pictures in the publication. It was prohibited to take pictures within the perimeter, by doing so, I already break a policy. Well, I would take pictures, but only as proof when SHIT happens – like this.

I commend EllaGanda for being so brave. I really hope that, this issue will simmer down and DSWD will not sue her anymore. It is just too much drama for a country which is already experiencing an agonizing bruhahas of the next Presidential election.

Peace everyone!



One thought on “Who’s Right? Who’s Wrong?

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