Starting The Holiday Week

As usual, I started my day almost noontime. That means, I was not able to savor the wondrous scent and taste  of brewed coffee while enjoying the early morning light. Well, this I what I got for sleeping too late – 4:00am. Though, I did wake up at about 8:00am to check on Amber, and went back to bed. The weekends give me the license to splurge on staying all night, and consequently, sleeping the next day. Before I do this, I always make sure that Amber has something to eat in the fridge. She is quite independent for her age. I guess, that’s part of being gifted. There is one rule though that, she can not break – no cooking or using of the microwave. So far, so good. She likes cold cuts, fruits, cereal and milk in the morning anyway. By the way, she has no more fever. Looks like, she has already recuperated.

In the afternoon, it was nothing but idle. My husband was at work, and Amber was using my computer. To kill the boredom, I watched the Food Channel. The scene of cooking delicious-looking cuisines tickles my palate. I love food, but I dot not know on how to cook it. At one point, my husband asked me, “Do you know anything else aside from cooking pork?”. He was braved enough to tell me that pork is not really his thing. He is a steak kind of guy.  Thanks to the greatest kitchen appliance there is – the electric oven (not the microwave oven, okay). Just throw some piece of meat inside for 15 minutes, and voila, dinner is done. By the way, who loves Iron Chef America? Man, this show rocks! I love it when the challenger beats the iron chef. I always go for the underdogs. Just for the sake of mentioning it – I do not get the rationale behind the character The Chairman in the show. It’s pretty annoying – the way he talks and whenever he does his somersault (in the kitchen). I believe that, he is a celebrity, but I do not know his name.

Also, I did plan of finishing of putting up the Christmas lights outside, but I chickened out. I could handle climbing a (short) ladder to reach the edge of the roof – too much risk for a scaredy-cat like me. My husband and I managed to put up some already last weekend. It was already half-way done, when the sky turned pitch black. Hopefully, we will complete it tomorrow. Christmas day is already six days away. No more time to doodle.

When my husband arrived from work, and was hungry, I fed him the left-over from the steak, smoked ham and green salad that I prepared for his lunch today. He did not mind at all. He cringes at the thought of wasting food. Good. We are on the same boat. Well, Amber ended up eating the steak, and I ate triscuit and cheese for dinner. I tell you, this was just a trickle effect. I intended to prepare Sloppy Joe for dinner, but the ground beef that I thawed was still frozen when dinner time came. So, my husband just said, the left-overs would be fine. My bad. 

Anyway, this is all for this day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a happy Sunday. We will probably do some gift shopping, if our sched will permit. Should I say, if we will wake up early enough to finish all stuff not yet done, and have some time for the shopping.


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