The Resurrection of A Lazy Blogger

When’s the last time that I logged in here? A month ago? It seems like a lifetime. I have been so bad and irresponsible for keeping this out of my daily schedule. In fact, just logging in here now, I am in total oblivion as to what my password is. I have to concentrate and ponder on it deeply. Sad, isn’t it? For the nth time, I am blogging again about my “return” in blogosphere. Tsk, tsk.

Honestly, there is not much that is going on with my life right now, which could be the reason on why I am speechless. Life is always a routine – home, work, school, home, work, school. Wait. I almost forgot to mention, the three of us (me, husband and my daughter) went to Disney World Orlando and South Miami these past few weeks. Let me blog about it separately. I just feel that, I need to catch up.

Let me start by sharing to you my new great find. It’s a book series for 2nd graders. It’s called “Diary of A Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney. As you may have guessed, it’s a book that I bought for my 8-year old daughter. I believe that, the whole collection is consist of only four or five books. Sad. On a lighter note, I have read somewhere that sometime next year the movie version will be shown. Yepey!

You see, sleeping early at night has always been a problem with me. I am lucky enough to snooze at about midnight. Most of the time, I hit the pillow around 1:00 to 2:00am, even on week nights. There was even a day when I went to work without snoozing for the whole 24 hours. The weird thing about it — I was not sleepy or sloppy the whole day at all.  I do not count sheeps to fall asleep. So what I usually do, I dig into my daughter’s file of books and began reading some. Hence, the Wimpy Kid series discovery. I am hooked and have always been entertained. I am down to the last book, and it will be the end of the obsession. I hope (and pray) that, the author will come up with more Wimpy Kid series.

By the way, have I told you that I finally have my own workstation at home?  My husband gave it to me on my birthday.  We only do computer stuff in our home office, and nowhere else. Part of his OCD, I guess. We used to share the same work area.  He is a computer freak too, so just imagine the constant bickering on who uses the area first. With the sum of the money he spent, he could have bought me a laptop, but I told him not to. A desk top is better for me, because it is easy to upgrade and the parts are cheap. I used to work for a computer company in the Philippines, so pretty much I know the pros and cons between a desktop and a laptop. Besides, I do all home management and budgeting duties, so a desktop works perfectly fine.   He knows that, I am always into organizing our files and gazing at my computer screen whenever I am at home. It’s not just the Internet, I play PC games too. Red Alert, Rise of Nations, my faves. Yes, fella. I am never enticed with the hundreds of channels that our Dish Network subscription is offering. I leave that part of the house (the TV area) to my husband and Amber. Anyway, up until now, my workstation is still a mess. I can not seem to organize it with all these daily junkmails in our mailbox. I only throw it in the trash when I am done reading them. Who knows, some may have good news.

But really, its entirety looks like this. I hate the wires below the desk, but there is nothing that I can really do about it. I like my computer. It’s friggin fast. I am not techie at all when it comes to gadgets. I do not even have a cellphone. Well, I once had but I decided to dispose it. I am just being practical. When I am at home, we have the home phone. When I am at the office, I have my work phone. Besides, I do not have any callers at all aside from my husband and some friends, who usually call me at home at nightime.  I do not drive, so I am pretty much at home or at work. Well, there is a  must for me — a hand lotion beside the monitor. Touching paper with my dry hands is not my idea of a happy moment.

What else? Oh, my poor little girl is sick. She has strep throat and is running a fever. I am stationed at home for two days to take care of her. She could not be around other kids in school and in day care in this condition. Hopefully, she’ll get better for the Christmas week–that’s already next week. So many things to think, so many things to do. The year ends too fast. Sometimes, my mind just want to blow. Anyway, that’s life. So, it’s fine.


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