Slava, A Serbian Orthodox Tradition

As they say, America is founded by immigrants. This is proven by the diverse culture depicted by living our every day lives. We meet  a lot of people of different culture, color and beliefs. This makes the country interesting to live in for people who are open to new things. As an immigrant myself, I enjoy this one thing that the country has to offer.

Just this evening, we had a great and sumptuous dinner with the long-time Serbian friends, the Lazaravics. It is in celebration with the Serbian Orthodox tradition — the Slava. Being in this kind of occasion opens my mind to a whole new world. People may have live in this country for so long, but they can still keep their beliefs and tradition alive. I give my kudos to the wife for cooking Serbian food every day, even if American instant food is just within arms length. If you are in America, it’s tough to cook right from scratch. It requires so much dedication and time.

As an ender — I just realized that I like Serbian food better than Chinese. I hope, one day, I will learn to cook it.



3 thoughts on “Slava, A Serbian Orthodox Tradition

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