Sending Money To The Philippines

One prominent part of the Filipino culture that, I carry here in the US — is to take care of our parents no matter what. Being physically far is not a license to forget them, and live comfortably whilst they suffer from poverty. I am talking about sending money to our folks. If you are a Filipino, you understand what I mean. To be fair to my husband, I do not get the money I send from our income as a couple. With the help of blog marketing, I am able to fulfill my responsibility without disrespecting the culture that he lives.

For many months now, I have been using Xoom.Com in transferring money to them. It’s affordable and accessible. All I need is my Paypal account and Internet connection. Just recently, I discovered another means of money transfer – this time, cheaper and more convenient. I am talking about UnionBank’s EON CyberAccount. The good news is – you can use its ATM card to withdraw funds from your PayPal account. From PayPal(US) to PayPal (Philippines) transfer, it’s free. At a minimal amount, they can withdraw the money at any VISA-accredited ATM machine in the Philippines. Sweet, isn’t it?

One flaw of this though – the process is complicated. It needs a techie hand to do it. But if you want the easy way, just use Xoom. I am just giving options here, and I am not advertising.



3 thoughts on “Sending Money To The Philippines

  1. i was also doing some research and came across another company called atmcash. they let you send money online or over the phone to almost any atm in the philippines. the price is good to, something like $5 for up to 1000 to send.
    thanks ting for all the info

  2. If Filipinos were not so stupid it would not be necessary to remit monies back home.

    You have a fertile land, teeming oceans, wonderful forests, a large population but you have not managed to develop anything.

    Why is this? It is because Filipinos are stupid.

  3. how sad, and how unpleasant, that someone should take the time to make unkind, untrue and derogatory statements about the filipino people.

    my wife is filipino and i love her dearly, and her family.

    the comments are not true, however they do reflect the true personality of the writer.

    i hope it is a hoax.

    ps i have just noticed links to another blog entry on the right, asking ‘are filipinos stupid?’

    is this some kind of game? what kind of proud filipino would encourage or even allow such racist and unpleasant comments on her blog?

    disappointing, truly disappointing.

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