Sci-Fi Versus Romance Movies

My husband and I have different tastes in movies. He likes his adrenaline-pumping and “creepy” sci-fis. For me, I am so much in love with romantic comedies and any sort of real-life movies. I can not still believe that, up to this day, he thinks Twilight sucks. According to him, it is a cheesy chick-flick. Well, I am glad that I am a chick.
Right now, he is watching Tinman from the sci-fi channel, while I am here blogging. It’s 1:11am, and I am still wide awake. Both of us sleep too late, like 2:00am, even if we have to work the next day. A cup of two of coffee keep me awake the whole day.
I am so ready to watch the Twilight sequel, New Moon. Anyway, guys. It is getting too late. See you around!

One thought on “Sci-Fi Versus Romance Movies

  1. Twilight DOES suck.
    Or were you being ironic?

    Either way, to each his own.
    Enjoy your plotless, anti-feminist, anti-literary competence, creatively bankrupt, sparkly vampire man-tit laden, flavor-of-the-week series.

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