The Most Dangerous Place for Shark Attacks

Volusia County. New Smyrna Beach.

I can not make up my mind if being on the top of the list as the world’s most dangerous place for shark attacks is a good or a bad thing. Good — in the sense that, it can drive thrill-seeking surfers, swimmers and extreme sports fanatics all over the world.   Bad — in the sense that, shark attacks is a morbid and scary scene, especially if you have seen the 1975 movie, Jaws.

I used to live in an island. I am an island girl, who does not know how to swim. I am fascinated by the beach sceneries, but never the blue water. I am more of a spectator, than a performer. In my mind, sharks could be anywhere and I coud be eaten and die. Perhaps, this is a result of uncensored movie-viewing in my childhood years. Jaws, that is. Should I thank my parents? Maybe yes, maybe no.

It is a long weekend, and I have nowhere to go. I want to go the beach. In the place that I live now, the beach is just about 2 miles away. But believe it or not, I have not dip in the sea water since I got here. I go to the beach, especially in Daytona Beach, to people-watch. 

I hope someday and somehow, I can visit the New Smyrna Beach- not to swim, but to enjoy nature though my eyes. Heck, it’s just two towns away from us..about 30 minutes drive.



One thought on “The Most Dangerous Place for Shark Attacks

  1. Hi, I guess this is as good a place to post this as any. I tried to subscribe to your RSS feed and kept getting long error messages and it froze up my computer and I had to reboot and start over. Never did get it figured out and gave up. Oh well, it is probably me, not your blog.

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