Quit Coal, Save The Climate

When I was still in the Philippines, I registered with Greenpeace Asia mailing list. One organization that I truly admire for their noble cause. I was curious on how the organization works and where they are headed each mission.

Sometime ago, I got this email linking to this Quit Coal, Save The Climate blog. The blog is informative and awakening, but there is always two sides of the story. Nowadays, coal-fired power plants are using the latest technology in eliminating, if not minimizing, the adverse effects of coal in our environment. They are willing to spend a lot of money to implement it, because after all, it is ALSO their planet, their home. This is a matter of strict compliance of environmental standards, and there is a governing body monitoring this. If a company does not comply, then boot them off the island. If there is one thing that should be eliminated – the corrupt government officials who see foreign investments as milking cows.

Just a piece of my mind.



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