“The Sims On Stage” Signed Off

Filipinos are known for being karaoke lovers. We just love to sing, regardless if we are happy or not. Every song we listen to brings a certain feeling of sentiment. It expresses feelings that are hidden and left unsaid. Even if we sounded like a trying-hard frog, it surely does not stop us from belting our hearts out. I, for one, am very enthusiastic in joining karaoke sessions with friends when I was in the Philippines. But since I set foot here in the US, I have not done any of it. Until I stumbled on this site, The Sims On Stage, sometime ago. I recorded one song (Through The Eyes Of Love), and sent it to a friend just for kicks. But eventually deleted it, before I would embarrass myself.

Today, I tried to find the link to this site. To my dismay, it was long gone. It was already shut down last March 31, 2009.  Sigh. I need to find another one good online karaoke channel again.



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