My US Greencard Is On Its Way!

Like any other alien in the US, having a greencard is probably the one thing that I aspire for. Well, it is second to having a job though. It is a long and tedious process, but it is worth it.

My greencard journey has finally come to an end this morning. I had my AOS interview appointment at the USCIS Orlando Office. I, together with my husband and daughter, came to the USCIS building just in time — 5 mins. before appointment. We waited in the lobby for 2-3 minutes, and then my name was called.

It was very casual. The adjudication officer was pleasing and friendly. After the hi’s and hello’s, his first statement was — “Your case in already done. All I need to do is get your I-94 and EAD”. When we heard this, we already knew that we were approved. There was no question-and-answer about personal marital stuffs. He did not even ask for ANY proof of relationship at all. It was more on the Yes-and-No part of the form we filled up. Then, he verified my name, SSN, home address and phone number. In about 10 minutes, we were out of his office door. Before we left, we confirmed the result of the appointment, and he said “Yes, you are approved”.

To those who has yet to undergo their AOS interview, good luck! Break a leg!





24 thoughts on “My US Greencard Is On Its Way!

  1. miss ting tomorrow na yung interview ko for AOS…Im nervous…wala pa yung sss number ko it’s been 4 weeks na. please help me

  2. miss ting ask ko lang po yung notice po na nareciv nyo about your appointment nakacheck or naka X po ba yung requirements na dadalhin or box lang po…kc ako nung nagfile ako ng AOS may pinass na po ako affidavit of support etc pero sa letter of appoint ment nakaindicatepo yung mga requirements without check or x…mam ting pls help me kinakabahan talaga ako

  3. Hi Gie,

    Just tell the interviewer that you have not gotten your SSN yet. It is fine. There is no form to fill up. Just make sure that you will be there ahead of your appointment shedule. They are very strict with the time. X or check, it does not matter. As long as you bring the original notice, you are good to go.

    Just relax. If you are nervous, they will think that you are up to somthing. Just be yourself.


  4. Hi Ting, congrats for being approved with your greencard! Matagal na rin na di ako nakavisit sa blog mo, kasi di ko rin lagi kaharap PC ko for about 6 months at least. It improves a lot! Dami mo na rin follower. Malaki na baby ko, six months old na sya. 🙂 Again, congrats. – Claire

  5. congrats miss ting happy for you…hope mine will be soon…i jas received yesterday a welcome notice from the uscis…yung card na lang

  6. Hello, miss Ting. I am back! Your avid fan, lol. congrats on your green card. Anyways, I got my green card last June. My husband and I applied for it last March, 2009 and I was scheduled last June 10 for the interview. Just like you, there was Yes-or-No. I was approved that same day and got my green card a week after. Life is so wonderful, isn’t it?

    Miss Ting, add kita sa blogroll ko ha? Love your blog so much. 🙂 Keep it up!

  7. Hello Hornetlover

    Congrats on your greencard!
    Ask ko lang, kasi my husband and I want to apply for my AOS next month, bakit yung sayo madali naapproved bakit kay ms ting it took 6 months? just curious… please help me and share your experience to me..thanks!!

    thanks a lot!!
    God bless you!


    hello ms ting, ask ko lang si Hornetflower ha, thanks
    ang Congrats on your GC too!!
    God bless you!!

  8. jho, Hornetlover hindi Hornetflower, LOL. Hindi ko din alam bkit ganun, jho? Under K1 visa kc ako e, dito kami sa US kinasal, I think Ms. Ting is under K3? But, I am not sure. Ung frend ko in New Jersey, kinasal din sya dun and nakuha nya ung GC nya in less than 4 months ata?

    I am sure, Ms. Ting can answer all your queries. 🙂 Good luck, jho. 🙂

  9. Hornetlover, hahaha, ewan ko ba bakit nga biglang naging Hornetflower, eh tama naman yung pag address ko sayo di ba? anyway, pano kaya yun K3 ako, feb.21,09 kami kinasal
    just arrived here in Ohio last Oct.8.
    Thanks, please reply

  10. LOL, cute naman e, haha… anyways, kung last feb kau kinasal, then arrived ka dito this Oct. lang, bilis mo. Kc ung kakilala ko 2 yrs sya naghintay para dun sa visa nya e. Pinas cla kinasal. Bilis ng papers mo

    Para mas clear sayo at masagot mo ang tanong na yan, visit ka dito

    prepare mo lng lhat ng dox na hawak mo, original and xerox, just in case…

  11. i think it will depend on what type of visa…im under the k1 visa and i arrived last may 14 and got married the same day we applied for my AOS after 2 weeks then aug 21 yung interview date ko…so mga 3 months yung timeline…basta kaya mo yan jas prepare all the docs na required nila and nothing will go wrong..goodluck

  12. Hello again Hornetlover, dami nga nagulat bilis daw ng pagprocess eh, from filing to approval it took less than 5 mos. lang, God is good all the time! Amen!!

    Thanks sa reply!
    God bless you!!

  13. Hi, Congratulations on your accomplishment! I am going through the process myself. Do you think I can have access to the list of documents you submitted? Thank you!

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