It’s A Wonderful Life!

untitledJust like its title, it is a wonderful film. It is a classic holiday movie from the mid 40’s that captures the heart of the American movie viewers up to these years.

About same time of last year, I asked my husband to rent a feel-good holiday movie. Being a certified movie fanatic, he has seen almost all new release movies, but he nonchalantly recommended to me an old one, It’s A Wonderful Life. At first, I was too hesitant especially it’s too old for my taste, but anyway, we rented it. Right from the beginning of the movie, I was already mesmerized by the plot of the story. The characters are very real and it depicts the reality, the past and the present. It is a movie of hope and gratitude that life is still wonderful even when we are at our lowest.

I do not want to give you the details of the movie. All I can say is — go ahead and watch it. A must for everyone to see!




One thought on “It’s A Wonderful Life!

  1. It is one of my favorites. (I am an old guy)

    I hope you might read my ‘Wonderful Life’ story called ‘Somebody Touched Me.’ It is on my blog today. The link is:

    Dr. B

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