The Race To Absolute Zero

Up to this day, the race to the absolute zero is still incomplete. Mankind has not yet succeeded in achieving the lowest possible temperature there is. You must be wondering on why scientists know about this absolute zero when no one has ever conquer it yet. Let us define absolute zero. Accordingly, it is a temperature that no known system can still engage in heat transfer. It is a state wherein the molecules of a matter have stopped moving. It is the coldest of the coldest. It is comparable to -273.15 degrees on Celsius or -459.67 degrees on Fahrenheit scale.

Matters with absolute zero temperature exhibit superconductivity and superliquidity. An object which is an insulator in a normal room temperature can conduct electricity the nearer it gets to absolute zero. The lowest temperature ever reached in a lab happened in Helsinki University of Technology on 2000. It was 100 pK (1×10−10K). Pleas note that 0 Kelvin is also known as the absolute zero.

Science is a continuing study. Someday and somehow, someone will accomplish this goal to reach the absolute zero.



3 thoughts on “The Race To Absolute Zero

  1. Hey Tinting,

    You are right that absolute zero is the coldest temperature theoretically possible but also theoretically, it CANNOT be reached by artificial or natural means.

    But I like you’re never say never attitude. I too hope that one day we will do it. And travel beyond the speed of light 🙂

    Mr Barlow

  2. Wow! Brought back memories of my HS science classes. Good times, good times!! : )
    Soooooo, there is obviously so much more to you than Optimax, mysterious Tingting! : )
    See you at work! Oh, that’s right, I don’t see you at work! LOL

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