Happy Birthday, Mateo!

It was around 2003 when I first heard of ‘reality TV’ in the Philippines, after I viewed an episode of Temptation Island. I found it so odd to document people having issues or screwing each other on national TV. In my conservative mind, it was too much to take. I could not grasp the amplifying sexual liberation of the western world. But anyway, life went on. I had to eventually tuned in to one of these reality TV shows. They were everywhere! Then came, Survivor Amazon. At first, I did not comprehend the dynamics of the show. My first impression? A bunch of back-stabbing mean-spirited people stranded in a far-flung place. But this did not stop me from watching one episode after another. I loved their games, especially physical challenges. I got hooked. I became a fan.

There was this one person who caught my attention. He was my bet to win the game. He embodied the ideal physique, agility and the mind of a sole survivor. His name is Mateo or Matthew von Ertfelda in real life. This guy looked creepy and scary, especially when he’s holding his rusted machete and sporting his tiger-eye look. He ate bugs like potato chips. Man, he’s something. Anyway, he did not bagged the title of the sole survivor, but he came in second. My life was shattered…okay, that’s an exaggeration. From then on, I became an avid fan. I signed to a bunch of Survivor-related forums. Call me ‘stalker’ (okay, that’s another exaggeration). A fan is a fan….and I am one! He’s my first ever celebrity idol.

 Happy Birthday, Mateo! Have more to come! I hope, you will be in The Bachelor soon!



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