Sickness Make Me Think

I was ill for the whole two weeks – cough, colds, sinus and headache. Name it. I was busy at work, and had no time to make an appointment with my doctor, whose clinic is just two blocks away from home. Besides, I was thinking – it’s just cough and colds! I went to nearest Walgreen store, bought some Tylenol Severe Cough and Cold syrup, and I thought, all’s well. I would be fine in a day or two. Little did I knew, my condition became worst. I was sick as a dog. I had no decent sleep, and a lot of embarrassing “barking” moments at work The thought of spending 25 bucks on a co-pay, and a prescription medicine bothered me, when I could cure myself with an 8-dollar cough remedy. I was wrong.

 On the 8th day, I finally convinced myself of going to my insurance-accredited urgent care facility in Daytona Beach. I did end up paying a 35-dollar co-pay and a 50-dollar worth of medicine. I know, it’s more than I thought, but it worked.

 Why am I sharing this not-so-worthy experience? Read my mind.

 Most of us in the Philippines want to come and live in the US of A. We see this country as the only hope to get financially better. Opportunities are swelling. People are open-minded. As immigrants, we are far from being judged. This place is all about comfort and high standard of living. I must agree. But you must work for it. The thing that you must avoid is getting sick. The medicines are plain mighty expensive. Plus the feeling of loneliness and homesickness, it’s not the situation that you want to be in. No wonder the medical industry here is soaring high even when the rest of the economy is collapsing. You can not easily get medicine over-the-counter, especially anti-biotic. You have to present a prescription from a doctor and some testing, which means additional cost. Whereas in the Philippines, you can buy the less-intensify anti-biotic like amoxicillin and others in any pharmacy – small or big. Well, the risk is big, but it worked fine for me. In moments like this, I do miss my home. A home where life is less stressful and you can be happy even with less money.



3 thoughts on “Sickness Make Me Think

  1. : )
    If we got out of our cubbies more often, we could have chatted about “sickness” and remedies.
    I do hope you are feeling better, my dear!
    I promise to come visit you more often if you promise to come visit me! I have moved, btw. I’m now in Jess’ old “office”!
    See you on happy Monday!

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