Rimart.Net Reloaded! Hurrah!

When most of the people are excitedly looking forward to the long holiday weekend, I am not really thrilled. I started the week getting sick and almost bedridden. I ended up not being able to get to work for two straight days (which to me really sucks), and asleep most of the time. My only consolation is to watch my favorite Filipino shows online – Kambal Sa Uma, Juicy and The Wedding. Sometimes, I tune in to the boob tube, but the hundred-something channels make me dreary. I have no favorite American shows to date. If only I knew what channel Seinfeld is. But really, it is still nothing. It is so draining and tiring of being stuck at home, and see the world stop before your very eyes. Yeah, I know. I am exaggerating. Hopefully, things get better on Saturday when the 4th of July celebration will come to a full blast. No more long sleeping hours, and being stationed at home for the whole freaking day.

On a brighter note, after three emails and a call to WordPress Support, they re-activated this blog. Hurrah! Just as I thought, it was suspended because of some money-making posts and links. Anyway, I got rid of the paid links. I am really grateful for the second chance. I was really upset when I found out that my blog was suspended about two months ago. I even stopped blogging all at once. I did miss writing. I did feel a gap. Some of my followers, mostly immigration-related, emailed me and were also upset.

Blogging is like part of life. It connects me to the life that I left behind and cherished. I even started posting to my other blog just yesterday about my decision to write again, with or without A Life Less Than Ordinary. Well, it looks like there is something to smile about this week.

Keep reading my blog, everyone. I am so back.



4 thoughts on “Rimart.Net Reloaded! Hurrah!

  1. so that’s what happened. at first i thought i typed the wrong address…but after a couple of failed attempts and a note that said “this blog has been suspended….” i gave up.

    welcome back! 🙂

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