Medical Billing Advocates of America

I dread being sick. It is not because I am afraid to die, but sad to say, it is because of the bloated medical bills.

A simple visit to a doctor could lead to a chain of medical testing and examination. Before you know it, the charges stack and accumulate, even with insurance. As I mentioned somewhere in this blog, a simple visit to the ER had cost us US$397.00. It was all because of a tooth infection. As you know, you can not buy anti-bacterial medicines here without prescription. So, my husband had no choice but to visit the nearest ER to get a presciption, on a weekened and no dentist in town opened. You know what’s wrong with it? We paid almost 400 bucks to get a 4-dollar worth of medicines. Obviously, it is over-rated.

If you feel like your medical bills are way too high than what you expected, you should consider contacting the Medical Billing Advocates of America. This is not a paid post. I just want to share to you the good news that this organization brings.



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