Fascination With Scents

What does it take to be considered as a scent fanatic? Let us check.

Don’t you mind spending a hundred dollar on a signature perfume?

Do you light a scented candle everyday?

Do you savor food because of its smell rather than its taste?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, then most likely, you are a scent fanatic. It is not a bad thing at all. As long as you know your limitations and you have the financial resources, go for it. This fascination can also be turned into a lifetime career. You can either create your own brand or invent your own patented scent. It is a classy and lucrative industry. No wonder, most of the famous business-minded celebrities venture to this industry. Not only that, some famous apparel brands expand its clientèle by having their own perfume brand, which now you can buy online.

Whenever I go to the stores, I always check out the perfume counter. I am not a fanatic, but the scent is enough to entice me to look and seek for something the suits me. But you know what, I always go home empty-handed. I can not fathom the prices. Also, I know that somehow I can buy these perfumes online at a very discounted price — not on eBay though. Well, I do not know yet what I want. Oh well, I should check some websites. Who knows, I may get the best deal ever.  



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