PinoyChannel.TV: Becoming A Crappy Site

What’s wrong with this site? I used to visit it every day to watch my favorite Filipino shows. But these days (to be exact months), not anymore. It is full of spams, virus, adevertisements, pop-ups and errors.

In my previous posts, I recommended it. Sad to say, I want to retract it, unless the site will get better. I had to reformat my computer a month ago, because of the spywares, trojans, and virus that I got from the site. Why am I saying this? Because, it was only the site that I frequent with so many spams.

Well, I am in search for a Filipino website. For now, I am enjoying my views on Hulu.Com. It’s American, but at least, I can be sure that it is not full of advertisements and pop-ups.



2 thoughts on “PinoyChannel.TV: Becoming A Crappy Site

  1. i know. i got virus from that site too. trojans and spywares. If you want to watch filipino shows, go to youtube. then type uploadbee, majasalvadortube, COHQ1. youtube is safe.

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