Not A Role Model For Success: Boyet Fajardo

Seeing people succeed and conquer whatever field he has chosen is a scene to behold. It is an inspiration for an ordinary Filipino dreamer like me. Listening to a rag-to-riches story is like a fairy tale to me.

Over the weekend, a story of rudeness and scandalous demeanor ruled the Philippine media. It starred no less than the renowned Filipino designer, Boyet Fajardo. The setting, the Duty Free Philippines Fiesta Mall in Parañaque City.

I am warning you now. What you will read here is very saddening and a big slap to our Filipino pride. Let us continue.

It all started when a cashier at the store requested Fajardo for his photo ID, after he presented an unsigned credit card as payment of his purchase. It is an SOP (and common sense) — identification card is needed when using a credit card wherever you are. However, the designer was not amused, and reacted hysterically. He could not believed that the store staffs do not know him.  He is famous and powerful, according to him. He berated the said cashier and the attending store officer. Get ready for the worst part — he uttered that he would only be satisfied and stopped if the cashier will kneel down in front of him and allows him (Fajardo) to slap his (cashier) face. He cussed and threatened to call the higher position to terminate the cashier. I know, it is so sad. For the rest of the story, you may visit the news from ABS-CBN.

One last note — Fajardo should choose his battle. Do not go for people whom you know that do not have the courage and financial resources to fight you. Pick someone else, somebody of your own league. By the way, I do not know you too. Do not cuss me for it. Bohoo!

 Do you want get mad even more? Check out this video when the cashier knelt down infront of Fajardo. If this news really irritates you, join the petition to boycott Fajardo’s clothing lines.




One thought on “Not A Role Model For Success: Boyet Fajardo

  1. hi!

    Certainly, this guy is no role model for anybody, i can’t comprehend such behavior being displayed in public, thank GOD, cctv is there to show the world these despicable act.

    We cannot tolerate this inhumane treatment by people who are said to be ” rich, influencial and well connected “.

    I hope the people will express their indignation against this man, if justice must be done then the ax should fall to whoever responsible.

    So that lessons not just for him but also for everybody will be learned.

    btw, nice blog


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