The Lamest The Bachelor Ever, Jason Mesnick!

I have a confession to make. I was hooked with this season’s The Bachelor. Sure, I have watched the first season of the show, and after that, I got bored. I eventually forgot about the show’s existence until I saw a clip of Jason Mesnick crying after The Bachelorette’s Deanna Pappas dumped him. It was somewhat hoping that this single dad would finally find his one true love. But man, after last night’s show, I was stunned. He dumped his fiancee, Melissa Rycroft, on national television and went back to Molly, whom he had dumped during the final rose ceremony! That’s not classy of him at all!  Honestly, I liked Molly than Mellisa. When Jason picked Mellisa, I was disappointed, but after what he did, my impression on him tuned 180 degrees. As for Molly, I trully understand if she took the risk of accepting Jason’s love the second time around. She loves him.

But you know what, there is more to this turn of event. Of course, it is all about the money! To think of it, why would a sane man do such hideous thing on national TV? Well, this reminds me to NEVER watch the show again.



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