My American Idol, Anoop Desai!

I woke up this morning so sad. I was still thinking of last night’s result in American Idol. My bet, Anoop Desai, did not make it to the top 12.

I am still hoping though that, he will be coming back to the show as a wild card participant.



5 thoughts on “My American Idol, Anoop Desai!

  1. hi there! like you, i’m an anoop desai fan too! he’s been my fave american idol pick since i saw his AI audition! have you seen his you tube videos with his college acapella group UNC Clefhangers? If not, you should see them! you will be in love all the more! by the way, are you a pexer by any chance?

  2. Hi Jenee,

    I was right after all. He did come back as a wild card! Yupe, I have seen the Clhefhangers’ videos a zillion on times. Very nice. I am not a pexer. I do not even know what that means..hehehe.

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