Amber Is Changing Class Again

I got an unexpected call from my daughter’s school today. I thought that, she did something bad or something had gone wrong, but it was a sweet surprise.

After she garnered a score of 131 in SAGES-2 exam (passing is 120), she had undergone various testings (including phsychological). During this period, I did not made any follow up.  After 60 days  of screening and approval period, which is done by the school district, an adjudication was made. She is now officially part of the gifted-child program. She could start attending the said advanced class the next school day. But I decided to give her a week to say her goodbyes to her (soon-to-be-old) classmates and her very nice teacher.

For the third times this school year, my 7-year old daughter is transfering class again. She is not thrilled about it, but it is for her future. This is a very big break for her and our family. It will be in the same school, but in the advanced class for the 1st graders. I am very excited.

Fastforward — I can’t wait for her to finished high school and apply for scholarships in an Ivy League school in the country. Well, she needs to continue being a good student to achieve this. This is too overwhelming — my daughter living my (childhood) dream.




6 thoughts on “Amber Is Changing Class Again

  1. WOW, how sweet. reading your post makes me thrilled too. I saw her friendster profile and she does look very sweet and smart and tall too. I can’t wait for my daughter’s turn someday. Goodluck to her and to your family, such a great blessing.

  2. Hi Ting! Am so happy about Amber’s Achievement, am also proud of her, I told my son (John) that Amber did a great job in Florida. Keep up the good work. She will not be like that if you were also not good, like mother like daughter. God Bless!

  3. Hello Ting:

    I want to thank you for being so so through and detailed

    on your u.s. embassy interview in manila along with your

    medical examination.

    I have already started the k-1 visa process for my fianc’ee Salome who resides in Matina, Davao City.
    She is a elementary teacher there in Matina.
    I was there for the entire month of September 2008.
    I flew Salome into Manila to meet each other for I could not
    wait till I flew to Davao International Airport.
    we met on Cherry Blossoms website on May 22,2008.
    Despite our age difference we both believe that we were meant to find and to be with each other.
    Salome is the best thing ever to come into my life, she is beautiful inside as well as outside.

    Ting I can see how proud of a mom you are to have a wonderful daughter Amber and you should be for sure.


    Richard J. Betters

    Ting at your interview were you asked for or had to produce financial documents or any other papers you
    might of forgotten to mention ????

  4. Hello there

    I just happen to click on your blog by a chance…

    It’s a good feeling when you hear about your child doing good at school, goodluck to Amber.

    I liek your blog.

  5. bestfriend! Its been awhile…ü wow my gifted inaanak..ü dats rily good to hear.. I hope mind would be as gifted. lol!

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