Club Boom Sucks!

I have been reviewing products, services and website as an income-generating hobby for quite a while now. Most of my reviews are somewhat positive and inspirational. I praise a company if it is worthy of it. This time, I am posting a review of something that I personally experienced.

I, along with my husband and daughter, visited a fitness club in the hope that it can help with my goal to get fit. It is called Club Boom Fitness and Racket Club in Ormond Beach .Aside from its location, they were running a 15-dollar per month promo, which was posted in their website and brochures that were scattered to some local establishments. When I saw it, obviously, it caught my interest. I had been wanting it for a long time, and I needed a motivation to do it – maybe a lower monthly membership fee? Fitness gyms can be very expensive. On the night that we had the orientation with the general manager, I was convinced that I had a great deal. I was so elated and even brag about it in my other blog. Little that I know, it would only take one session for me to realize that it was the worst decision I made in my whole life. I fell for it! I was captured by the typical high-pressure selling tactics. Anyway, below is my review of this gym.

If you subscribe to this fitness gym, you are just looking for trouble. Do not be fooled with those 15-dollar per month flyers you see in local establishments and their website. It is just a bait. They will not really grant you that “promo”, and instead give you another dollar figure, wherein high-pressure selling is used…just like in a fucked up used-car dealership. The word “everything” is uttered during the sales pitch, but really, when you sign the contract, it is not “everything”. Some hidden fees will only be known when you actually start using the facility. When you bring this matter to their attention that these fees were never mentioned, you will then be called a liar. You will end up feeling deceived, and before you know it, cancellation of the contract will be a pain in the neck. When your check cleared, the contract will be considered valid. And you have to deal with a third party collection agency just to cancel your subscription. A big no, no to anyone who is looking to get fit. Find somewhere else.

In addition, when you extend your desire to cancel your registration, they will become rude and disrespectful to you….even calling you names!!!Bohoo!

You see, I fairly understand that fitness gym membership can be expensive, but it is a matter of principle. Even if I spend only a dollar on something, but I feel deceived, I rather return or cancel. Whenever a bad blood is created, it will always stay.



One thought on “Club Boom Sucks!

  1. Tingting,

    I feel your pain. I joined this gym recently and have found the people who work there to be unprofessional and shady. I had a question regarding something I can’t mention specifically here (because it will give my identity away), and spoke to the owner about it. She said she would get back to me with an answer, and never did. I’ve called several times regarding the matter, and every time I was told that someone would call me back. No one has returned my calls, and it’s been three weeks already.

    The class schedule there is also a problem. They keep changing it every month, and the times are not practical or realistic for your serious gym-goer. Many of the classes have been reduced from one hour to 1/2 an hour. Many of the classes are also being cancelled to due poor attendance – but the truth is that they have been scheduled at a bad time so that is why attendance has suffered. I tried to complain about it but the woman scheduling the classes (Michelle) just rudely avoided my questions.

    The gym is not maintained, dirty, and the machines are very old. I got on an elliptical the other day that squeaked so much that I had to get off because the sound was so irritating.

    Unlike most gyms, there is no way to plug in headphones when you are watching tv, so if you are in the room with the machines, you will be subjected to at least 5 tv’s being blasted at maximum volume. To make matters worse, the loudspeakers are already blasting music, so overall the feeling is that you are in a loud noisy club.

    To anyone who is reading this – stay away from this gym. Your money is better spent at Golds Gym or the YMCA.

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