The Search For Caylee Anthony Is Over!

About five months ago, the search of the missing Florida toddler, Caylee Marie Anthony, commenced.  Months gone by, the search seemed endless and hopeless. All efforts seemed futile. Day and night, her story has been gracing the local headlines. Pictures of her flooded the street and the Internet. People of different walks of life, as far as out-of-state, gathered and helped find her. The prime suspect of her disappearance, her very own mother- Casey Anthony, was put behind bars due to a child neglect case, which was later on dropped, and making false statements. Since then, she came in and out of the prison cell. Evidences were discovered. The State sought an indictment and proper charges were filed against Casey – this time, murder.

Just this week, the search has ended after a county “meter-reader” gave a tip about a suspicious bag in a wooded lot just a half mile from the Anthony’s residence.  Accordingly, the same meter-reader reported this area early of August, but the police did not pay much attention to it. After forensics were made, it was found out that, indeed, the bag contained the remains that of the missing Caylee.

This is a very sad story. A story of mystery and injustice. Let us pray that justice will prevail in this case, and that, the culprit will be put to jail for good, or even pay the same thing of what she/he took. Just as the bible says, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth“.

More of the story, click here.



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