Filipino Spaghetti: What’s Unique In It?

Whenever I make a spaghetti, it is very Americanized. This is according to my 7-year old daughter. She does not like it, and does not care to take a bite at all. Definitely, this is a totally opposite reaction from her as compare to our Philippine days. It used to be her favorite. What went wrong? Why such a change of heart?

 In order to decipher the mystery, I have compared the ingredients of the American and Filipino version of this famous cuisine. Do you know what I discovered? The Filipino spaghetti has a sweeter taste and has sliced hotdogs.  The American version is somewhat full of herbs and tomato-ey. My daughter loves her hotdog in her spaghetti. Not just any hotdog, but a Tender Juicy brand of hotdog, which is not available here in the US. I tried adding a Nathan’s hotdog on one occasion, and my husband went totally nuts. He said, Hotdog in a spaghetti? That’s gross!” I just laughed out loud. Well, it seems like I have to cook separately for the two – one with American bottled sauce, and one with the sweet-style Filipino sauce.



2 thoughts on “Filipino Spaghetti: What’s Unique In It?

  1. Hello Ting! taga cagayan pod diay ka? Nia ko dere sa Jacksonville Florida about 1hour from daytona. Lipay gyud ko kay naa diay taga CDO dere sa FL. kay wla man ko ka ila dere nga taga CDO. Salamat for stopping by!

  2. hehe. most westerners also find it amusing to read spaghetti in Jollibee’s (and even McDonalds here) menu. i think we love our food sweet. pineapple on pizza, remember? and Jollibee’s Aloha Burger?

    i’ve tried using spice on chicken too (rosemary), my family didn’t like it. baho daw. hehehe.

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