Happy Holiday or Merry Christmas?

In our home, we just put up the lights just a week ago. Usually, it is after the Thanksgiving celebration when people start to decorate their homes, but for us, we waited a few more days. Below is a picture of the facade of our house. The décor is not extravagant and fancy at all, but enough to get my daughter excited.

I have one observation that I want to share. I noticed that most of the holiday décor do not say “Merry Christmas”. Most of it says “Happy Holiday”.  This country is so culturally and religiously diverse that Christmas is not a cool thing to say. I say that for most part of the season, it is very commercialized. I do not see the essence of spirituality at all. However, relationships are rekindled and strengthened. I am not generalizing, but just airing my two cents.



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