Getting Sick With Our Health And Dental Insurance

Even if you are paying hundreds of dollars a month for a good health and dental insurance coverage, you can still never be sure that the insurance company will pay all of your claims. Well, this is what happened to us.

Early this year, my husband had to go to an Emergency Room in the hospital just to get a freaking penicillin prescription for his tooth ache. It was a weekend, and no dental clinic was opened. All he needed was a penicillin, and he had no choice but to go to the ER doctor. He did not pay anything outright, because he had health and dental insurance. He flaunted both cards, just to make sure that the visit was covered. Sure enough, after a month, he got a bill – a whooping $400.00! How did it happen? He went only to see a doctor for the prescription, and he was billed that much. Anyway, it was not a big deal (we thought). He was pretty sure that his insurances will take care of it. Guess what? After almost a year of corresponding to both insurance companies, they denied my husband’s claim. The health insurance company said , it was a dental-related case thus he had to claim it with his dental insurance company. So, he did. Then according to the dental insurance company, my husband saw a doctor, and not a dentist, so they could not accept it. Just imagine, we had to pay something that we should not pay. Dang, that’s another 400 bucks from our pocket!



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