To Dread The Future

Have you experienced wanting not to end the present because you are too afraid to face the future? That is what I am feeling now. Absurd it may seems, but the future holds me a captured. Am I going to be successful or a big failure? A big blank space that only time can tell.



5 thoughts on “To Dread The Future

  1. i, too, feel the same… but praying and visiting the church helps me go through… Faith in God helps vanish my worries… And somehow makes me do wise decisions… Sometimes, when i look back, it still amazes me how i got through…

  2. hi bestfiend my love… Hubby and I are planning to have a date lang naman… nothing engrande,really… hehehe!then whisk me off to davao the day after para mas longer daw ang amo bonding… what did you do with yours?

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