Sharing The Good News To Bloggers & Advertisers

As a blogger, it is a very inspiring to share any worthwhile discoveries to our readers. It may be as simple as the A-B-C on how to cut the cost of your grocery bills or as complicated as on how to increase your page rank. But of all these things, the greatest for me is to share ideas on how to use the Internet as a source of income – be it supplemental or full-time. In fact, I am in the process of sorting and summarizing these income-generating websites. Be forewarned though. You need to love writing before you can jump in. What started as a hobby three years ago has now become a passion. A passion to share the good things to the whole world.

One site that I just discovered this week is called PayingPost.Com. Your honest perspective and review of products and services can earn you from $5 to a hundred plus per entry. Not bad at all, if writing is your thing. Some people are even making it full-time job. From a lowly blogger, you can make a difference by sharing on what is on your mind. What can be better than earning while doing what you do best? If you are an advertiser, this is a good venue for you to seek competent and credible bloggers to market your products and services. It is just a two-way street. Someone has to advertise to make this whole blog marketing works.



6 thoughts on “Sharing The Good News To Bloggers & Advertisers

  1. Hello, Tingting…

    May I ask you a favor, please? I have a wordpress blog. I signed up September last year. I am updating it tonight but I do not know how to make it active. Can you please help me how to activate my blog? I have been searching over the net how to do it, but I could not find it. Hope you could help me with my problem. Thank you so much and Happy New Year to you and your family.


  2. Hello, ting ting. I signed up for a free webhost and downloaded i have googled how to run my blog using wp but i couldn’t find it. :(do you have any link how to run a blog using free host? Thanks so much.

  3. hello ting good day to you,

    i’m planning kasi na kukuha ng seminar sa cebu, and i read all the requirements ask lang sana ako kasi wala dito ang husband ko nagbalik na sya sa states, and d ko madala ang original copy of his passport kasi nasa kanya, pwede lang ba ang zerox copy ng passport nya na naka stamp na galing cya dito? and and 2 Ids kailangan ba na married kana or pwede lang na iyong d kapa kasal na ids? please i need your advice…tahnks..God Bless

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