How do you know when you are addicted to blogging?

If you are reading this blog, the chance is – you are one of us. I just want to share some hints to know if  indeed you are a blog addict.

  1. The first and last url that you visit in every computer session is your own blog site.

  2. Even at work, all you can think of is how many “hits” you have for the day.

  3. Having your own domain is as good as getting a Nintendo Wii game console for Christmas.

  4. Joining forums and online communities is for the sole purpose of advertising your blog.

  5. Seeing paid blog marketing as a lucrative side job, or even a full time job.

  6. You wake up early in the morning or sleep very late a night just to catch paid post offers.

  7. You impose a quota of 300+ of entrecard drops per day, even if it means not really reading the content of the visited blogs.

Anything you can think of? Please share.

Time for assessing yourselves, guys. Are you one of us?



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