Some Giant Retail Stores Are Closing Its Doors

Contrary to my previous post, the retail industry is greatly affected by the weakening of our economy. The purchasing power of the people has tremendously decreased, thus giving no choice for some retail giants to close its door to some parts across the nation. It is sad, but it is just the economic reality. Here is the list:

36 Stores Closing Doors

Linen N’ Things (all stores)

Disney Stores (98 stores)

Foot Locker (140 stores)

Wilson’s Leather (160 stores)

Home Depot (15 stores)

Ann Taylor (117 stores)

PacSun Demo Stores (154 stores)

Lonestar Steakhouse (57 restos)

Zales (105 stores)

Pier 1 Imports (25 stores)

Friedman’s Jewelers (most od its stores)

Dell (140 stores)

Urban Interiors ans It’s Gotta Go (2 stores)

84 Lumber (30 stores)

Sharper Image (all stores)

Lillian Vernon (online stores)

Ethan Allen (12 stores)

Rite Aid (28 stores)

Sprint Nextel Corp. (125 stores)

Movie Gallery (400 stores)

Saks (1 store)

Wickes Furniture (38 stores)

If you have not shopped yet for you gifts, believe me, you still can have the best deals beyond Black Friday. Start you shopping with the stores mentioned above, and you’ll see.



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