Relation Of Oral Health To Heart Problems

Do you know that oral health has a relation to the condition of our heart? Yes, indeed. Scientific studies has been made linking dental diseases with some cardiovascular problems. Let us take for examples –periodontitis. Periodontitis is caused by a certain type of bacteria, that resides at the surface of the tooth. Once left unattended, it gets to worse and will cause the loosing of teeth. If still not treated, it will eventually lead to the deterioration of the gum and the aveolar bone. How will it lead to our heart? These bacteria can trigger inflammation of the blood vessels, that may result to heart attack and stroke.

With this findings, oral and dental health becomes popular and a must for human body wellness. A rigid oral hygiene is required to maintain a healthy gum and teeth. It is the primary reason on why most companies offers dental insurance to its people.

Be sure to get your regular appointment with your dentist to avoid such dental problems.



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