Amazing Race Asia 3 Finale

The Amazing Race Asia 3 has just ended. The Philippine delegates, Geoffrey Rodriguez and Tisha Silang finished second. Not bad. They were beaten by Sam and Vince of HongKong. I also love them! I was able to follow this show because of the wonder of PinoyChannel.TV. I do not have to pay and subscribe to ABS-CBN’s TFC or the super-expensive BrightHouse plan. I only have the standard cable subscription at home. Being here in the US for more than a year now, this is my only Pinoy entertainment. If you have not yet watched it, here are the video links:

Amazing Race Asia 3 Finale 1/2

Amazing Race Asia 3 Finale 2/2

Congrats to Geoff and Tisha. I hope for the next season, the Philippine team will win wit.



3 thoughts on “Amazing Race Asia 3 Finale

  1. its exciting see them to win,albeit second.. But still, they’ve won..ü and it has been over a year na pala bah? Time flies so fast.. I miss you my dearest bestfriend.. Happy happy birthday dear! Mwah! Mwah!

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