Tea Party: What Is This?

My daughter received an invitation from one of her classmates for a tea party. Funny may it seems , but I do not know what this party means. I have never been to a tea party in my whole life. Is this a party with all kinds of tea? Is it a party with no beverage other than a tea? I asked my daughter about it, but she is also oblivious. It will be her first. Well, she said something about “table manners”, other than that – no more. Nevertheless, she is so excited and has watched the clock strikes minute after minute. In two hours from now, another new experience is added to her “first” list.

Update: 11:31PM

Time to give an update to my daughter’s tea party.

We arrived at the classmate’s house around 12:40PM. It’s really a nice , big and very dainty house. It reminded of a elegant English country-side house. A dream house – if I may say. The house is too huge that I had to figure out on where the main door is. Anyway, I and my daughter rang the doorbell, and her little blond classmate opened the door. She was wearing a nice ivory “princess dress” and stunning jewelry. That very moment, I was totally embarrassed. My daughter was basically under-dressed. She wore something very casual, just like what she wears when she goes to school. Actually, it was her choice. She wanted to wear her simple green dress, and I did not defy her wishes. I felt so bad for my daughter. I could have researched about what a tea party is and be prepared, but I did not. We left her there for good three hours, and when she came home, she had a wide smile on her face. She enjoyed it a lot. The host house had extra princess dresses for the guests, so my daughter wore one. They were basically acting like little princesses during the whole party, beautify their selves, made some cupcakes, took pictures, and of course, drank tea.


5 thoughts on “Tea Party: What Is This?

  1. i am american and have never been to a tea party, either!

    luckily for me, my SON may never be invited to one of those.

    please do update on her/your tea party experience.

  2. I enjoy tea parties my self! While tea parties are traditionally elegant/formal, I like that you can serve and eat food that are simple and fun. Tea parties are good for a relaxing afternoon and catching up with good friends.

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