I am in big trouble!

Amber made it! She surprised me again with her passing score in the SAGES-2 exam given last October 7, 2008 with her school counselor. She garnered a score of 131. The minimum to get into the gifted program is only 120. She has to undergo the second phase now. I hope that it will be done before the end of the month, because we are moving to another city. That means – she has to change school district.

I am elated and ecstatic. This is something that she can use when she enters college. This is a permanent record on her scholastic achievement. I am thinking now of not getting a prepaid college plan for her. I see a bright future for my kid – an academic scholarship, perhaps.

On a sadder note – it got me into trouble too. We made a pact that if she passes the exam, I will buy her Nintendo DS and a scooter. Dang, I have to shed 300 bucks now to fulfill the deal.

Anyway, life is so darn good to complain!


7 thoughts on “I am in big trouble!

  1. Hi Ting,

    You view my friendster profile. So I was able to browse your website. How’s life in the U.S.?

    Abi nako na unsa ka …. In big trouble man gud ka…. that’s very good you have a gifted child soon to be the next Einstien, Newton etc…..good luck!


    Benjie (Kauban sa Steag)

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