My Daughter, A Gifted Child?

Let me have my bragging moment…

Before Amber went to school, I checked her bag for any unfinished homework. If you ask me, I am far from being involve with my daughter’s academic affairs. Usually, she does her homework all by herself, and just ask me to correct it. So far, so good. She is mostly correct in all her homework.

To my surprise, I saw a letter from her school. They are basically soliciting my permission to let my daughter, Amber, undergo a test. It is called SAGES or Screening Assessment For Gifted Elementary and Middle School Student. It is an evaluation for students who are recommended by teachers or have scores of 95 or better on the NRT portion of last year’s FCAT’s or SAT 10 test for reading and math.  She likes Math and Science. If a student is proven to be intellectually gifted, she/he shall attend a special program designated for this kind of students. I was surprised, because I did not expect it. I know that, Amber is smart, but not that smart to qualify for testing. I am just so happy for her. Even if I am not a stage mother to her, she is able to achieve and excel in her academics. Without batting an eyelash, I checked the permission. Even if she will not be a certified gifted kid, I am still proud of her. Being considered for the assessment, that means something. The SAGES test is said to be difficult in order to determine the gifted from the nongifted.

I wish that, the Philippines also has this testing — to give opportunities to smart and diligent but less fortunate children, as early as first grade, to achieve in academics and be at par with their rich counterparts. Also, I think that the Philippine schools are fond of favoritism. No matter what a poor student does (in a private elementary or high school), he/she will never be in the top honors of the class. Opportunities are always given to the rich kids in school.


3 thoughts on “My Daughter, A Gifted Child?

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