What Is Beauty?

The Philippines is an emerging capital for cosmetic surgery in Asia just like its neighboring country, Thailand. This is something not to be surprised of specially when we, Filipinos, ourselves want to change some of our physical features if given the opportunity and money. Sometimes I wonder if our celebrities are really born attractive. It is becoming rare to see all-natural beauty in the showbiz industry these days. It is sad to know that, we equate beauty like the western people features – blue or green eyes, fair skin, tall, and pointed nose.

It is human nature not to be contended with what we have. Even celebrities in Hollywood are lured to these aesthetic temptations. Take for example – Michael Jackson. The man is known for countless surgical operations, the most prominent of which is his nose lift. There is something odd about it. For me, he needs rhinoplasty correction to fix botched nose job. But you see, he may have a different perspective on this. If he does not, he should have rectified it in a heart beat with all the money he has. Anyway, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you want to be good-looking, be.



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