Juicing Up A Boring Day

With the upcoming presidential election in the US, there is so much controversies in the media today. I see it all over the news – all the tri-media. I hear about it every morning in our car’s FM radio on the way to work. Disk jockeys are becoming political commentators. Media plays a vital role in molding a candidate’s reputation and informing the people on who the best candidate is and what political party answers the need of the dying economy, especially that the voting populace do not personally know these presidential.

To break away from these negative vibes, I usually read entertainment news online. It is the lighter side of life. Well, that is why we call it entertainment. Celebrity gossips can be ridiculously funny and unreal. I have to admit — it makes me laugh. The best part of it is — looking at celebrity dresses and outfits. Well, they are supposed to be the fashion trend setter. It is a fascination to see people wearing something odd but exude elegance. It is a personal frustration, because I do not have the courage like them to wear something out of the conventional fashion.


3 thoughts on “Juicing Up A Boring Day

  1. Entertainment news seems like a good way to escape the media and their compelling ways to inform us of what THEY want us to know.
    At least entertainment media hates on EVERYONE that comes into their line of vision, rather than just who they think should lose the election.

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