Learning And Loving The US Healthcare System

While surfing the net to satisfy my hunger for knowledge about healthcare , I came across this blog authored by a certain US healthcare and hospital administration expert named Dan Neumeister . You see- anything about healthcare is a big business here in the US since without such, one can be buried with outrageously expensive medical bills. We deal with it when we are ill, but most of us do not know the underlying controversies and issues about it. Not everyone knows the policies and the unwritten rules that this industry has. This is one business that must not be taken for granted. This blog is a good source of reliable information. It is written in layman’s terms, so it is easy to comprehend by any ordinary person.

I just hope that more people like Mr. Neumeister do the noble thing of sharing their expertise and knowledge through the whole world. The best media to do this — the Internet.


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