A Small Fish In A Big Pond

In a place far away from home, I classify myself as a struggling minority. According to some, a second class citizen, who struggles to make a living and to survive the austerity of an unaccustomed culture. Qualms do come on my decision of staying in a dog-eats-dog place, when I can always have a choice of living a simple life in my native land. But love is stronger than anything, and I remain steadfast in the arms of my beloved. Unexpected trials and tribulations set in to test my willpower. I almost falter, but in the end, I stand still.

I am a small fish in a big pond, but the people I personally know, never make me feel that way. I am important just like anybody else. My life is swamped with good people. Friends and officemates who never hesitate to offer their helping hands in my time of distress. What surprises me though, most of these people are not of my own race. People who I thought who will belittle me. Their deeds have proven me wrong. I apologize. Thank you all. I love living life in the US of A.


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