Are Filipinos Stupid?

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657 thoughts on “Are Filipinos Stupid?

    • I don’t know if this is true but somehow, filipinos have this idea that filipinos are one and the same with the same dreams, culture, attitude, character, etc. and being different is like being weird and an outcast. I am a filipino. I am a classical musician. And most of the comments are: “There’s no money in there.” …and they go this and that… (I didn’t really get those kinds of comments but my classmates did) Some don’t necessarily want money, they just want to have a good and fulfilling life.

    • I think some of the solutions should be Comfort and Education.

      Some “old” culture says that “comfort” comes later if you can just graduate. My point is that I think you cannot learn thoroughly if you are uncomfortable as well as you can’t work well if you don’t rest. Education is more valuable than graduation.

      • i disagree with your outlook on the point that possibly you cannot learn thoroughly if you are uncomfortable as well as you can’t work well if you don’t rest. but i do agree with you on the FACT that education is more valuable than graduation- just as it is the journey is worth more than the finish line. I come from a military background- for those filipinos that need that SPELLED OUT for them… this means that all of my family including myself- have served in the United States Armed Forces- in particular Marines and Army – though distant cousins and uncles have been in Navy and Air Force- my dad met a filipina about 6 years ago via the internet and about a year later he moved her and her two sons here to live with us. I was absolutely siked, happy about the new family addition. right away there was annoying differences wich i think you’d find in any interracial family- different customs and courtesies eating habits personal hygene etc.. its been almost or maybe over five years- the oldest boy is 20, attends MSU and the youngest is 14- it took nearly a month of first suggesting, then showing, eventually it turned into a huge f*cking sh*t storm that has turned myself into the “black sheep” of the family over a f*ucking lightbulb. they would turn the light on- but never turn it off. so after numerous days consecutively of turning it off after them did i finally decide that i had enough of the laziness- i simply took the light bulb out of the socket- immediately after doing so- the mom accused me of being malicous- heres the facts if you come from the islands and you are lower class (the opposite of all three of these asswholes) then you EARN respect very quickly among hard working americans- if you are upperclass and have had f*cking nannies dressing you and wiping your ass from day one- then you are the epidemy of LAZY IGNORANT and very much SHORT CHANGED ON COMMON SENSE. Yes these kids are academically intelligent- but how hard is it honestly to operate a light switch? further more you islanders are so keen and dedicated to the Catholic religion- try fasting you flippin’ human garbage disposals * fasting means that through the discipline of Catholicism- you can actually survive if you miss one or two meals. that doesn’t mean everyday for you retards that need it spelled out for you it means traditionally one sunday out of a given week or month you skip your meals in recognition of Christ- and for you slick rich f*cks- don’t make comments or talk sh*t about the U.S. in tagalog or english for that matter unless you want a real american to break your f*cking face- if you don’t like this country- go back to where you came from! but don’t ever forget about the marines and soldiers that saved your worthless asses from the japs because you p*ssies couldn’t fight effectively on your own. its this simple we’ll be the first to show you respect (with the exception of blacks- they just don’t have respect for anyone) just show us the same – you don’t have to like us as we don’t have to like you (getting a long would be great though don’t get me wrong) – back to how i first started this novel long comment-
        the more intense the pressure and discomfort the more effectively you learn! its proven it works that what Basic Combat Training and Marine Corps boot camp was designed for- fast, efficient, no nonsense training that saves lives and wallets! Scouts Out

    • Most Filipinos are stupid, yes. Doesn’t mean they will always be stupid. If they fix corruption, focus on economy and education, and think modern, then they will be much better. Right now, they are still 3rd world with broken government.

  1. google: IQ of filipinos

    google: slums of filipines

    google: poverty in filipines

    poor, 3rd world Nation.

    Filipinos have IQ of 85. eighty-five.

    It’s the Truth.

    • I could only imagine the IQ of an American have. You guys don’t even know how to turn the freakin computer on and take it out on us.

      • yeah all the Filipinos that work for my customer care department are literally fucking retarded. they really don’t do anything right, and actually our customers end up quitting because the person they talk to in the Philippines doesn’t understand the difference between refurbished and “brand new”

      • Right. That’s why Americans own computers. A majority of Filipinos have to scam hard-working working people for their own computers. Most of them are liars, scammers and terrible people. We can’t blame them though, since a lot of them live in poor neighborhoods.

  2. joe wilson: even filipino 1st graders can spell P-H-I-L-I-P-P-I-N-E-S better than you… “filipines” huh? if you say we have the IQ of 85, so what have you? 🙂 The truth eh?

    • yeah . . . the high school grads in Philippines DO learn the spelling of their country in 10 years . what an achievement . . . wow
      Other than that . . . they learn nothing . . .

  3. Two examples, President Joseph Estrada <– (need I say more.) and electing Imelda Marcos as Congresswoman of Leyte. C’mon!
    The wife of a dictator who probably killed hundreds if not thousands of people and not to mention must have also stolen billions of pesos is allowed to return home and live like a queen then actually getting elected as a Congresswoman! How stupid is that?

    Oh, I almost forgot she even tried to run for President but instead supported the Vice President Joseph Estrada. What a joke! And you wonder why there is this search for “filipinos are stupid”. Ok, maybe stupid is a bit harsh. How about “naive”. Are filipinos naive?

  4. Dangerous to say something about filipinos that are bad, if u live in the philippines. Anyway, I’m lucky just to post this message, that is if internet work that long here. The provider put 1500 customers on a single 2 mbps line. I guess the biggest problem is greed, and that seems to be all over, from the poor to the rich, or vica versa. Greed and corruption!

    • agreed. Dangerous to say something about filipinos that are bad, if u live in the philippines. Even if you don’t say anything and just don’t agree with “them”. Scary place. It’s a relief this blog is.

      • yeah scary as hell especially if you’re a male filipino that wears maxipads like his mother- you guys are just a bunch of big talking sissies. i remember my dad told me when he went to the islands that my stepmom wanted to take him to Mindanou (sp?) but the only condition was that she had to say that dad was her prisoner!? or else they’d be inclined to chop his head off or some shit like that- Guess what heads don’t just get chopped off in the islands- you got someone crazy enough it could happen at disneyland- it doesn’t matter you nationality it matters if you have a hard heart or not- and filipinos are soft as marshmallows!

      • It’s a different situation here in Luzon, on Mindanao (especially the Islamic areas), it’s chaotic. And Philippines carries the name of Mindanao, so foreigners are scared as for the whole archipelago.

  5. philippines ? trust me…pinoys are nothing but lying,greedy,lazy dumb@$$3$$. its a nation of beggars..right from their president to the man on the street. real desperate bunch of people who will do anything for money. yeah..they keep smiling at foreigners ( read – walking ATM’s). i had enough of the country and the people. just before you guys start banging me for de-grading pinoys…i have dealt with all level of pinoys before i came to these conclusion… me…its a nightmare all the way from the start. Thank heavens am out of this shit hole for good.

    google: IQ of filipinos

    google: slums of pilipinas
    google: poverty in pilipinas

    poor, 3rd world Nation.

    Filipinos have IQ of 85. eighty-five. (enough to fool anyone who thinks these are warm friendly people.)

    It’s the Truth.

    • Wow that’s totally true, BUT not all flips are those like you think they are and also sick of “other” flip’s attitude. Foreigners say flips are nice because flips are nice to them but guess what, most of them are not nice to their own race. I’m a flip and it’s making me sick. I keep being nice to them and they just laugh. What a stupid attitude. (they’re professionals btw.) AND SOME of the leaders are just so narrow-minded not to mension insecure.

    • i agree 100%, so far i’ve been accused of stealing their stuff, stepmom asked dad to search MY room for their shit (lying) they sit in their room all day and play video games… for almost five years and have not yet been assigned BASIC chores like cleaning up after themselves, or taking out the trash, or merely putting their own dirty dishes in the diswasher (lazy)- and eat every fucking crumb of food in sight before anyone else can have something (greedy) no common knowledge on how to operate a hall light switch- but are experts handling all other light switches in the house. the younger one relies on mommy to drive him four blocks to the bus stop in the morning to go to school. FOUR BLOCKS – Above all else they rely on mommy to wake them up on time in the morning- their ages are 14 and 20 …. does alarm clock ring a bell?

    • I couldn’t agree more. No matter what you do there, every damn day, you encounter mind-boggling stupidity in pretty much everything you do, from purchasing anything, warranties are never honored, they find some stupid excuse not to honor the warranty. They are mindless, unthinking, helpless, lazy, IGNORANT, incompetent idiots.

      Put 10 million 4 year olds on a group of islands and tell them to make a society of themselves, and you’ll have a society like Philippines.

      Honestly, they are truly gutless idiots who submissively take it in the ass daily from their elected officials, zero self esteem, no self-worth, dishonest, ass-kissing, blatantly in your face corrupt idiots.

      How can a country be the most catholic country on earth, and at the same time be one of the most corrupt countries on earth???

      They are clueless, completely clueless.

    • I totally agree with you. Ive only been here almost 2 years & i just cant believe the stupidity of these people. Here is one instance. I live in quite a nice sub division & at my store one night having a beer a car pulled up & i asked the driver how old he was. 15 was the reply & i said you shouldnt be driving that car. When i mentioned this to the store owner she said his parents gave him permission so its none of our business. Well if he ran over & killed a child whose business is it then. Its all of our business but filipinas have no comon sense at all. They cant seem to look ahead. When they have a car crash they just leave their vehicles where they carsh & wait for the police & well when they decide whose fault it is, is another debate. If you drive a car & hit a motorcycle its your fault. Doest that show total stupidity from the top all the way down to the bottom. The motorcycle is driving at night with no lights on & comes out of his lane into the lane of the oncomming traffic & its the car drivers fault. No i have never seen such a stupid race of people in everything they do & i cant wait to leave this country & i wont be comming back.

    • @Son of Odhin, you’re very right about the character trait of Filipinos. I agree with you. But you think you have escaped the miserable bad traits of the filipinos? Everywhere you go in this world, as long as you’re a filipino, if you are one, the misery will still follow you until your dying day. I feel that I am one born in a wrong country. The character trait, the culture if there is really and the tradition of the filipinos makes me really sick. The filipinos from their facial appearance, to the way they talk, to the way they think, they weaken the nation. I’ve lived in western countries and I love their style and attitude but when I come across a filipino, they’re really sickening and disturbing.

    • you already know that flips are stupid and you are the walking atm, why comment now. why not murder any flip you encounter, here or abroad? u an aryan?

    • i totally agree . . .
      ive been in Philippines fr the last 4 years , n after dealing with all kinds of people here ( from the begger to the mayors) i realised that my German Shepherd is more intelligent n disciplined than them . . . never knew God had a whole special country for the mentally challenged called Philippines . . .

      • For Filipinos out there, the fact still remains that you are, and forever will be Filipinos no matter what. You rant about how your own race is being rude to you, when you’re actually doing what you’re ranting about in the first place.

        I am a Filipino. But I take my countrymen as they are. True, some Pinoys may be “imperfect,” being all those bad things you guys talk about around here. But it doesn’t take a genius to know that WE ARE ALL IMPERFECT.

        I’m not defending my race; neither am I ranting about them. I just choose to accept the good and the bad about us as humans. What I can’t accept is the tag that ALL Filipinos are stupid. It’s unfair to generalize unless you know every single person living in the Philippines.

        EVERYTHING IS A CHOICE–people choose who they want to be. Poverty is never the reason– people just make it as an alibi so they can go on and blame one another on who’s mistake it was why they’re poor. It’s sad that while they are too busy playing the blaming game, they never get to where they want to be.

        For those Pinoys bashing their own race, be the wiser one and stop the crab mentality. Start proving to others that not all Pinoys are what foreigners claim them to be.

        Don’t get me wrong I admire the American’s hardwork and sense of independence. But I could care less in settling in their country because I love it here. I say that with much conviction. I’m living an average life, with minimum salary and I’m still happy. Not everyone is obsessed with money.

  6. I live in the Philippines, although I am a white man from the UK. There is a man who lives in my street here in the Philippines who walks out of his house, comes to where my house is, and urinates in the empty lot next to my house.

    This is an upper middle-class neighborhood. Yes, even educated Filipinos are stupid.


    2Pm in the afternoon when all the good people are working, there are dozens of bodies strewn across the beach. These people are sleeping. Come evening time, they’ll try to sell me peanuts or just simply beg. Filipinos are poor because they are lazy … and stupid.


    Thousands of kids who beg me for money. Their parents are training them to be as stupid as they themselves are.

    Thousands of adults who beg me for money. Stupid, lazy bastards.

    I went to the major hospital in the city where I live, the Emergency Room doctor was having his dinner and refused to see an EMERGENCY patient until he had his dinner! Even doctors in this country are damn stupid.

    Speaking of which, this is a country where people who train for 8 years to become a doctor, then will return for another 4 years to become a nurse. I mean, you gotta be kiddin me here!

    Stupid Filipinos assume that every white person is American (they must be ignorant of an entire continent called “Europe”) and that his name is Joe! Hey Joe? Hey stupid filipino.

    Filipina girls who are about 18-25 years old will happily marry a man who is 55-75 years old. It’s all about the money honey. Stupid Filipinos!

    Give a filipino a fish, he’ll eat for 1 meal. Give him a fishing rod, he’ll break it up for firewood.

    Tell a filipino he has a urine test on wednesday, he’ll be up all night tuesday studying for it!

    Yes, Filipinos are stupid.

    A Filipino (even an educated one) assumes that every white person has money, and lots of it. Never mind the current financial crisis. Never mind the fact that the white guy is in huge debt. The Filipino will assume the foreigner has a tree in his back garden with Dollar Bills growing from it!

    Stupid idiot filipinos.

    They earn 100 peso today, they spend 80 peso on tanduay! They spend the other 20 on their mistress!

    So this is why I search google for “filipinos are stupid”, just so I can see some empirical evidence.

    So, salamat and I hope I answered your question 🙂


    • Oh yeah. Some Flips are stupid. It’s contagious really and that’s what is sad about it. Because if you try to be different, they will be against you. They think you’re “leaving” them behind. What a stupid… I don’t know why they do that. BUT then again, not all flips are like those what you said. I’m a flip and I’m sick of them too, but you can’t blame them. It’s just that they fail to value their own life and others as well, and are afraid to stand for themselves and what they know. Their insecurities made them arrogant. Some of those big doctors, lawyers or anything really can’t even stand a bad comment or two even if they come from those who are less fortunate about them. They get hurt and what they do, they fight back just like an immature unprofessional man. I am so sick and angry about it. Say, you’re just walking to school minding you’re own business and these guys who’m I don’t know just throw nasty comments and cuss a lot (Ugh). They think you’re being arrogant when you barely do anything to them. And they won’t accept a comment either, they just get angry. BUT as I had said, not all of them. Even some who are not very well educated think more mature and open than those who claim to be big people who think they’re all that. God! Someone save this country. This is a nice country, some of the culture is just fucked up. When I knew what happened when the Beatles came to manila, can’t even explain my angst. I hope I can help the flips and our country, but I am just a student. I hope you can find a nice true-human flip. They are few but they are good. Me, I have maybe 5 friends (not even so close, maybe 1 or 2). Don’t waste your time for flips like those, just ignore them and be happy for yourself and be thankful you are british(?). That’s just what I do. Thanks.

      The climate also contributes a lot. If this country is a bit more colder like (Europe) there will be less bad-mood people and this will be a better place. Because when people get uncomfortable, they tend to do bad.

    • The way you described the people in the Philippines makes me picture out a country full of Homer Simpsons. I’m Filipino and not proud. The country’s a shit hole, really. Can’t wait to f***ng get out of here.

    • Hey. I read your comment and it is pretty convincing. But not all Filipinos buy tanduay and have mistresses.

      P.S. I’m Filipino.

    • This is all true. Our country is soaked in shame and the worst thing is that they aren’t aware of it. I know a lot of follies in the Filipino society, much worse than you mentioned. For the longest time, i was disheartened of these facts around me. But then i learned to look at the problem objectively, devoid of sentiment and resentment. It is then that I came upon the truth which is this: Folly is not attributed to certain nations only. Every nation has one. If you’re country is rich and powerful there’s a danger that you may become too arrogant and haughty. If you become too poor and weak like Philippines, my country, there’s a danger that your moral and dignity may go down the drain. You’d lose self-respect, constructive thinking, and become fatalistically passive. The fact is most third world countries exhibit same cultural traits like low sensibilities, self-respect etc.
      Besides being a poor country, the other Filipino cultural traits started way back in precolonial times: crab mentality and lack of unity were from Indonesian settlers who had rival tribes. Passivity and lack of self respect and confidence came from the colonial era when Spaniards turned Filipinos into slaves of their own country.
      Filipinos are lazy and reckless, their lifestyle is stupid but they’re not.
      No nation is stupid. Some nations can be branded stupid because of factors such as low literacy, poverty, poor lifestyle, and negative cultural traits.

  7. I agree mostly with the foreign guy. I just read from a Filipino journalist how America abandoned the philippines, never mind we were voted out, lease not renewed because of their precious national soverinty and by the way we were the second largest employer in the Philippines. Yes thats pretty stupid.

    Ok lets get down to stupid brass tacks. These things I have heard and encountered myself.

    1. We abandoned the Philippines.
    2. American money goes 50 times farther than the peso
    3. No sea gulls they have all been eaten
    4. Dynamite and cyanide fishing has destroyed 90 percent
    of the reefs and they cry because its so hard to find fish.
    5. They blame America for Pinatubo saying we dropped an
    atomic bomb in it to make it go off.
    6. Filipinos throw their trash and plastic everywhere. I cant
    keep my surroundings clean, they are too lazy to properly
    dispose of trash.
    7. Yes they do think of us as ATM’s
    8. At least 1 foreigner a month is murdered in Angeles City
    the police are usually behind it.
    9. The willingness of the women to sell themselves for
    10. The pride they have in their overseas workers when all
    they are is slave labor.
    11. No BALLS, no person anywhere else would take this
    shit of a political system without grabbing a gun and
    setting things right.

    Now you might say well typical American settle things with violence but your leaders will shove a gun down your throat in a New York minute. As in other countries you have to FIGHT for change because thats all your corrupt and evil leaders understand, and because the Filipino people take it is why we call you stupid.

    • 100% agreed.

      I am mind-boggled as to the level of stupidity of these people.

      I call PLDT (my internet provider) to tell them the mechanical power switch on my modem broke, and the modem will not stay in the “on” position.

      They just start their robotic reading from their book, “Sir, how many computers do you have hooked up to the connection?”


      “It’s SOP sir”

      I’m like, “Don’t they allow you to think??” Your SOP should be for you to hear my problem, and handle it accordingly, instead of robotically reading from your book!!”

      When you call tech support, you don’t get a technician, you get some moron reading from a guide. Every time I have ever called tech support (which was daily, because they can’t even run a fuckin network), there they go, “how many computers do you have …blah blah blah!!”

      Fuckin idiot filipinos!

    • 100% agreed.

      I am mind-boggled as to the level of stupidity of these people.

      I call PLDT (my internet provider) to tell them the mechanical power switch on my modem broke, and the modem will not stay in the “on” position.

      They just start their robotic reading from their book, “Sir, how many computers do you have hooked up to the connection?”


      “It’s SOP sir”

      I’m like, “Don’t they allow you to think??” Your SOP should be for you to hear my problem, and handle it accordingly, instead of robotically reading from your book!!”

      When you call tech support, you don’t get a technician, you get some moron reading from a guide. Every time I have ever called tech support (which was daily, because they can’t even run a fuckin network), there they go, “how many computers do you have …blah blah blah!!”

      Fuckin idiot filipinos!

    • some guy said philippines rocks/filipinos are intellegent! I’ve seen on news the crime is everyday i am also thinking they think its the life and i went in US Seattle i saw no crime but its just like a month of crime like in russian but in philippines they are just idiots for thinking its life that the crime is everyday shoot people,steal their things and stuff wow and its like day and tommorow again and again i laugh so hard to the filipinos said it doesn’t suck maybe they should need to be nuked by iran

  8. :’ (

    When you stereotype, you help to continue the HATRED that each nationality harbors for another.
    We are not above reproach here or in the UK, for that matter.
    This is one of the times when it makes me ashamed to be an American.
    I felt this one other time when I served in the Navy in Hawaii. Many people there said similar things about the Hawaiian culture but never bothered to get to know the people.
    We need to look deeper at each other and ourselves before we
    casually toss our hurtful and vindictive comments about.
    All that really does is allow others to see our ignorance!
    Believe me, your ignorance is showing.


    • Kim your first problem is that you were in the navy and that stands for Never Again Volunteer Yourself, you guys press buttons to fire weapons, your D&C quite frankly is ate the fuck up, the only thing the navy is good at doing is one swimming, two swabbing the deck and three drinking! i was a U.S. Army Recon Scout- my job was to go ahead of ALL OF OUR TROOPS and find the enemy in their own backyard (behind enemy lines) in a 3 man team collect intel and engage if you swabbies keyed in the wrong coordinates… which take if from me, navy and air force fuck up ALOT but the navy takes the cake and the only two exceptions to this is if you are a Corpsman which i treasure, or you’re a member in one of the eight SEAL times, whether you’re eastcoast AFFL. or Westcoast EFFL. anybody can push a button, but only a warrior has the courage and guts to rush accross brush sand banks and burms in the middle of a firefight to assist another comrade with a sucking chest wound whether or not caused by a bullet or shrapnel. Recon Scouts are required to test and qualify in water survival- only we don’t train with wooden rifles. I guess what i’m saying is if you know what you know- fuck everything else, believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.. wink wink

    • You’ve obviously never been to philippines hunny. Go spend a year there and I guarantee you’ll change your prissy tree-hugging mind about that.

  9. You know their are good and bad Filipinos mostly stupid and Yes even Professional acts like stupid because they street minded thats a Filipino now, since the Spanish time Filipinos behavior are stupid. for they want always to be alone. Imagine HongKong, they Conquered by the British and was left alone and now they were the best place ever, they can even mixed with whites and blacks I mean you can’t feel that racist thing, think about it they are in small area of China…What I mean that Filipinos are so proud that even they can’t even accept losing because they always want to be heard, they always say they are the best country but not really. They speak TagEnglish they say? but sounds really stupid than other nations that can speak direct English even in a different accent. Thats why Philippines is to far to recover because of their stupid pride LUZON,VISAYAS,MINDANAO is not one they should be independent. I am A Filipino but I am not proud whats happening in this stupid and Uneducated country of mine.

  10. I agree with Daven. We must accept our pros AND cons. No offense Kim, but everytime I see a post like yours in a topic like this I get irritated; it’s not even racist, they merely expressed it based on experience and observation. No matter how many times someone will kindly say “stop the ethical hatred” there will alway be one because there is some sort of struggle that needs to be confronted anyway. :/

  11. As a Filipino who was born and grew up abroad, I think the general populace is quite stupid. Just walk along the streets of Manila and you’ll see the poor, well, being poor and living like they can do nothing about it. Weekly, I pass through a noontime game show venue early in the morning and I see people queued up for the show. The lotto booth in the mall has a longer queue than those in the supermarket combined. Damn lazy, all they want is easy money. People rally en masse for their rights yet they don’t even follow basic road precautions and rules. Freakin’ professional drivers aren’t professional even in the vaguest sense of the word. And that stems in the faulty educational system of the country. Hell, just look at the national passing rates of teachers in the boards (less than half!) If the training for basic education teachers is this faulty, how then will Filipinos be better educated? Yeah, probably the kid in 1st grade can spell Philippines and only that. Maybe the kid learned how to articulate the letters not the alphabet. Worst of all, the govt is made up the most intelligent people and they use that to manipulate and control the average Filipino. And the average Filipino yields. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, I’m just complaining. I’d rather be a Filipino than be in the materialistic culture “intelligent” countries. At least I’ve enjoyed life.

    • I’d rather be intelligent. You had nothing to do with being filipino. You have nothing in the world to be proud of your country. NOTHING. What the hell do you love your country for??? Your country certainly DOES NOT love you. I guarantee that. The way they treat each other there like pigs, why would you love that????

    • Why you have to love it? its a waste of your life respecting the flag and you get problems everyday from filipinos you think its the life yes filipinos say like that because they want to proud being filipino and i am thinking this country is demonic. also they don’t let people say this country suck so they can steal the stuff from other countries instead stealing some stuff in themselves cmon its a demonic country it looks like worse than Arabs or Russians

    • You love your country than you go to America hmmmmmm I love America but i would never leave it go work in your own country that’s the only way for it to be better. EX: Industrial revelation in the U.S brought us the cash so we do not beg all day for are money we work and you call us fat and lucky let me tell you that we are not lucky we had to all join together instead of sitting on are asses all day and going for easy money. Fuck you

  12. yes, mostly Filipinos are stupid, considering the low quality or even the absence of good education in even the elementary levels..majority of the masses haven’t finished or entered high school – due to poverty- poverty due to corruption and mismanagement in the government.

    and why is that? its the parochial or even call it the islander thinking.. different tribes live in different islands and tend to develop their own culture separately – the tagalogs would never believe what the cebuanos are saying, the mindanawans would never trust people from luzon. its an archipelago – remember history? some tribes in Limasawa accepted Magellan and his crew..while in a different island in Mactan they cut his throat? -changing this very bad traits – that would be the Filipino’s challenge.

    while the ‘educated’ and suppose to be matured races – the Europeans and Americans, have set their rules and followed them well. good for them – but there’s also this flaw they can’t even shrug themselves- this all-powerful, all- mighty, dominant control-the-world attitude- its called bullying. , yet with all the might the Americans and Europeans possess, they can’t even find and kill Bin Laden..can’t even control Iraq and Afghanistan to this minute – only shows the fact- that you can’t manage all your adventures and expedition well..and the fact that the US economy is falling like a rock, only proves that you , white people are not in control of your economic problems as well. now, we don’t want to call you stupids – because you have this ability to learn and correct your flaws, whatever and however malignant it may have become.

    lets give all our STUPID selves a chance to learn from our mistakes and not to be STUPID again to do it the second time..ok.

    • This is really great.
      lets give all our STUPID selves a chance to learn from our mistakes and not to be STUPID again to do it the second time..

      • You have had thousands of chances… your only going to change when a country full of smart people with money babies you till your nice and clean

    • BTW an Asian country called India has MANY more different cultures than You Do . but today , its the second fastest growing economy in the world . . . n YOURS , one of the most CORRUPT . . .
      stop making excuses u people n start ACTING , thats the ONLY way you people will improve . . .

  13. I searched “Filipinos are stupid” to help better understand my Mother in Law and her habits. We recently moved closer to my In Laws (too close imo). My Mother in Law is one of the many Filipina women that married a US Navy sailor in the early 70’s. My wife is totally americanized and college educated with a successful career. We now live in an area that is mostly Filipino/Hispanic and we also lived in Hawaii that also had a large Filipino population. In general, I like Filipino culture and it’s colorful heritage, but have a hard time with the bad traits most Filipinos share. My wife is suggesting that her mom be our 2 year old’s nanny. I am very against this idea.

    My MIL has an absolutely filthy house. I have been to other Filipino houses and have seen the same thing. They horde junk and fill their house with cheap items and nicknack’s. The floor is always filthy and stained but they still require a no shoes policy. The kitchen has a thick layer of grease on everything from all the fried food and lack of wiping it down. Cobwebs are in every corner and bugs are everywhere. Plates of food and empty soda cans are left out wherever they are set down. It’s a nightmare taking my daughter there because her hands and feet are black with dirt while she tries to put dusty nicknacks in her mouth. Electrical cords are everywhere. The fridge and cupboards are overflowing with mostly expired food that she refuses to throw out. Some of it is over 10 years old!

    Even though my MIL has lived in the States longer than I have she never wanted learned English. She speaks broken English with a thick accent. She understands complex English conversations but acts like she doesn’t understand simple things when she doesn’t want to. I have noticed this tactic with previous Filipino coworkers. They feign misunderstanding when you tell them something they don’t want to hear. They think that eventually you will give up trying to explain it and just do it yourself. I don’t want my daughter to learn broken English and I doubt my MIL will ever change her ways.

    I love Filipino food. But that is all my MIL makes and my FIL and her have very poor health due to bad diet and lack of exercise. Everything is fried and only the cheapest fatty meats are used. White rice is the main staple and heavy soy sauce is always used. Yeah it tastes great, but is horrible for your health. They are both diabetic and my FIL has failing kidneys and heart disease. My MIL still makes him they same fried foods every day but complains about how the doctors are failing at healing them.

    My MIL spends money on junk. She is constantly shopping but never for anything of use or value. The house is filled with “As Seen on TV” crap and useless contraptions. Even though these things are useless she swears by them and brings them to our house to get rid of them. Everything is a “knock off” and falling apart or broken. I think the thrill of shopping overrides the usefulness or benefit of what she buys.

    My MIL is horrible with kids! Even though she has grown children she is horrible with my daughter. Every time my 2 yr old cries my MIL freaks out and runs around trying to find something to make her stop. “She thirsty. She need Tylenol. She need this toy.” I tell her to stop freaking out and let her figure it out but she can’t help herself. She always wants to give my daughter medicine or salves. She’s a Witchdoctor! She thinks that every symptom requires medication because she has been told by doctors her whole life to “take this” whenever she had the smallest problem. I don’t want her to self diagnose and treat my daughter when she obviously has no idea of what she is talking about.

    My MIL is a nag. She always has recommendations. When I am taking care of my daughter she hovers over me spouting instructions. Most of the family ignores her and now I see why. She will give instructions and if you disagree with her she will retreat. Then she will come back ten minutes later and start the exact same conversation as though it never happened. She can never be wrong. She is the Matriarch of the family and assumes she is all knowing yet she is uneducated and inexperienced in most things. Most of the family eventually gives in to appease her but when it comes to my kid I am unconvinceable about her safety or health.

    Sorry about the long rant. I would really appreciate some insight to what makes Filipinos this way. And some advice in how to deal with Filipina Inlaws would be great!

    • A Filipina reaching in that age really tends to act like that. They grew up in old era where life is really hard and mostly keep things for souvenirs, remembrance, and most of the time they already forgot why they kept it from the start. It’s like save it, it’s a waste to throw food and followed up by ‘they are people out there who are not eating 3 times a day…blah blah blah…you are lucky to eat…and more blah’ At least you’re mother in law won’t ask for leftovers (as in bones) after eating in a classy restaurant cause she said she will give it to her dogs. My grandma does and trust me, don’t mention pets when you’re having dinner outside because filipina oldies have the habit of doing that and if you don’t want to be utterly embarrass, don’t even think about trying.

      As for why your MIL always nag…the answer would be a huge drama. They felt like they’re useless and wanted to be useful so they nag about a lot of things.

      As for the rest, just think that their brain works backwards. That won’t give you much of a headache. And also, they are pretty gullible so try using sweet words.

      BTW I’m a half and currently spending my hell hole of a life nursing my psychotic filipina great grandmother. Great! My granny just pea on her panties…again!

  14. I found this webpage by using that very search term: “Filipinos are stupid”

    To me, it’s true – they are. They cannot think for themselves, and it no wonder they work here in the UAE nowhere but fast food joints and low end jobs.

    I don’t know what it is about the Filipino education system, but they churn out mindless, annoying people that spend their days jibbering in their insane fake-american accent and singing power ballads popular in the west 20 years ago.

  15. to be fair..
    its not all of them.

    but TOO many of them.

    lol to Ben about “singing power ballads popular in the west 20 years ago”…
    so true!

  16. i visited there a few years back and it took me 25 minutes to buy something in a small store.

    there was no line; everybody just walks up the counter, jockeying for position.

    in the states I woulda been out in 4 minutes….
    it wasnt that busy…

    they say the small things count in life.
    right that says ALOT about a society and order when there arent single file lines at checkout in a store.


  17. I came here from a search, as well. I find Filipinos to be very kind. But yes, compared to other countries/cultures, often… well, stupid. “Stupid” may not be the best word, but – it’s just true – not nice (mean!), sad really, but that’s how it is.

  18. As a Navy vet I had extensive exposure to the Pinos during the 80’s and 90’s. The women are very beautiful and easy to lay. Even the middle and upper class women are super horny and easily lured in with materialism and status. Pino men are extremely arrogant and rude. They also have very small penises. This is why Pina women love men from other countries. I mean face it, it is a 3rd world shithole with nothing going for it but sexy brown women. Even the ugliest American guy could bring home a hot little Pina to the States. Problem with those guys is that when their new wives get to the States they can’t adjust to society. They barely learn enough English to communicate and usually flock to other Pina wives and stay within their niche. When unsupervised they revert back to their bargirl sluttiness and screw everything in sight. They love to shop and screw but hate to work. In my civilian job I supervise several Filipinos. They do about half the work as the other workers and are constantly wanting time off and raises. They spend half their day on break or at lunch. They gamble away half of their earnings and always want advances and help with their money problems. None of them have shown any desire to advance in the company and are content just doing the bare minimum to get a pension one day so they can spend the rest of their lives doing nothing.

    So to answer the question if Filipinos are stupid:
    No. They are just lazy. But great to bang as long as you don’t bring one home.

  19. There’s a middle ground that people usually don’t take. Most of the foreigners in the Philippines are white trash, so you have to take it with a grain of salt when they say that Filipinos are “stupid,” “lazy,” etc.

    On the other hand, I once saw someone from the Arroyo Administration chastise a CONSERVATIVE thinkthank in the states for criticizing Arroyo’s policies. He basically said “Only Filipinos can criticize Filipinos.” So the “ignorance is bliss” rule applies to a certain extent.

    I don’t attribute the problem to Filipinos being inherently less intelligent, having dark skin, etc. I take a more scientific/social approach. The UN has concluded that a country’s average IQ can decrease 7% due to malnutrition. Let’s put it this way. Eating fried bananas with sugar, fried pork cooked in a pool of oil, sodas and burgers for breakfast, and instant noodles on a daily basis won’t do anything good for anyone’s intelligence.

    Another issue has to do with culture. I don’t buy the argument that certain mannerisms such as staring, pointing, gossiping, cutting in line, etc. are okay because they’re cultural norms. No, these behaviors are considered rude in most cultures throughout the world. It’s the old ‘golden rule’ principal.

    I often hear the argument that much of Filipino culture has been influenced by the Spaniards. Well, let’s look at the results. Spain is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Every country that Spain has colonized is third world (to the best of my knowledge). So if you want to succeed at something, you don’t emulate someone who’s failed, right?

    Basically, if you want to succeed in life, hard work and sacrifice are always key ingredients. Respecting others doens’t hurt either. So I’d argue that the problem in third world countries isn’t particularly what they’re doing–it’s what they’re NOT doing. In the states I met many Filipinos who worked yard and succeeded. When I sold knives one summer my manager was Fil-Am. So basically the problem as I see it isn’t racial — it’s cultural, as in Social Darwinism.

  20. @KenC408

    Well, there’s a difference between intelligence and politeness. The real problem I have with much of the rudeness is that it seems contradictory to the “Christian”/Catholic makeup of the country. A man in another blog made an excellent observation. There’s something inherently wrong when someone includes a picture of Mary or Jesus in their taxi, yet tries to cheat someone the first chance they get. I’m not very religious and I wasn’t raised Catholic. But in any case, I have virtually no respect for anyone who spends half their time at church and the other half sitting around and gossiping. I’ve seen FIlipinos virtually destroy anyone who they thought was a threat to their own success–or has become more successful than they have for whatever reason.

  21. @Dan

    I think you’re referring to “Wow Wow Wee” or something. A few years ago there were people trampled to death waiting in line to get on the show. Some Filipinos have given me some interesting insights about the game. You mentioned handouts at the show. According to my Fil-Am friend, the Filipinos in the audience living abroad actually “donate” money to be distributed to audience members. I don’t really watch the show so I don’t know how they go about doing it.

    Another friend of mine told me that there’s some sort of texting you can do to get info that the show provides. However, according to my Fil. friend, the text costs the carrier 1p, but they charge an insanely high rate.

    So basically the mass media has a lot to do with the problem. I guess it never really made sense to me. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, why would you be so concerned about stars in the mass media? It’s a problem in the states, but it’s mostly teens and housewives who keep up with all the latest gossip.

  22. @Kim

    Excuse me, but WTF are you talking about? I disagree with you 100%. Based on the comments in this blog, I’d say that most of them are spot-on in terms of their accuracy. That doesn’t mean that the Fil. culture doesn’t have merit. I grew up in a multi-cultural environment in the states, and I’ve been to several different countries. Every country has its own BS. But I remember an interesting situation I was in a few years ago. On a boat to Surigao, I met a Fil-Am dude who was a cop in the states and was with his family on vacation. He told me he almost got in a fight while boarding the boat, since the Fils. didn’t line up in an orderly single-file line, and were pushing him and his family members. When you’re in the military, you can keep yourself insulated from the local culture. So you’re often not exposed to a lot of the BS that everyone’s talking about on this blog.

  23. I’ve also found this site through googling “Filipinos are Stupid”, and I have to say that I am completely outstanded by the number of people who think that this is true. Then again, I can’t really blame them because of all the negative media that the Philippines is getting in almost all of the “powerful nations”.

    Truth is I’m a Filipino ninth-grader who recently migrated to Toronto with my family on February just this year. After I reentered school, I was surprised to find out that the Philippine Curriculum was even more advanced than that of my new shool’s. At the beginning, or should I say in the middle of the schoolyear, many people in the school thought that I was low in the intelligence department , coming from a thirld world country which is understandable. Boy did I surprise them when I graduated middle school at the top of my class with a general weighted average of 93.9%. No one in the school could regard Filipinos as mentally retarded anymore because I beat them. I had beaten the whites intelligencewise

    The reason that most Filipinos can’t show their talents ,at least in Canada, is because their credentials are not accepted by local work agencies. With no source of income, Most Filipinos turn to “survival jobs” just to get enough money sufficient for basic needs. Thus we get the old “Filipino working as nannies” memento. My father had to take both a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Management Accountant Exam to get a decent job.

    Some would question our educational standard, but let me ask you this. Who are the ones who evaluate a school’s educational standard? Why is it that MIT, Harvard, and Oxford always on top? Aren’t the countries in power the ones who decide upon the school rankings all of the time.

    There are many rumors too that we can’t speak good English and use Taglish instead. I hope that through writing this, I can at least prove some of them wrong.

    In closing, I know that the Philippines is a shithole of a country. We have a high crimerate, a horrible economy, and a very corrupt government I don’t ever want to go back there. Westerners are right to think that the character of most Filipinos is downright garbage because it really is. We are a rude and greedy race, but our character doesn’t reflect our intelligence. Filipinos are NOT stupid.

    • by saying all this here , you proved that filipinos are LIARS too . . .
      filipino college graduates dont even know their NATIONAL ANTHEM properly . . . forget the rest . . . n ur school curriculum is just a bit higher than that of MONKEYS . . .

  24. @Fred Jumba

    You made an interesting post. Here are a few observations:

    -My American friend’s wife from Phil. once told me that UP is the only univ. that is accepted as an acredit institution of higher education abroad. That may be a reach, but basically everything is relative. Most of the “top” schools in the Phil. are Catholic, and to the best of my knowledge, they don’t have the same acreditation process of the states and other countries. In other words, if you went to such and such a school in Phil. it may be one of the top ones nationally, but there won’t be any way to objectively compare and contrast it with comparable educations from other countries. A few months ago I read in the newspaper about a German who had complained several times that his elementary school son’s textbooks were riddled with errors that had never been corrected.

    -My observation is that Fil. culture isn’t a reading-based one. Yes, some people read, but it’s usually the local “newspaper” that’s 99% entertainment, gossip, and sensationalized “news.” Most Fils. are more interested in being entertained – TV, movies, music, etc. When I first arrived in Phil., I was at an Internet cafe in Ilo2, and noticed that there were a lot of elementary students there playing games–which seemed odd since it was a weekday. I asked someone if it was holiday, and he replied that it wasn’t — they had probably just walked out of school.

    -There’s no Middle School in Phil. In the states there’s been an ongoing debate about whether or not Middle School is necessary. Most research shows that it’s likely as important as attending pre-school. If you don’t attend Middle School then that’s two years of base knowledge that you’re missing out on. I’ve had Fil. high-school graduates ask me if Africa is a country, and if Korea is in Asia.

    -Education is the worst in the countryside, where someone told me they had to bring their own chair to school. I’m assuming that if the school didn’t have money for chairs, then heir educational materials weren’t top-notch.

    -Diet is a factor. I met a Fil. who has been to several countries abroad. He told me that when he went to a nutritionist in the Phil., it was laughable. Many Fils. think that they’re eating a healthy meal if they’re full after eating meat and rice. I’ve seen several Fil. nursing students eat instant noodles and hamburgers for breakfast–which seems quite ironic. To each his own, but it’s important to note that food is fuel for both the body and brain.

    In any case, the Fils. I met in the states were a different story. Most were born/educated in the states, and many of them were successful in whichever field they chose. As I mentioned befopre, it’s all a matter of Social Darwinism.

  25. @Fred Jumba

    Yeah, too bad most of those “inventors” didn’t really invent shit Freddy-boy.
    Do you really believe that Agapito Flores invented the fluorescent bulb?
    I mean really?
    Agapito FLORES?
    Its a bad grade-school joke dude.

    Don’t tell me you also think Armando Lite invented the AR-15 Armalite?

    Good job proving that Filipinos really ARE stupid.

  26. @bluepencil

    Obviously, Flores didn’t invent the fluorescent bulb. The year he apparently received the patent from France was AFTER GE was already selling such bulbs to the public. You can’t invent something that already exists.

  27. @Joe Shmoe

    Well, as my American friend put it — at least Estrada was for the working class. Yeah, ideally a president should have more qualifications than being a movie star. But at least he didn’t steal from the poor.

    Oh, and about Marcos. You failed to mention that the Philippines was the second wealthiest country in Asia while he was president.

  28. Wow,,, I also stumbled across this forum in a “filipino are stupid” search on google. I am an american, living here in the Philippines for 14 months now, and i am LMAO right now at some of the comments here!

    i am not exactly a genius,, (lol), but i cant help but notice some of the simple idiocracies here… as mentioned above, the lack of the ability to form a single file line.. thats such an insignificant thing realy, but its hilarious that someone else mentioned it. Took me almost 3 hours to make a simple cash deposit in Landbank today!

    Some filipino are great, generous people, and YES i agree the women are beautiful… but i my opinion is YES, the majority of Filipino are stupid. its not an opinion , but an obvious fact of life!

    And why does everything take so abnormaly long here? like going to the bank, or ordering food, or buying shampoo? even if we are the only ones in the store?

    now i will make my one racist comment… (sorry)… but i almost wish that this country would be like american and the african americans in the early 1900’s…. i wish there was a seperate line for filipino’s, and one exclusively for forriegners… no special treatment for us, just seperate lines.. lol…. so we can teach the public how to fall in a proper line, wait YOUR turn, and when the teller/cashier (or whatever) takes 10 minutes to perform a 1 minutes task,,, we can tell them to ‘move thier a_ _’.

    And, in closing, in regards to Filipino spending their last peso on tanduay… ahahahahahah… if this countries economy (if thats even an applicable term it!).. totaly collapsed tomorrow,,, at least we know what company will be the last one standing!

    To all the filipino reading this…we understand why you would try to defend your own race and culture, but some of us are also laughing at the fact that you to likely GOOGLE searched “Are Filipino stupid”… LOL…

  29. @Chris

    some valid points. i’m not sure about the line thing. it’s all sort of ironic. on several occasions i’ve waited in line at a particular jolibee for over 20 minutes. the reason is that there were only 2 registers open. here’s the kicker — it was lunchtime and everyone was lined up to the front door of the restaurant. when i asked the employee why they didn’t open the third register, i was told that they had to keep labor costs down. sure, that’s important in the middle of the afternoon. but lunchtime? and the thing that i didn’t get was that nobody else said anything about it. so that’s the irony – forming a single line is difficult, but then when they’re forced to stay in one–they feel comfortable standing in it forever.

    about things taking so long–my american friend had a good theory. he said that if you slow the process down at banks and such–everyone keeps working and you have job security. there doesn’t seem to be a sense that you get the customer in and out, so they’re satisfied and keep coming back.

    i eat out a lot, but i don’t return to restaurants with poor customer service. even fairly high-end restaurants rarely have table water and an appetizer. you usually have to chase a waiter down to give your order, they don’t check on you while you’re eating, and then you have to chase them down again to get your check. don’t get me wrong–i’ve found several restaurants with great food–but in 95% of the situations, the service leaves something to be desired.

    i’m not sure if segregation is the right answer–amercia has been a better country since it ended. are you some white trash from alabama or something? but more people should demand good customer service. i don’t know why jolibee gets such a draw, when the customer service tends to be awful.

    • Bluedog…

      “White trash from Alabama”.. wow.

      No, i am from California. Anyhow, stating that i am possibly a racist or white trash implies that i am being unjustly prejaduce, but a person’s ‘bias’ is based on facts- prejudice occurs without a person knowing or examining the facts. I have spent 2 years here observing and examing the ‘facts’, and without any hesitation i can say that in the issue previously mentioned, segragation when lines are involved would be a GREAT idea, (not that it could ever happen). And i would have to say, if ever it did happen that we could get that segragation going, you can join them in the retard section, i will wave at you as our lines are in and out, ok?

      Now i agree with what you said about the people thinking it is job security, deliberatley taking so long to perform simple tasks, however, in seems that most people in other countries take some pride in performing their issued tasks, and secure their jobs by doing a good job, not by sacrificing time. it isnt just jollibee, it is ever resteraunt in this country.

      Now, one fragmant of this post of mine must say this; the ONLY reason i am stating these negative things here, is not because im an angry ‘white trash’ or prejuduced person, as i DO LOVE this country for the most part, but this is a forum on the TOPIC of stupidity in the philippines. So if i am stating my opinions or any facts here on a topic, who are you to criticize me or any of us for that? If you dont like the topic in this forum, Google “I love Pinoy’s” and post there.

  30. I work in an international firm in the Philippines and have found the ff. to be true:

    1) Spaniards and Indians/Pakistanis – cheapskates to the extreme

    2) Americans and Canadians – non-confrontational. Have gay tendencies

    3) Danish – polite but have too high-standards

    4) Italians – smelly

    5) French – rude, smelly and unsanitary

    6) Mongolians and Chinese – unsanitary

    7) Africans – too defensive. The true stupids

    8) Germans – just like Americans with added rudeness

    9) Japanese – horny/perverted, rude

    10) Filipinos – unsanitary, too defensive, lazy, gullible

    That’s my generalization. But if I were to speak of religious groups then the ff. will apply:

    1) Muslims – Good businessmen but they are fanatic killers

    2) Christians – Too defensive, manipulative but claim to be “good”

    3) Buddhists – Unrealistic

    Oh and by the way, there’s oil in the Philippines. Just ask the Saudi Arabians who talked with the Americans who had a deal with the Malaysians to pay the Muslim rebels in Mindanao to maintain a turmoil there (so that the Europeans would fall behind the Americans and the Japanese in the cash-in). With all the gullibility in the air, the Filipinos wouldn’t stand a chance against the combined forces of the Americans, Japanese and the Chinese (not to mention the Ayalas) in putting the Philippines on its knees. I, for one would move to Switzerland. I heard they have less lines, corruption and violence there; being a neutral country and all.

  31. @Stormvoy

    sure, every nationality has its tendencies. but let’s look at the facts. ex-pats chose the phils. as the #1 corrupt country in asia. in terms of overall corruption, it’s roughly in the second-to-last grouping for most corrupt in the world.

    the birth rate in phils. is sky-high. the catholic church stonewalls any attempt by politicians to pass any family planning legislation. the result is that fils. continue to breed like rats because they don’t know any better. it’s common sense that most fils. haven’t figured out–a country doesn’t have unlimited resources, and it costs a ton of money to properly raise one child.

    so there you go. corruption+overpopulation=”developing” country. look at other asian countries such as taiwan, hong kong, japan, korea, and singapore. they don’t have those problems because they’re diligent and keep corruption/population in check.

    as you mentioned, all nationalities have their downsides. the french were recently picked in a survey as the world’s rudest tourists. but france remains one of the wealthiest countries in the world. these are the surveys that matter – gnp, gdp, per capital gnp, etc. it’s all social darwinism.

    and about the oil–someone told me about a comment that her female german friend in the phils. had made…the phils. has a cornocopia of valuable natural resources–but they’re not willing to get them. again – this is basic social darwinism. survival of the fittest, in a social context.

  32. I’m a white guy living in San Francisco and I get so irritated when I see a filipino. They are like ants that spread around. I hate the fact that they want to spread with my people. Why can’t they stick to their own kind. I’d rather be with an Indian chick than with a monkey. Yuck! First off, they think they are better than everybody. The ones that live in America dress like hoochies. Little freaks. Ugh I can’t tell you how much I hate when they mix with my people!

  33. I definitely agree with Justin. I wanna punch all the filipina girls when I see them. This one girl tried to break me and my girlfriend up because she had a crush on me. I would never even let myself come within ten inches of a filipina. They smell too. I wonder if they only shower once a month????

  34. I have researched the topic extensively after encountering a particularly arrogant (but stupid) Pinoy who made a nuisance of himself on a usenet group.

    Filipinos are definitely stupid.

  35. @Brian

    that’s how they do. by and large–immature, rude and spiteful. if they don’t get their way 100% of the time they’ll stab you in the back.

    and yes, personal hygiene definitely is a problem.

  36. lol, im a proud filipino. 3 stars and a sun i represent.

    some of ur comments are true, but true filipinos dont give a damn about it. all we know is, we hav our own game.

    celeste: ure right

    joe: filipino ist graders can spell philippines better than u.

    domas: filipina girls wants to marry a 55 year old white guys cos they know that old white guys will die soon, and so they will hav all the money. hahahaha. therefore those old guys are smart? hehe

    just: who r ur people? ure just jealous cos we’re killin u softly. hahaha. that’s our game

    dog: i like ur approach. u seem smart

    dav: ure a lousy filipino. hahahaha. ure one of the stupids eh??

    fred: ure also a stupid

    brian: i take a bath 3 times a day. how bout u?

    chris: then y r u here in the Philippines? is it bcos u want to be stupid too? hahahahaha.

    sons of odhin: i dont like ur name.

    robert: u luv filipino foods right? but filipino cooks filipino foods. and ure saying filipinos r stupids. therfore u luv to eat stupid’s foods. so does that make u any better than stupid filipinos? hahahahahha.

    dan: ure just honest. i like u =)

    bob: ure a gay. hahahahaha

  37. there’s nothing wrong with being proud of your heritage. the point i’ve made several times is that fils. tend to be uppity. there’s a difference. it’s safe to say that the phils. and fils. haven’t contributed much to the world at large. contrary to their phony history books, a fil. did NOT “invent” the florescent lightbulb (GE was selling it to the public when flores supposedly got his french patent), the moon buggy (a fil. was on the design team but received no patents for a “moon buggy” to the best of my knoweldge. the original concept for the moon buggy was from a european), or the incubator (a fil. only did -research- to improve the incubator–again, no patents to the best of my knowledge). no fil. has won the nobel peace prize, or any major international awards for film, music, literature, etc. b-ball and boxing are supposed to be their sports fortes, but they won zilch medals for any sport in the last summer olympics. even some obscure countries that few people have heard of won at least one medal. so the bottom line is that it’s business as usual. they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. the phils. was the 2nd wealthiest country in asia before the usa pulled out. no, there are no superior races, but social darwinism proves that there are indeed superior cultures.

  38. I stumbled on this site to see if there are bloggers similar to mine – and I was surprised to have several. By the way I am guilty for using the search word mentioned.

    Let’s face it – Filipinos are stupid in general so the rest of us are stereotyped as such. I don’t blame them, by the way, because only few amongst the populace wanted “change”. That is downright pathetic!

    It is true that all the replies to this post are valid. Filipinos need help and we should try to help them by suggesting ways to be better.

  39. Hello. Found this thread through experimenatation.

    Are Filipinos stupid? I dare say that Filipinos are not as stupid as some would paint them in this blog. Most of them are even sly and cunning. Some are probably as stupid as the American and the British masses who believed the GeorgeW/Blair claim that Saddam was involved in 9/11 and that there were weapons of mass-destruction in that country. As stupid as the whites who consider Sarah Palin as be-all and end-all of the Republican Party. I have lived in Europe for 15 months and I am currently in the US for over a year now. I also have had the opportunity to live in other places like the Middle East, the People’s Republic of China and the Kingdom of Thailand. In a word, I’ve been around.

    My observation is that that majority of people in this earth are clueless…some more so than others (hence the term masses often has a pejorative association). Come to think of it, true intelligent people – I mean the ones with the creative process and contribution (think about philosophers, scientists, engineers, inventors, artists, etc.) would account for less than 1 percent of the entire human population! So technically that makes the rest of us stupid.

    I hate to sound like a Commie but it is by design that majority of the people in the world today are maleducated, misinformed or just plain stupid. Like cattle in Montana as they are being herded. At any rate, it is plain that this is done on purpose by a few members of the economic (in some cases, intellectual) elite in each country to perpetuate the system. In a sense, there is a great element of class struggle and the concerted and deliberate effort of certain elitist groups to stupefy the majority. The Philippines is no exception. Keep ’em happy yet ignorant of what’s really going on.

  40. Reading these post leaves me with no real surprised feelings on how some person or persons could come about to feel such a way about the Philippines or it’s people. But as an educated and well traveled individual I can assure you that stupid people abound all over this great world of ours. I am a proud American, a U.S born citizen but don’t get me wrong I would be a proud person no matter what nationality I could have been born into. It is the individuals we come in contact with that may influence our sentiments about certain things. What I mean is this, as an employee working as a designer for a national home improvement company I come in contact with thousands of people per year, some very pleasant and some not so, some very intelligent, some ignorant and some stupid. This is where we need to understand the difference between stupid and ignorance. When someone comes into my department and tries to boss me around in a subserviant way because company rules dictates that we wear these vests never considering that we may have any level of education or dignity and ask me how wide a 12″ cabinet is…. that my friend is stupid. But someone asking me how high off of the groung it should be mounted that is ignorance……. it’s only because they do not know any better. And these people are Americans.
    I have been married a few times to American citizens U.S. born and naturalized and have been left broke and homeless because I trusted my 1st wife and she took me for everything, the courts had nothing to do with it, she was just a dishonest individual. But that does not sway me in any way into mistrusting my next wife, it just make me more cautious and makes me keep a closer eye on financial activities. I am now married to a Phillipino woman who is very educated and always impresses me with her abilities.
    Yes her family is poor, but when I visited them I found them to be very friendly, kind, generous and loving people. I did not judge them for theyre education level or financial status but more on how I was treated. Yes there are stupid Philippinos but I can assure you that there are just as many stupid Americans, probably even more being we have a higher population. The Philippines has been a nation under strugle for centuries from corruption of Government at all levels ( National, Local) to occupation from foreing nations.
    What the people of the Philippines are still strugling with today is trying to get an independence that works. It will require a leader that can win they hearts and soul and unify them as a people not divided by religion, political affiliation or financial status. My wife is also a very clean and pleasant person to be around, she is very soft spoken and loving, caring to my needs whenever she can. She loves her family as well and I have no issues if she whishes to help them financialy as long as all responsibilities at home are taken cared of first. As far as being all about money…. Look to my previous wives for a true definition of gold diggers.
    The point is that stupid, rude, lazy untrusting people are all over and not just in the Philippines. Things should not be said or written with anger in our hearts. Anger will cloud our judgement. There are many other issues on these posts I would like to comment on such as lazy and so on but all I am trying to do is get people to understand that human nature is the same no matter what nationality.
    Given the same circumstances how would we fare as a people should we have had the same history.

  41. I do think the patriotic thing to do is to critique my country. How else do you make a country better but by pointing out its flaws?
    ~Bill Maher~

    Let me add an article I have found which I think can be an eye-opener for us all and paste it from here…. based from this link and up a few of my own opinion:

    Having that said… we have to learn to be optimistic… accept our country’s flaws in general and aid to change it… we need not have to be defensive all the time and get pissed to the generalization among Filipinos coined as stupid since this has been based on the majority of the encounter of the several few among the masses who never had a proper education and so as well to those who have it but never made use of it to its potential.

    The TRUTH hurts and to alleviate from such we have to help ourselves instead of arguing over what other races think about us and prove them wrong. You don’t need to be such a baby about it… The problem about our culture in general is that we cannot swallow other people’s opinions about us since most of us grew up trying to not to be offensive with any of the people that we get to encounter… This wasn’t the first time our country got an insult from other countries… and wake up! it’s not only us who gets countless insults… other countries do as well…

    Here’s a link of what Lourd de Veyra has to say… and yes… we Filipinos have to absorb this… it is an eye-opener.

  42. dog, i kinda agree with u now. hehe, i just met a stupid fil yesterday. hehehe. but even in other countries wer ive been to, including US, i find lots also. lol. i think, dnab is ryt.

    we dont give a damn about medals or shiznits. u can take all the medals to ur home country and flush them in the toilet. hahahahahaha. and we still dont care. this is the way we r. and that’s y im proud of it.

    btw, just bcos ure ignorant doesnt mean that no filipino has ever won some international awards. hahahha, im sure of that!!!

    in short, we dont care at all.

    so i come into conclusion that filipinos r very diverse. we can be the most stupid people on earth, but we can be the smartest ones. dog ure just jealous of the way we r. hahahaha

    btw, social darwinish proves that ure an ape? hahaha

  43. @itachi

    like i said, ignorance is bliss. on one of these blogs, someone posted that fils. are happy if they have a tin roof over their head and some rice to eat. that’s about right. to each his own.

  44. @itachi

    first of all, your response was retarded. learn to make a coherent argument. you don’t care about medals but some fils. may have won international awards? if you’re going to make an argument, get your f’n facts straight before you spout nonsensical ramblings. the very point i was making is based on attitudes of people like yourself. i find it very problemtic when college-educated people tell me that a filipino “invented” the florescent light bulb and moon buggy. and such statements are even funnier since this person seems to have learned it in school. like i said, ignorance is bliss. you’re free to live in ignorance. keep on believing such b.s., if it helps your ego. but like i said before, facts are facts.

  45. I have to agree with the posters’ criticisms of the Philippines. It is very frustrating since it’s nearly impossible to try and change our people’s views without getting beaten up and shoved aside in the corner. They can be so stubborn and proud of their ignorant views!

    I live in a middle class neighborhood and my neighbors are a nightmare! This doesn’t apply to all but the majority of them are. You see, my sister and I have lung problems and our neighbors won’t stop burning leaves even after hearing our countless pleas. They also play very loud music and have parties ’til the wee hours of the morning and wouldn’t care if they’re bothering anyone. Where have you heard of people lighting up firecrackers in the middle of the night on a school night? My goodness! If you try to tell them to stop, it’ll result in a nasty fight! And us being the minority, have to back down instead. These incidents could have easily been taken care of in other countries by the police. But in here, they’d just laugh at your face and say you’re wasting their time.

    As much as I want for our country to change, I can’t help but feel frustrated and desire to flee the country instead and start a new life in foreign shores. Even after 50 or more so years, the Philippines might not improve without the rulers and the civilian’s unification and cooperation for a better change.

    I feel so alienated in my own country. I’ve only met a few people who share the same views as I do and thank god my mom is one them. Having her by my side to understand and guide me keeps me from going insane. I wish we could move to a better place soon.

    • the police & barangay police are all useless in this country. I had a woman steal money from my house. We were in the barangay & police station all night. In the uk they would have searched her straight away & found the money & then she is guilty but here yei yei yei. The one thing they wouldnt do is search her. I must have said a million times search her & if she has my money she is guilty & if she doesnt she is innocent. So please dont anyone tell me the filipino people are basically a stupid race of people as just look at every minute incident here & compare it with a proper educated country & you will see so very clearly what they are. Now there are many filipinas i like but they are a bit slow & hardly know anything at all & conversation with them is very limited & i crave stimulating conversation with foreigners.

  46. @K

    good luck with everything. yeah, i hear what you’re saying. i’ve had similar situations and when i said anything about kareoke machines or loud talking at ungodly hours, i get a “love it or leave it” attitude. actually i’m not a person to make waves, but i’m a firm believer that the golden rule transcends various countries, culture, religions, and so on. unlike many foreigners i don’t look for trouble. but i do get p.o.-ed from behavior that would be considered rude in most countries. i don’t buy the argument that it’s just the way that fils. are. gossiping, staring, pointing, cutting in linfe, failing to heed basic traffic laws, etc. are flat out rude anywhere. i’ve found that there’s a fine line between going with the flow and getting people to change their way of thinking. if i had a dollar for every time i’ve had to tell someone “excuse me, but i was next in line”–i’d be a millionaire.

  47. @K

    fil. police won’t get involved unless: A) they’ll make money, or B) they’ll make headline news. yes, if you were to go to them and complain about neighbors burning leaves, igniting firecrackers late at night, playing their stupid kareoke machines and singing off-key at all hours of the night–they’d laugh in your face. they’d also say that you’re wasting their time, as you mentioned i think. i’ve found that if you live in the phils., it’s basically like the wild west in the states. you gotta protect yourself and your stuff. don’t expect the police to be of any assistance. my american friend had a problem with someone sending him a virus through yahoo IM, which started eating away at his harddrive. the police showed up two hours after he called them, but didn’t make any real effort to solve the problem.

  48. doggy,

    if we dont care about medals and if some fils hav won awards, then wat’s the point? hahahaha. wat r u babbling about??

    well, u can find us watever u want, and wat’s that to us?? as if i care??? hahahahaha

    anyone can say any facts they want, retard!!!

    btw, these past few days i tried to open my eyes to ur illusions. and i find it very true that some filipinos seems/r stupid, like the other guy in the other website he says that he hates filipino, yet he himself is a filipino. lol. but wether stupid or not, the way we think makes us on top. that’s y u spend time posting ur replies talking about us. that’s y u find us problematic, irritating, watever. so now i can agree with u that social darwinism is true; very true!!! cos the way i think is far superior than urs.

    hehehe, just kiddin doggy

    • @itachi
      Look into your soul lad. Look beyond what you see, and don’t let your emotion control your mind. Let your mind moderate your emotion and think before you speak (or write).

      Do you know why “they find you problematic, irritating, whatever? Because of an attitude like that far too incomprehensible. You are not even trying to be serious and mannerly of what you wrote – just kiddin doggy? or saying retard? And that is stupidity right there. All you even did was fight back and not stating your point in a nice way.

      You can’t blame a dog if he doesn’t like to be a dog. You can’t blame a prince if he doesn’t want to be a prince. You can’t blame a filipino if he doesn’t like to be a filipino. If being filipino is so great then no one would ever hate being one.

      I say you study more and familiarize yourself in the true meaning of life, humanity, manners, attitude, and stuff like that. And through these you will grow yourself into a far more great filipino, or even better, a great reasonable living human being.

      I am a Filipino.

  49. @itachi

    let me know when you’re ready to say something intelligent to say, $hit for brains. the more you talk, you more you prove that most fils. are ignorant and uppity. as i said before, there are 2.4 million google “stupid filipino” matches. obviously it’s not one or two disgruntled people making comments. and with uppity dumb-a$$es like yourself making retarded comments, it’s really no wonder at all. no wonder at all there.

    • Itachi – are you completely retarded? well you obviously are born retarded as a filipino but I think you developed an art form of retardation.

      Blue dog and others – don’t you hate that at the end of every goddamn sentence they put “hehehe”!!! what the fuck is that?? look at this – Itachi is such a filipino slave idiot that he can’t even tell you to fuck off without apologizing and saying: just kidding hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      OH MY GODDDD – the stupidity is endlesssss

  50. Lol to all.

    I find most of the reviews here on the Filipino correct. But there is this single thing that the AMERICANS always forget…

    In ASIA, we are your biggest ally! We always try to understand your military expeditions! We do not always make big “fuck yous” in your embassy for invading Iraq! Hell we even sell our beliefs just to protect the American flag from other Asian countries. Have you guys forgotten how we stood side by side last WWII?

    Yes majority of the Filipinos are stupid for being malnourished and ill-educated. I myself hate how Filipinos are viewed this way but that is the truth. an “Inconvenient one” i suppose.

    I love the falling in line thing. It takes 1 entire day to go on an enrollment process in a University I’m at. And about hygiene, true educated Filipinos bathe twice a day.

    Btw, my family will be moving to canada because we see a dark cloud blocking the light of hope. Hopefully we will be treated there equally.

    I like this post, people are being honest. Just don’t be very rude on judging us(the poor masses i mean). I would recommend that those who posted here read the story of Jose Rizal, should give you another perspective on the true Filipinos.

  51. Filipinos ARE stupid . Anyone whose been there for a long time knows it for a FACT . Foriegners are considered walking ATMs there , n by the way , if u DONT give them money – they call u greedy . n if u DO give them money – they still call u greedy cz u didnt gv much .
    All that these people love is FREE MONEY . these people are downright lazy n shameless to SUCH an extent that in this country the parents of a girl TELL her to go to Japan to work as a prostitute so that she could send them some money from there . n if the girl really does so – they tell everyone they know that they are PROUD of their daughter .
    i met a college girl recently in Cebu City ( Philippines ) n while talking to her i just asked her to tell me vat she studies in college . She told me she’s studying to become a teacher , n one of her subjects is Mathematics . For a joke i asked her what is the 8 multiplied by 8 . n PRESTO , she took 5 mintues to THINK , n then she said she dont know it . WOW ! how do these people even get into colleges is a SHOCK !
    Many websites say that filipinos are friendly people , or smiling people . they are , but only till they think that u will give them money . Once you take a stand for urself , they will be the first ones to try to pick up a fight with you .
    n one of their favorite shows – “Wowowee” is amazing – i believe “Tom n Jerry” show to be a more learning experience than that !
    these people are stupid . . . so stupid . . . that they dont even know it . . .

    • You have no right to judge us, you have not seen all people, you’ve seen just the part and considered the rest the same?

      Your arrogance is unsurpassed you stereotypical idiot. Why don’t you get a job and persevere than just trolling here? I bet you still live with your parents’ financial mercy?

      You’re the 1% of the NAZI white supremacists who thinks race is the basis of intelligence? Germanics are actually barbarians until the Greek and Romans came and civilized them. Same as ours. Actually, there are stupid Filipinos and there are also stupid Americans, not all Americans are intelligent like you fruitcake have ever imagined. In fact, Brits, Aussies, Canadians think Americans are stupid (An Australian TV Show i watched from youtube, logic tests for average yanks).

      One day, we will once again regain our lost status and I can assure you before you die, before your grave that that will happen. We persevere to survive here compared to some other supremacist Americans like you (except the liberal thinking Americans) who knew nothing just to judge and not realize how many famine, great depression, how much blood had been shed by your forefathers to develop the current standard of living there for you to live in prosperity and just to brag it to other starting/developing nations. One day, because of your kind, arrogant citizens, big nations will fall, and remember, nothing is permanent, only my word. You can live peacefully now but not tomorrow, the suffering of the Filipino people will one day end and prosperity it will be.

    • @ Jes Cruz
      the first step in correcting a mistake is ADMITTING it . . . which u ppl dont do .
      thats y u people just DONT IMPROVE . . . u know the condition of ur country, then y not jst admit it ? ? ?

    • oh …i love your ‘mathematics’ test. i had the same with a 3rd college girl who wants to teach mathematics as a teacher

      how much is 50 plus 30%? reply: oh…i dont know that

      i have asked this question about 80times to college graduates and havent heard the answer yet!! wtf do they teach here?

      some more highlights:

      at the sarisari: 7pesos candy , 10 pieces —–> done by calculator
      gasstation: 100 minus 98 = ?? ——> done by calculator

      i dont think im gonna put my kid to school here……….

  52. @John

    without the u.s., fils. would have never defeated the japanese. that’s a fact. you obviously have no concept of the current situation. without the u.s. military patroling the pacific, the phils. would be a fourth-world country.

    and the fact that fil. ww2 veterans requested full benefits from the u.s. gov’t shows the fil. mentality. as i saw someone on yahoo post – they want full benefits from a country that saved them from the japanese during ww2? makes no sense.

    • Hahaha, and here we are listening to an intelligent, PERFECT person who knows the concept of First to Third world.

      Let me just clear you up, higher number does not mean poorer country as what your analogy suggests.

      1st World – Capitalistic countries, Western Democracy

      2nd World – Communist/Socialist countries, Plebeian dictatorship, poor or rich

      3rd World – Developing, Undeveloped, Flawed Democracy

      4th World – Countries from Mars?

      Why does these terms never die? It had been obsolete since the end of Cold War. The right term is Developed, Developing, Undeveloped countries. Industrialized, Newly Industrialized, Agricultural countries.

  53. @Avi

    you’re spot on, about most of your observations. thailand is the land of smiles. fils. are satisfied with a simple life, but i wouldn’t say they’re smiling people. on the contrary, i’d say they’re often grumpy, beligerent a-holes. that’s the power of negative thinking. you fill your mind with negative news, negative talk, and a “can’t do” mentality–you’re not going to do much in life. they’re constantly reading negative and sensationalized news, gossiping about people they’re jealous about, and get too used to saying “no stocks,” “no budget,” “no load” and “no change.”

    • @blue dog
      can’t argue with about that negative thinking. just them feeding themselves every night with negative news and negative talk. can’t agree with you more on what you wrote.

      and i agree to avi “Tom n Jerry” show to be a more learning experience than wowowee. and they spend their time arguing about which television network is better. Maybe instead they could enjoy both. what a stupid attitude! But I’ll just remind you that not all filipinos are like that. Most of them are, because that kind of attitude is contagious and if you try to be different, they will react in not a very nice kind of way. I am a filipino and I can say that many of them don’t like me even if i didn’t do anything to them. I even tried to be nice and all they did was laugh. Well I just ignore them. So I just stayed in my room most of the time.

  54. @blue dog
    That’s is now how i wanted you to see.

    This is how i hope you see it. OFC you made the A bomb, that stopped the war. And mate, i know my history and i read american history as well(it actually inspires me). You “may” have won the war without us. I wanted to show you that not all Filipinos are downright stupid and useless. I can tell you, America isn’t as good in its literacy rate as well. There is just one mentality you have shown me why most of the world hates america(i love america lolz). It is because you always point out that “without the US you can’t win the war. without us you suck ass” attitude, why not have this “oh, without our WW2 Allies we couldn’t have won the war” After all, it’s not the America who won the war, but THE ALLIES.

    And about the yahoo post where there are war veterans seeking american help for their benefits, yes that is pretty obvious, haven’t you seen how Fcked our government is(some of those veterans served under American flag and chose to live the rest of their remaining life in their homeland)?

    Let us reason my friend, like civilized men. 🙂 it’s to see other perspective right?

    @avi, and the rest who only went to poorly educated places

    this observations are weird, you foreigners always judge us on how you saw small places(usually tourists spot where beggars thrive). Have you been inside a Philippine University recently? Have been to my place? Maybe you’ve been to those shitty schools( i know a lot). Try visiting Manila or Quezon city. It is weird though, i usually see foreigners visiting shitty places, and i really mean shitty like there’s shit every square meter?

    You seriously think that lady who went to japan was ordered by her parents? I don’t think that’s the case. The reason a lot of filipinos are braving(sacrificing their selves, working like slaves) foreign lands to earn money is because there aren’t much nice-paying jobs here. People earn very little for work! Alot of people work for less than 6 dollars a day! What can you buy with that amount of money???

    @all, the thing is, your pointing your eyes on the BAD PART, why not point ’em on the good. after all, there’s a filipino slowly becoming richer than most of you on your OWN land. lolz. I know this country sucks, but i am pretty sure that things will change for the good.

    I hate our government, and i hate those who vote based on popularity. During the american occupation in the philippines, we were second to japan in wealth. My grandma also remember japanese workers(gardeners!) working in the philippines before WW2, so much has changed….

      • @john
        I’m a Filipino and I am proud of you.
        “Let us reason my friend, like civilized men.”

        I can’t agree with you more on what you had written.
        It’s mature and sensible not to mention mannerly. (not like itachi) I’m so glad you had posted to remind me that not all Filipinos are wasted. I am pretty much like you except that i had been a victim of other’s stupidity, senselessness, and hatred. You have a good life and I hope your share your reason to people who are full of angst and knew very little things yet they argue they know better. I mean argument is not need, Explanation is instead. I would like to help them, but in my case right now I can’t because I have to help and protect myself first.

        “Help yourself before you can help others. Respect yourself before you can respect others. Understand yourself before you can understand others.

    • @ John
      Dude , I’ve lived in Manila for 8 months , n 10 months in Subic , I believe i’ve seen more of Philippines than YOU have . . . n the stupidity stays the same everywhere . . .
      . . . talking about UP . . . if a college student has to take out a calculator ( m sure even u will) to calculated 263 +141 , I call him stooooooooooopid . . .
      n talking about the filipinas who work as prostitutes in other countries ( which u called “sacrifice” ) . . . i know it for a FACT that they are told by their parents to do so . . . n how can they land a decent job in the Philippines if they were LAZY enough to study when they were young ? ? ?
      . . . Ive been to almost ALL places in Philippines , NOT the SHIT ones . . . i would advice you that it’s better to admit your mistakes , than to DENY . . .

      • At Least we export prostitutes, most western women are not called prostitutes yet they give their body free of charge..

      • having CONSENTUAL sex is a different thing than getting PAID for it . . . bt if ur still PROUD of it , God Help You !

  55. BTW, i think most of you haven’t seen middle-class families have you? i bet you’ve only seen the poor-class. 🙂

    Let me share you how my family lives.

    My grandfather(mom’s dad) was a psichiatrist and a neurologist. My grandfather on my father side is a lawyer who doesn’t like to accept clients who are law breakers.

    Two of my uncles are Engineers(chief), my aunt is an accountant in a local Municipal hall. My mom, is a dentist(specialized in orthodontics), My dad was supposed to be a seaman but decided to study to become a Dental Technician to help my mom. We have our own clinic. Mom’s a Private Practitioner. Me and my Brother are currently studying in Bulacan State University. I am a governor’s scholar and a former governor’s scholar(that gives me two). I just also passed a mechatronics technology(PLC) NC II. So you see i’m not illiterate.

    We always wash our hands before we eat. We brush our teeth. We take a bath twice a day. We mostly eat veggies. I have 7 dogs, 1 cat, 2 aquariums, 2 ponds. We have a large garden filled with nice flowers and fruit bearing trees. I segregate plastic trash from biodegradable one. i have books that i have inherited from my grandfather. I can sculpt clay. I can paint. I can draw. I know the human anatomy. I have medical books that i read so that i may be able to help others when the need arises. We don’t spend on useless things. We buy original CDs because we don’t like piracy. And we have a local church that my parents founded so that we can preach and feed people at the same time. We help poor people.

    In short

    I am educated
    I love life
    I like to talk with other people to see their views
    I like helping those in need
    I, in the future would volunteer for humanitarian purposes in africa and other nations in need

    I have friends that share my views, as educated as me. I have lots of educated friends that are not like how most of you see us and described us like those you say above^^^

    There are still nice people here in Philippines 🙂 This is still the pearl of the east.

  56. lol doggy,hehe

    it’s not about sounding logical. it’s about how u drive the argument.

    u cannot win against my sharingan. and besides, ure still a man. and i am a god.

    i agree with u jon that most filipinos r stupid. hehe. i can say i am stupid too. and so wat?? as if i care????? hahahaha

    avi, anyone can say watever they want they wanna say. and wat’s that to us? hahahahahaha. i can say u r stupid too. and it’s my prerogative. that’s y i dont really get affected by watever u guys said. in fact, i enjoy jumbling up this conversation. hehehe. if i ask u how to determine the exactness of a differential equation, i bet u cannot answer avi, because ure a moron. hahahaha. but i, itachi, knows it. guess y??? hahahaha.

  57. hahahaha john, “reason like a civilized men”? hahahahaha. is inferior doggy uncivilized? hehehe i guess so.

    hahahahaha, whooaaaaaaaa “shit every square meter”???/ hahahahaha. that’s gross and true!!! lol lol lol

    go john!!! slam those uncivilized peeps. hahahaha. i dont think they r well educated enough like us (as if im well educate) hehe. they’re just full of talks.

    • @itachi
      wow you’re not even being reasonable.
      not to mention that you said it yourself – (as if im well educate(d))

      it’s not about sounding logical, it’s about being logical. it’s not about how u drive the argument, it’s about knowing and understanding what you are arguing about.

      you said: “i can say i am stupid too. and so wat?? as if i care?” That right there is just saying that you don’t even respect yourself how much more respecting others.

      at least make some sense and state your point clearly. and that is being civilized. And if you don’t want to be civilized, then you are an a-hole to the country and you’re fucked up.
      And by the way, you are not a god.

  58. anyway, it’s good to be back here. i have to study cos i have an exam in thermodynamics and differential equations this week, so i cant check regularly if these peeps (especially doggy and avi avian flu) needs some medical check up. hahahahaha.

    • Let’s say your an educated man, yet not educated enough that your like an ant bragging with such a small brain.

      Nobody’s asking if you have an exam, instead of trolling here, why not just study your so-called “Thermodynamics”, if you know what it is really without searching Wikipedia.

      Let’s have a sample of your so-called “Education”, do you have moral or values education? Haven’t you learned RESPECT?

  59. @itachi

    let me know when you say something intelligent. you rambled on like a bumbling retard for a while but didn’t refute anything i said.

    btw, i never took differential equations, but i’ve completed several math and science courses, including physics, calculus, and discrete math.

    and to reitterate, you didn’t refute anything i said. you only stregthened my argument that many fils. are uppity and ignorant. get back to me when your country is in the top tier of any world rankings. then again, you’d probably give the ignoramus reply that such rankings don’t matter. ignorance is bliss.

  60. @itachi

    btw, just fyi: i started out as an engineering student, in a u.s. state university whose grad program usually ranks in the top 20 nationwide. i’ve completed about 200 college credits in several subjects in the arts and sciences. i don’t claim to be an expert in any particular field, but i’ve learned something about a wide array of subjects. so i’m not the typical white trash that usually stays in the phils.

    my family also doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to patriotism. my grandfather fought in ww2, my father was in the army, my uncle in the marines, and my cousin fought in the iraq war. i also would have served in the u.s. military if my health hadn’t been an issue. in fact, i passed the written test with flying colors. so to answer your question again: no, i haven’t taken diffy-q, but i’ve studied just about everything else.

  61. @John

    actually, my politics is center-left. i’m not a jingoist, and i’m not a fan of the military-industrial complex. the point that i made was, it’s ironic that the fil. veterans wanted full benefits when it was the u.s. that was liberating fils. from the japanese. i have to agree with the irony that the yahoo user pointed out. it’s obvious that the phils. couldn’t liberate itself. it couldn’t do it before america arrived, and it never would have happend if macarthur hadn’t been a man of his word to “return.” no, america didn’t win the war on its own, but it’s safe to say that without it, the result of the war could very well have been different.

  62. There’s nothing ironic actually since Philippine government is so greedy and busy filling their bank account with money. That’s why it’s more logical for the veterans to seek the help of the richer America.

    anyway, can you explain this :
    “actually, my politics is center-left. i’m not a jingoist, and i’m not a fan of the military-industrial complex”
    I wonder what could have happened if the americans didn’t come for our aid. And what may have happened if the japanese made a successful attack on mainland US harbors and ports?

    You have any inputs on this one? I watched the japanese secret weapon on NGC last night thats why i have lots of questions.

  63. Funny how the more illiterate and poorly constructed arguments in here are from the people arguing that Fils are NOT stupid. It makes the point that much more clear. Complaining that people cannot spell Philippines correctly then butchering every other word does not make your point that valid.
    Fils are not stupid they just have limited exposure to more developed societies. In the U.S. today there are many Latinos and African Americans that have become as, or more, successful than the general White majority population. A hundred years ago this thread could easily be “Africans are stupid” or “Latinos are stupid” and it would probably read out the same way as this one does. Over time Fils will find their place in society and eventually shed their inferior 3rd world habits. Even now, there are many Fils that are born in better countries and adapting to the more advanced cultures so that the next generation of Fils will be of a better, healthier, and more intelligent stock. This does not happen over night. Mexicans do not cross the border into America and instantly start using a hygiene regiment or be able to have responsible money management. These things take time to cultivate and eventually, one day, Fils will catch on to the superior ways of the modern civilized world. But until then, the Fils should show a bit more appreciation for the societies that brought them their beloved fast food, pop music, electronics, and soap operas. A simple “thank you” in is order from these monkeys instead of “Pino Pride 4realz rofl we rulez”.

    I am right.

  64. Just don’t call us monkey and I will agree to everything you said.

    I like your approach on the topic bruce. The evolution of a civilization starts like crap and then will improve eventually.

    oh, and here’s the thank you for other cultures that has, is and will be influencing us and improve us in the brighter future.

    You have my respect Bruce.


  65. understood that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions. if i say that ure stupid, it doesnt mean that ure stupid, or does it?? hehe. and if u think u win in this scribble talk, wat’s that to me??? hahahaha. and btw, just because i dont appear logical to u doesnt mean that i havent studied logic or argumentation techniques. u must not judge with appearance. im through with that, in fact i was in a debating team. and i found out that wat people said will just pass by. wat im into for now is reverse psychology. ure bound with golden rules/ formal argumentation/facts doggy. that’s wat limits ones vessel.=)

    ure very confident boasting to me about the mathematics uve taken. and ur school is just number 20 in ur local, and how do u compare that to my previous school?? NUS?? it’s number 8 worldwide.

    ofcourse u dont have to claim to be an expert. btw, my question about DE wasnt addressed to u. so yea, ure a paranoid. hahaha.

  66. hehe yup john. how bout u? wat course r u taking up?? btw, this is my 2nd course already

    gago!!. hahahaha. ure a paranoid. i never intended to refute ur claims. besides, it’s just opinions, and i understood that everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions. if i say that ure stupid, it doesnt mean that ure stupid, or does it?? hehe. and if u think u win in this scribble talk, wat’s that to me??? hahahaha. and btw, just because i dont appear logical to u doesnt mean that i havent studied logic or argumentation techniques. u must not judge with appearance. im through with that, in fact i was in a debating team. and i found out that wat people said will just pass by. wat im into for now is reverse psychology. ure bound with golden rules/ formal argumentation/facts doggy. that’s wat limits ones vessel.=)

    ure very confident boasting to me about the mathematics uve taken. and ur school is just number 20 in ur local, and how do u compare that to my previous school?? NUS?? it’s number 8 worldwide.

    ofcourse u dont have to claim to be an expert. btw, my question about DE wasnt addressed to u. so yea, ure a paranoid. hahaha.

    • I’m a filipino and just spending my time reading these arguments when you started talking nonsense. You’re hehehe and hahaha are only used for txt messages and not for expositions.

  67. @John

    first of all, there’s virtually no middle class to speak of, in a developing country. along with overpopulation and corruption, that’s one of the characteristics of a developing country. i don’t know the exact figures, but i’ve been told that 3% of the phils. lives “comfortably” and 1% are millionaires. ironically, many who think they’re in the “middle class” aren’t. you can’t raise a family properly on $100 a month, and you arguably can’t do it on $200 a month either.

    to answer your question: yes, i’ve dealt with so-called “middle class,” or more aptly–“educated” people in the phils. obviously there’s a link between one’s socio-economic status and his behavior. and yes, having grown up in a true middle class, it’s much easier to deal with better educated fils. that said, i’d have to agree with other blog posts that note that certain fil. mannerisms are prevalent in all socio-economic groups, to a certain extent. we’re talking about cultural norms, not individuals’ idiosyncracies. the more educated people are, the less they engage in rude behavior, gossip, slander, and so on. but of course, everyone is somewhat of a product of his or her environment, so to a certain extent their culture has shaped who they are. and yes, i’ve also had the same problems with college-educated fils, as with less-edcuated ones.

    another thing. stop blaming your gov’t. fils. love to play the blame game, but it’s tiresome. yes, corruption is definitely a problem. but there’s something called personal responsibility. the gov’t doesn’t force people to urinate and spit anywhere or everywhere, double charge foreigners, cut in line, and so on. sure, the gov’t should enforce laws and live by the same laws, but self-discipline is important. self-discipline is a cornerstone of all the top far-east asian countries, in terms of gdp: singapore, hong kong, japan, and korea.

  68. @Bruce

    obviously, we’re talking about fils. in the phils. education and nutrition are certainly factors. when you don’t attend middle school, you’re missing out on a lot of base knowledge that students get in other countires. also, the u.n. has done a study that determined the -average- iq of people in developing countries is 7% lower, due to malnutrition. ironically, while the phils. contains several healthy foods, they find a way to make everything unhealthy. they remove the skins from veggies then overcook it in a gallon of oil. they drown bananas in sugar and then fry them. they’re constantly eating fried pork and instant noodles. basically, your brain needs two things to function properly: nutrients and oxygen. i met a fil. guy who was raised abroad…he visited a nutritionist in the phils. and basically concluded that the nutritionist was clueless. so we’re talking about basic science here. if you don’t get exercise and proper nutrients for your brain, you obviously won’t be mentally on your toes, so to speak. it’s basic social darwinism. the japanese have the most people over 100-years-old in the world, and it’s primarily due to their diet.

  69. @John

    per capita GDP that is. in phils. they have to put up signs in dept. store dressing rooms that read: “please don’t spit on the walls on floor.” try doin’ that ignoramus $hit in singapore, and you’ll get caned.

  70. @ itachi, i think mutation is usually addressed to the effects of a nuclear radiation or something. evolution is usually used as another word for natural improvement. nut their pretty much the same.

    you’re second course? lol, you sure don’t like to study.

    @blue dog,

    National Statistical Coordination Board, 26.9 percent of Filipino families are poor. We’re not as bad as you heard.

    well there’s a reason i blame the government for a lot of things. first and foremost, my family clan was from one of the first spanish deployed governor. we inherited all the riches he “borrowed” from the other townsmen. that was 200+ years ago i think. you see, i was from an “elite” clan.

    200 years later, here come my other clansmen… I have lot’s of them on high government posts. My mom’s direct cousin is a congresswoman for our district. And yes she is very well corrupted(rich as crazy). Some of the other clan members have changed their ways, i was born on one of them. we despise their ways. government officials would rather take bribes and let their brothers suffer poverty than make a nationalistic move.

    I don’t know where you get most of you’re info but i can really feel corruption as the greatest pain in the ass a filipino will ever get. There’s a reason a lot of Filipinos are looking forward to the next election for a change.

    Btw, my aunt works in a local municipal hall. this was what the other officials told her.
    “papalanunin nyo si gloria”, —MAKE GLORIA WIN—!!!

    So there you have it. you can either believe me or not. If our president(if you don’t know the HELLO GARCI SCANDAL) has cheated her way to the presidency, how do you think some of her allies have won the election?

    This is my view on the Philippines. We have experienced a series of unpleasant events that f-cked our economy, our lives, our incomes and so on… That is the reason, under stress, people will resort to uncivilized manner to survive(WHITE-MEN ATMs).

    I don’t often blame people. I like taking responsibilities and will gladly suffer the consequences if a failure would arise.

    and about your experience on peoples food, you are somehow badly mistaken on your perspective…

    We remove veggie skin because: damn, if you could only see were those veggies came from, i bet you’ll skin ’em and boil em. Anyway, i haven’t seen anyone boil veggies on oil?! What kind of food is that? Does that really exist? Did you mean fried potatos?

    But that’s not how my family eats. Thats what uneducated people eat lol. We even hate MSGs. The fried pork and instant noodles are the cheapest kind of food. Vegetables have become very expensive this past few years. Bananas frowned on sugar is extremely nutritious, with all that energy and nutrients! That has got to be one of our favorite healthy food. My grandma makes those.(Don’t you like ’em?)

    SELF DISCIPLINE – Now that’s a problem. I always see that and i agree with you. Shittin anywhere, spittin’, cheatin’…

    EFFECTS OF being conquered by more than 3 countries(200+ years of slavery and being puppets):
    – Now that is something you’re culture have not experienced. Being conquered takes the soul of you’re culture eventually. It sucks the spirit of individualism. generations of slaves will result in slave like offsprings. It will take some time before the new generations figure out a way into modernization and into the future. Hopefully, with the new generations of nationalistic people, we will have our place in history.

  71. I agree! I wish corporal punishment is implemented here. But who will implement such responsibilities, those f-cked up crooked cops? Lol!

    Btw, Singapore is under great pressure right now. People are no longer buying from their ports. Everyone started noticing that buying directly from warehouses cost less. Singapore made most of it’s money as a middleman.

    Its really expensive to become a vegan here. I wish can have all those nice tasty veggies for less.

  72. Hmmmm. Too many vitriolic statements were made here against Filipinos…mostly based on very poor experience in the Philippines it seems.

    I think that there is really no way for the Filipinos writing in this blog to win this one since a lot of posters have already made up their minds that this is the case. I believe this is what itachi is driving at. Is it the truth? Does it really matter if it is the truth? So what if the Filipinos are stupid? Will their stupidity prevent the sun from rising tomorrow? Will global stock values and shares plummet because of this? Will their stupidity lead to the Third World War? Will it prevent Jay Leno from taking back the Tonight Show from Conan o’Brien?

    Filipinos ARE stupid…but then again…they’re just as stupid as 99.99% other people on this planet. Just look at it from that perspective.

  73. @Dude

    wtf are you talking about? no, 99.9% of the world isn’t stupid. btw, it depends how you define “stupid.” there’s a difference between what i call “book smarts” and “street smarts.” you can have a phd and have no street smarts. you can have street smarts, and have a minimum amount of formal education. you can be “stupid” in terms of accumulated knowledge and in terms of having some gd common sense. there are various types of intelligence tests available, although as i already mentioned–an entire’s -average- iq can be affected by factors such as malnutrition and lack of exercise. if you don’t eat right and exercise, your brain isn’t getting the nutrients and oxygen it needs. ergo, an entire country’s average iq can be affected. this doesn’t mean that everyone in it is retarded, but they’re less intelligent than they could be.

    and here’s another thing: your devil-may-care attitude is part of the problem. i have to agree with what i read in another blog – fils. disregard everyone who isn’t their relative or friend. part of living in a civilized society is having mutual respect for others around you. it has a lot to do with your upbringing. if your parents never taught you not to throw garbage on the ground, not to cut in line, not to cheat people in business transactions, not to forget to say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me,” not to gossip and slander simply because you can–you probably won’t do it. basically, it’s stuff that you should learn in kindergarten. manners and what i call “life skills” aren’t necessary taught in schools, so it’s important that your parents teach them to you.

  74. @blue dog

    Re: First paragraph. I suppose you can present scientific and empirical data from reliable sources to prove your assertions? Or perhaps to disprove/discredit my somewhat modest statements? If so, please feel free to share it with us. If not, then my original proposition stands.

    Interesting notion…devil-may-care attitude? How presumptious of you. Typical… and what’s this polemic about garbage-throwing and other social niceties? Really? Try walking the streets of New York City or any major city in the western hemisphere before you lecture me about sanitation and good manners. Cheating and honesty? Obviously you’ve never heard of Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi scheme and the cabal in Wall Street who made BILLIONS of dollars at the expense of their fellow Americans. Very nice entry about parental guidance though. I agree. Fortunately, my parents taught me all these things as well as not to be too judgemental.

    (post script)

    The main point behind my statements and my queries were simply to point out that in the end, IT DOES NOT REALLY MATTER IF FILIPINOS ARE STUPID BECAUSE ULTIMATELY, THEY WILL BE THE ONES TO SUFFER FROM THEIR STUPIDITY!

  75. 61 Million lol. We all know the majority of earth’s updated population hates(not a very nice word) America, no question about it

    @Dude, that is correct. Filipinos suffer from their own ignorance and stupidity. Like those squatter people throwing garbage on rivers: we all know what happened to them when “Ondoy” struck.

    Everybody, in their own respective time, will suffer the effects of their ignorance, negligence and stupidity.

    Nature’s wrath against all is the best example.

  76. @Dude

    as i already said, $hit for brains–ignorance is bliss. your argument is a fallacy – just because you can’t solve a problem completely doesn’t mean that you should do nothing. my apt. complex is a perfect example and exemplefies the mentality of many fils. the apt. management does no maintenance until something breaks – it’s what fils. themselves call the “manana habit,” if i’m not mistaken. i’ve lived in the same apts. for several years, and have had several problems regarding cockroaches, rats, termites, and so on. i’m a pro-active, problem-solving type of person, so i found out what was causing the problem. there was a glad bag-full of trash behind my apts. ignoramuses upstairs had been tossing their trash outside their window–maybe for years. i also recently painted most of my apt. after the management didn’t have the iniative to do it after nearly 8 years in the apts. basically i got tired of seeing the water stains ont he ceiling, the fugly colors that someone had used before, and so on. it looks like it will be a struggle to get compensated for the paint that i bought, but it’s something that had to be done, so i did it.

    also, that’s a tired and old excuse that there’s poverty and corruption in cities worldwide. no $hit, sherlock. but if you look at the rankings, the phils. isn’t even close.

    per capita GDP
    u.s.: #6
    phils: #124

    corruption perceptions index
    u.s.: #19
    phils: #139

    life expectancy
    u.s.: #38
    phils: #100

    phils. picked by expatriates as most corrupt in asia:

    so you sound like a complete ignoramus when you argue that there are slums in nyc, and corrupt politicians/businessmen in the u.s. in regards to the first, while the u.s. is falling behind europe in many important categories, it’s still one of the most powerful countries in the world–economically and militarily. and in terms of corruption, the main difference betwen developed and developing countries, is that the former actually does something about corruption. most corrupt politicians in the u.s. eventually lose elections or are put behind bars. basically, industrialized countries have the wherewithall to control corruption and populations.

  77. @Blue Dog

    Where exactly do you live mate? It seems like you’re current location is a poophole, maybe near a squatter area? There are many places in the Philippines that are best suited for you.

    per capita GDP
    corruption perceptions index
    life expectancy

    Wow, these are information that I have been looking for.

    I agree with america’s power both military and economically. But there is one thing that America will experience if it’s current generations will change their attitudes about attaining college degrees. Eventually, all those foreigners(college grads) getting richer by the day will return to their countries or send all their money to their own countries making them richer, which will be very bad for americans. I know this because we have encountered many asians that went to america only to take the money they earned back to their country. Filipino OFWs do that as well. With all this exposure to foreign cultures and tech, seeing all the good ones and the bad, my country might be able to stand on its feet, take all the knowledge it has earned from its exile and earn its name as Asia’s tiger economy. OR, with all these knowledge and experience seeing greener pastures abroad. The Philippines as a Country might just sink along with it’s uneducated masses(they are usually the ones who vote stupidly for those smart-ass-tax-eating douchebags, we can’t do anything because they are the majority) being left behind by those smart enough to leave.

    Philippines as a country will either rise proudly or sink stupidly.

  78. I am embarrassed to say that I actually searched “Are Filipinos Stupid” and came across this page. I was born in Brasil and as a teenager came to California with my family. My parents worked very hard to put my siblings and I through college and establish ourselves as middle class Americans. I have always been around Filipinos since coming to the States. My high school was about 40% so I have had friends and contact with the culture. Even though they were very cliquish and somewhat immature I never had problems with them. Recently I have made some real estate investments and had a first hand encounter with a Filipino family that left me puzzled. I rented out a property to this family who seemed very stable and intelligent when we met for the showing and at the signing. He worked for a military contractor and she worked part time at a drug store. Their credit and references checked out and they paid the deposit and rent. They had asked for lower rent so they could afford to live in the house because they really liked it and I reluctantly agreed to lower the rent for the first year. After they moved in I never heard from them and the rent was always paid on time. When the leese was about to expire I contacted them to see if they wanted to stay and discuss another lease. I never received a call back and after the lease had expired I went to visit the property to see what was going on. The place had been vacated and left trashed. This was a newer house in a nice neighborhood. They even left an abandoned car on the side yard. The kitchen had a thick layer of cooking grease covering the cabinets and floor. The carpets were stained and filthy as if they were never vacuumed or cleaned. I had spent a good amount of money landscaping the backyard before renting the property. Now it has a large chicken’s coop with a lean-to type shed attached to the back of the house. The coop had a deteriorating dead chicken. The yard is ruined and littered with plant pots holding dead weed-like plants. I asked the neighbor about what had happened and she told me they had their parents and an uncle move in and living there with a few kids. She also told me thy had been having issues with their 5+ cars being parked on the street which is against the neighborhood associating guidelines. The driveway is covered in oil stains from their junkers. They had turned the garage into some sort of play room by duct-taping the seals around the door. I had since went with a property manager company to manage my properties and when I told them about this they told me this was very typical of Filipino renters and that they try extra hard not to rent to them by doing extensive background checks and delay tactics.

  79. That really is a shame Tonio. I apologize in behalf of my people. I agree that you do need to have some background check on them before letting them rent. There are a lot of Filipinos like that.

    Here’s some tip on profiling Filipinos. These are my observations:

    Squatter people or dirty people has these things:
    1 Their skin has many damage(like insect bites) – their home is prolly dirty
    2 They don’t have proper table manners
    3 Their kids are not behaved
    4 They dress in funny clothes
    5 Physical defects can tell stories
    6 They are not polite

    That’s how i profile people.

  80. i’ve been living in the Philippines for 4 yrs now . n i DO believe that these people ARE stupid !
    As some American said ” if u give them a fish , they will eat it for a meal , if u give them a fishing rod , they will break it for firewood ”
    These people are really poor because they are lazy , even if they were born in Kuwait ( richest country in the world , as vat i know ) they would’ve been poor , cz they simply DONT WANT TO WORK ! All they want is free money . . . this king os a mentality itself is STUPID . . .
    i’ve seen educated lawyers here who DONT want to work , cz they are simply waiting for some1 to give them money . . .
    . . . n the doctors here are stupid as hell . . . even a high school grad from my own country knows more about biology than them . . . they never KNOW the real disease , they just give it a GUESS . . .
    I for one , wud prefer to DIE before getting operated by a filipino surgeon . . .
    . . . They ARE stupid . . . n its a fact . . .

    • Avi, I had the misfortune of having a filipino doctor do a tube insertion to check my stomach. luckily it went well, but you know what? he wanted to do a colonoscopy as well (going in thru my ass!!!) I said: hell no, this is where I draw the line man! hahahahaha, imagine having a filipino try to find your ass hole! he will insert the tube in your ear!


    • I won’t necessarily say that they are poor because they are lazy. They are poor and stupid because they have poor judgement. If only they would have known better.

      • @hello
        if they were not lazy , they would’ve tried to gather more information and knowledge by themselves b4 attending their patients . . . thats what other RESPONSIBLE Doctors do in other countries . . .

  81. @blue dog

    Firstly, I did not repudiate the premise that FILIPINOS ARE STUPID. What the hell are you whining about? Go cry me a river! Yes, they are stupid, but as stupid as everybody else. Please cite real, unbiased scientific data that measures Filipino intellectual capacity (or more appropriately, lack thereof) versus other nationalities.

    What’s this new polemic about the USA being an economic and military power? HAVE I EVER MENTIONED, MUCH MORE DISPUTED THIS FACT IN ANY OF MY POSTS? You are not making too much sense. Typical wingnut. And how presumptious of you to state that i do not do anything to improve the situation. Do you know me that well? Do you have evidence or witnesses to back-up your statements? Do you have extraordinary powers that allow you to know these things?

    Wow, interesting resource…GDP, CPI and LEI…and then comparing the indicators of an industrialized country with a developing nation (a.k.a. Third World). LOL. Classic. I don’t know man…that’s like like pitting a featherwieght against a super heavyweight in boxing. Einstein and the rest of those Nobel-winning geniuses could not have outdone you on that one. Shouldn’t you compare America’s standing with the rest of the G8 (actually G20 nowadays with the inclusion of big economies like Brazil, India, Indonesia, etc.)?

    But what do these indicators prove anyway? Nations can have the highest scores in terms of productivity and their populations are none the wiser. Ever wondered how ‘DUBYA’ won…twice at that?

    True, America scores high in these categories because it has MORE natural resources to exploit, more money to spend and re-invest in its economy while the Philippines and other developing nations do not enjoy these luxuries.

    Sure America has high GDP, GNP and certainly Purchasing Power Parity Index but in exchange AMERICA REMAINS THE BIGGEST ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTER/DESTROYER IN THE WORLD PER CAPITA- about 19 tons/capita. This is significant considering that Americans account for only about 4% of the entire human race. Can’t even ratify Kyoto protocol, much more commit in Copenhagen…please spare us the sanctimonoius bullshit.

  82. @Avi,
    lol to that, there are a lot of medical tourism happening in the Philippines because its cheap here and because doctors are good. I guess you live in a poophole part of the philippines.

    are you really talking about a doctor or a witch doctor?

    @ALL, why don’t you guys tell us where you live and where you experienced this bad events. it is most likely that you’ve encountered phony doctor, lawyer, community etx so that we can recommend you places here in the Philippines where the community is more pleasant.

    Here’s some observation i have seen that i am curious about,

    why do foreigners usually get those not-so-beautiful wives when there are a lot of lovely ladies around? you guys always take those that look like maids(and usually are same level as maids, education level), and then blame the community for your bad luck. lol

    @Dude, i almost forgot about america’s crime as the prime polluters and the worst in it political will to save earth.

    • @John
      I live in Manila my friend , Roxas Blv. to be exact . Manila is the capital of your country ! is it also the POOPHOLE of your country as u said ? ? ? i seriously didnt know that . . .

    • MEDICAL TOURISM ? ? ? In PHilippines ? ? ?
      . . . is it some new kinda SUICIDE tourism ? ? ? ?
      LOL . . . seriously . . . WHO told you foreigners come here for medical tourism LOL . . .
      n if Filipino docs were so good , then y do they work as NURSES abroad n not as doctors ? ? ?

    • @John
      well . . . if San Juan Hospital employs witch doctors for treatment of patients , then maybe i DID go to a witch doctor . . . or else , NO i didnt . . .

  83. @Dude

    i’ve already told you about the u.n. study about the -average- i.q. of people living in developing countries. you seem to be a somewhat educated person. this doesn’t mean that everyone in the phils. is “stupid.” but let’s put two and two together. i have a background in education, so i know what i’m talking about. let’s look at the facts:

    *the phils. has no middle school. this means that they’re missing two years of base knowledge, which students in developing countries are getting. those years are also important for cognitive development.

    *your brain needs two key components in order to function at its maximum capacity: oxygen and nutrients. fils. tend to walk more than americans do, but most can’t afford gym memberships and such. i joined a gym that has a modest membership of 250p, and there aren’t many members there.

    *then there’s the issue of nutrients. if you’re making 250p a day and raising a family, there is absolutely no way that you can buy the food needed to get all the nutrients you need. it’s basic math. also, you’re obviously not going to eat right if you lack knowledge about proper nutrition. let’s put it this way: fils. life expectancy is much shorter than in developed coutnries, and nutrition is part of it. once you reach your 30s or so, your body can’t recover as quickly from a diet of fried pork, instant noodles, etc.

    again, the u.n. study showed that the -average- i.q. of a developing country will be up to 7% lower, than those in developing countries–due to malnutrition. there are definitely other factors, such as pre-natal care, lack of middle school, lack of higher education, and so on.

    if you want to talk about natural resources, the phils. actually has more natural resources than other asian countries with fewer natural resources. i’m not sure if you’ve ever been in asian countries that are among the top asian countries in terms of productivity. the main difference is that they’re clean and the people are working. i haven’t been to signapore, but i’ve been to taiwan, hong kong, korea, and japan. those countries are generally clean and the people work constantly. they often work around the clock, and the whole country doesn’t shut down on sunday.

    don’t get me started about environmental issues. the phils. doesn’t have worse environmental problems because it’s basically an agrarian society. but as you probably know, you’ve destroyed much of the coral reefs, through dynamite and cyanide fishing. the recent mudslides were mainly due to the illegal cutting of coconut trees, whose root systems are vital along mountainsides in particular. and most of the waterways located in cities are virtually raw sewage. i’m sure there’s some sort of “epa” in the phils, but they don’t do much to protect the environment.

  84. correction: the difference in those four far-east asian countries i mentioned with the top per capita gpa, is that the people are -constantly- working.

  85. I don’t think there’s an EPA here. Wildlife conservation acts are poorly managed. Nobody’s arresting nobody.

    We do have one of the highest density of resources around. Its just that the f-ing government won’t do a damn about it. They would rather spend the tax money on their pork barrels than spend it on new tech to increase the nations efficiency. Don’t get me wrong but here in our place, majority of the people are working but are severely underpaid. Not many can afford to go to the gym. No many can afford nutritious food. They can only afford to “live”.

    And the middle school thing, yeah, i sometimes think that i wasn’t prepared in college when i got in. But i then realized that filipino people are being subjected to hardships early on which can either be a good thing or a bad. It has been good to me. I strived to learn more by myself.

    The worst thing about being underpaid in the Philippines is that the ones that are fortunate enough to leave this country are usually the ones that are smart, highly educated and of elite family class.

    @Blue Dog, why are you here in this country? what keeps you from leaving?

  86. This country is filled with potential. It’s people, not the government, is developing at a decent pace. New technologies are being introduced to us at an early age. Maybe someday we can hold ourselves against the world. 300 years of enslavement. 300 years of deprivation of true freedom. Where’s still praying the price of our ancestors non-aggressive behavior. Maybe with all of this experiences we earned, we could still pick ourselves up and get our way to the upper class.

  87. The one reason why Filipinos don’t even try to do anything about improving the way we do things in our everyday lives is that NOBODY CARES about their fellow Filipinos here. Most of the time, people are inconsiderate towards others and are really selfish. Don’t even get me started on the state of the Filipino government. The corruption in the government is one of the things that

    I’m a true blue Filipino. I probably wouldn’t even consider living in another country even if you’d paid me to.

  88. -edit: this is the complete post-
    In response to some of the foreigners’ observations about Filipinos’ bad behavior:

    The one reason why Filipinos don’t even try to do anything about improving the way we do things in our everyday lives is that NOBODY CARES about their fellow Filipinos here. Most of the time, people are inconsiderate towards others and are really selfish. Don’t even get me started on the state of the Filipino government. But since I love bashing our government, here I go anyway. :))

    The general attitude of the people is that it’s OK to do slightly illegal or immoral things as long as you don’t get caught or as long as they’ll be able to talk or pay themselves out of trouble. My mother calls it “diskarte”. But in reality it’s just getting ahead at the expense of other people. No matter who they are, no matter what their place in society is, I guarantee that all Filipinos have tried to stay above the law or tried to get special treatment from others by paying them or doing them favors. The corruption in the government is one of the things that fuels the fire, so to speak. Filipinos use the incredibly corrupt government politicians as scapegoats for their own misdeeds and bad behavior. I’m pretty sure that there’s corruption in other countries, but I don’t think there’s any other country in the world where the most corrupt politicians are coddled and embraced and even looked up to by the general populace. But people out here don’t care about how wrong that is. Nobody realizes that the smallest things, like giving money to a cop so he won’t cause you the trouble of giving you a ticket, actually encourage everyone else’s attitude about it. They won’t help themselves by treating other people fairly, and in the process, help their country get up out of the rut it’s stuck in. And they complain, “Kaya nga ba hindi umaasenso ang Pilipino eh.” (meaning something along the lines of “That’s why the Philippines isn’t having any success.”)

    I’m a true blue Filipino. A student of the University of the Philippines, in fact. And UP is one of the only places in the country where you can find people who probably still give a shit about the future of the Philippines. I probably wouldn’t even consider living and dying in another country even if you’d paid me to. It really pains me to realize how hated my countrymen are by people of other nationalities. Yes, I know that most Filipinos are a bit stupid and selfish.. But I hope that after reading this you realize that we have been molded into this way of thinking by a corrupt society. And for the record, I am not stupid, and neither are my friends. Haha 😛

    • filipinos arepeopleto
      I like what you wrote mate & i agree with a lot of what you say. When you can get many many more people say those same things then & only then will this country move forward. It needs corrupt politicians to be killed ( & their familys ) as we know they are like dynastys. They all want to be politicians because they all know they can rape this country & get away with it & live a great life. Good luck mate but i dont think it will happen in my lifetime & im 57 right now.

  89. OH MY GOD, this forum is amazing! we have been ranting about the philippines for so long it feels like finding a lost brother!!! philippines are idiots! no, I am not an American or white trash, just living here. oh man, I have so many stories I don’t even know how to get started. I will read all of it first and calm down!

  90. Pardon to all for my own polemic.

    @blue dog

    Excellent resource…but then again a 7% or even a 10% difference in IQ development would be MARGINAL, if not entirely NEGLIGIBLE. Furthermore, the report suggests ‘UP TO’ for all devloping countries and that this level may or may not be applicable to the Philippines. It means that the difference may range from 1 to 7 percent. Consider then if the average IQ in developed nations is 100. This would mean that the IQ in developing states, and, specifically in the Philippines, will be around 93-99. Look at it from that perspective. At any rate, I DO AGREE THAT PROPER DIET AND NUTRITION FOR CHILDREN AND STUDENTS is a KEY FACTOR.

    The economic prosperity of the countries you mentioned has got nothing to do with the stupidity of the Filipinos, or, the stupidity of the people in those countries for that matter. If anything, when you mentioned working constantly – it is about the stupidest thing that any human being can do. Human beings are not mere resources or commodities or tools. Human beings should work to live, and, do not solely live to work.

    Well, admittedly it also helped that the people in those countries you mentioned are industrious and extremely nationalistic but these traits were brought about their unique cultural and historical experiences as well as geographic factors. These Filipinos do not have the same experiences.

    Also consider these other factors for their rapid economic development: Japan and South Korea are prosperous now, in great part, because of continuous foreign assistance from the United States after WW2 (well up to the 70s) as part of the Truman Doctrine and Containment Policy against Soviet/Communist expansion in the Pacific Region. It was desireable to have an economically and militarily strong Japan friendly to (or should I say under the influence of) America to help guard America’s West (Pacific) flank against Soviet adventurism in the Pacific whereas in the case of South Korea, it was desireable to prove that the freemarket system was better than the communist regime of the North. Through bases in South Korea, the United States also had/has a griphold on the Asian mainland. Talk about first strike capability.

    By the way, Taiwan is not a country. It is not recognized by the General Membership of the UN as such because of the “One China Policy” and it also enjoys “special privileges” with the United States.

    Hong Kong is not a country as well. It is now returned/part of China – a special administrative region. HK has been prosperous since the time of the Opium Wars where it served as the base for the European drug peddlers and traders (after being kicked out of Shanghai), and, currently because of its strategic location in international trade and shipping.


    In relation to John’s statement, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and HK share a common thing – HISTORY. They have, or at least been part of ancient civilizations that have known culture, enlightenment, excellence, prosperity (and let us not forget stupidity) that spans THOUSANDS of years.

    Keep in mind that only the Muslims of the Southern Philippines had anything that may be classified as a real independent nation, civilization or culture. The Philippines as you know it, is a RECENT INVENTION – only about 65 years old.

    • Dude,
      all of this may be very well and true, scientifically and historically correct and you may be a very good promoter for the philippines.
      try to explain any of your post to 99% of locals and you will recieve a blank stare followed by completely ignoring you, total collaping of systems, as it happens when they don’t understand something or feel a bit threatened by some irrelevant thought of something other than fried food and general lazyness of mind.

  91. @ Tyler

    99%, would be an exaggeration. You are clearly a victim of being placed in a Philippine poophole(tourist spot). You should try surveying the area before you start saying offensive comments. You never know when the tide of time will change. There are a lot of OFWs letting themselves be enslaved in other countries so that their family back home can eat properly. Your judgment of the case is poor.

    As what my grandfather used to say “You have a poor judgment.”

    Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged!
    Let He Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone

    You have a good range of knowledge. I liked all your posts. Made a lot of sense. The Philippines is still under the stage we call “Identity Crisis”. Our culture has been corrupted by our previous conquerors and right now we are suffering the effects of it. But look at the bright side, we have learned a lot from them. The Filipinos are good at interacting with foreigners. We’ve got loads of experience in interacting with all kinds of people. Unlike other countries, we do not have enemies. Unlike those “rich” countries, we never took advantage of other people to get to the top… We DO NOT TAKE OTHER People’s LANDS. We DO NOT ENSLAVE PEOPLE. WE ARE NOT RACISTS.

    • @John – I am working here, I am not a tourist, I have been surveying this place long enough trust me. if the tides of time change – the filipinos will find a way to drown in it.
      and about the OFW – you know very well what the families are doing with the hard earned money being sent to them – spend it on Tanduay and stupid christmas gifts and other shit they don’t need instead of buying food and education. AND, why is it that once a person gets a job – everyone else is allowed to bum off? 1 family, 1 worker is the moto for this laze-o-rama of a country.

      And finally – filipinos have no idea how to handle foreigners. they either come off as overly secure (lady boys and prostitutes) or they simply freeze like deer in front of a headlight.

      and by the way, it’s: “you have poor judgement” not “you have (A) poor judgement”

      Oh my god…

  92. I agree with Tyler, it is just beyond belief how stupid so many filipinos are. Yet when you try and explain to them how stupid they are, they just shut down as though their brain is about to explode. (which is impossible because most of them could not possibly have a brain)

    Why are there 10,000,000 workers in SM stores (who have no use)

    Why are there “guards” at each door with a shotgun who simply open doors and say morning sir and sweep the floors and tidy trash away.

    Why are there mindless beggars everywhere who simply are too lazy to work.

    Why do people send stupid sms messages about “being with the lord” but then go to work as a hooker or rip of people first chance they get.

    Lets face it the large majority of filipino’s have no actual purpose, they don’t know anything, but they are simply a product of a diseased, corrupt, infected country that will never get any better unless it is ruled again by a developed country.

    The root of all problem are self grown yet people are much happier to blame everyone else and feel sorry for themselves.

    Things take 10x longer than they would in any other part of the world and its because things are just accepted here. I have asked many “sane” filipino’s and they answer me “thats just the way it is” “what can we do about it” etc etc. This is so sad, yet so true.

    To reiterate I fully believe that the reason for the stupidity and mindlessness of most people is as a result of a poisoned society where the people are brought up this way so know no different.

    All people seem intent on is clinging to any hope or evidence that the country is a great nation… I.E Manny Pacquiao – a great boxer, and loved by so many…. but really thats all you have to be proud about?

    Charice Pempengco, Lea Salonga, only a handful of people have made it out of the country to become international stars and the nation just clings to them and is so proud… but I do not understand why… these people are now multi millionaires and in no way live in the squaller that most people do… yes they are idolised… how ironic.

    Nothing makes any sense and I know that 99.99% of filipino’s who read this will pathetically defend it but wake up and see that its true… your society must change for you to better yourselves… just like so many other Asian countries have done and are now so strong in the world economy, countries that do not even speak English… I mean come on…

  93. @Tyler
    My grammar gets mixed up because i know how to speak multiple(4) languages.

    Seriously, you haven’t been here long enough. Are you really sure those people buy Tanduay? Tell me, have you followed them inside their homes? Have you ever joined “any” humanitarian groups? The thing about foreigners that were born on “developed” countries is that they think life is so simple. Everything is very easy for you’re kind. You have insurances. If you study hard enough you get a job, unlike here(proper paying job is scarce). Haven’t you been reading your history? Every nation goes into a shitty era before they become great(Americans, sadly, took over an ‘Indian’ nation. Europeans went into chaotic dark ages. China went into civil war multiple times). Was your country enslaved for 3oo years? Where your ancestors deprived of freedom?

    It is impossible to win an argument against someone over the internet. But here’s one thing i can say to you that i hope will stay in your head. LEARN TO SEE THROUGH OTHERS PERSPECTIVES. That should help you a lot in life since you can only see the bad(i hope you see the good as well) in the people around you.

    My family is conducting a feeding ministry in a very poor area. We talk with them. Share with them. Spend time with them. That is why i know these people. I know my people.

    • @John:
      “Buying tanduay” is just an example, the wider meaning being – wasting this money on useless crap. no, I haven’t been into ALL of their homes, but I’ve seen enough, heard enough from your own people’s mouths. I’m not making any of this up. the yayas, helpers, drivers, guards, sellers, PEOPLE IN MY OFFICE – all have this heart ripping story of sending money to their family or earning minimum wage. then you ask how many others work in the family: NONE! they may have 5 other healthy boys and girls but no one works, so don’t be blind man.

      Look how you are the same (granted, you are 1000 more intelligent than the normal person here) – you assume my country was not enslaved and my ancestors not deprived of freedom. you probably think I’m American and my real name is Joe. well, let me tell you – I was born in Israel, so not only my ancestors were enslaved but also pursued, killed and murdered for centuries! my country is even younger than Philippines, but 10000000 times more successful despite of constant violence threat (and NO it is not our fault – we are surrounded by muslims who cause the same problem here in Mindanao). Israel is one of the most technologically, brilliant work force place on the planet with only 7 million people. here you have 90 f***** million with 99% useless.

      I tried to look at things from filipino perspective, really I have at first. it is NOT cultural differences – filipinos are LAZY and STUPID (most).

      and it doesn’t matter if this country will be 3000 years old – as long as stupid people elect the president by the one who gives them the most days off – things will stay the same.


    lol to 10 M

    That is not a proper way of judging a country. You have lived in an environment where everything is laid on the floor for you to pick up.

    In other country more work is equal to more pay. But in the Philippines, more work is equal to less pay.

    about SM. If you’re smart enough, you can realize that all those people in SM are useful, because if not, how can SM afford to stay on track as one of the Best malls in the PH.

    I know the truth that Filipinos will only achieve what others achieved by changing their ways. That is the basic building block for a country to grow. Like the dude on top post said, the Philippines is only 65 years old. What do you expect? You should read more history books, you can learn a lot from them(its also fun).

  95. I would prefer to write my own book on everything the Philippines has achieved in these “65 years”…

    I think it would be the shortest book ever written 🙂

    • @morningsirrr – hahahahahahahahaha
      @John – SM are not such a beast because of their 10,00000000 employees and you know it. they are just a conglomerate monopoly that destroys the competition. you know damn well that it takes 5 employees at SM to find 1 thing just under their noses!

  96. Where do you come from?, Australia. Where abouts in US is that place? Its not in the US, its at the bottom of the world just below Indonesia. His reply was a very confused look on his face, obviously he didnt know where Indonesia was either.
    A bank was near our hotel and we usually walked past it on our way out everyday. I was always concerned when the armoured truck arrived and 5 guys with shotguns protected it as they emptied the money from the truck and took it into the bank, so if the truck arrived we always walked the long way around in case there was a robbery. On one occasion the truck arrived as we were close, they never seem in a rush so they were standing beside the truck waiting and chatting and looking around aimlessly, but stupidly one of the guards had his pump action pointing straight ahead of him as he was wandering around and not really looking what he was doing. His shotgun was pointing in the street towards me and my mrs, so we move left. Hes not looking at us but the barrel of his gun follows us, so we move right and left and right again as we retreat to the safety behind another building.
    Apparently graduates or pinoys that go to college can only get jobs in fast food chains, so you think they would be a little brighter. I always order an additional burger when I buy a burger in a meal, but every time I do you would think I just asked them the square root of 5476, even if the mrs requests this in tagalog, same response, which is a confused look. Regulary if the burgers are not ready they serve me my fries and tell me the rest will be brought to you when it is ready, I say this will not do, I want all my food together and hot. Again I get the same confused look. The guards, (glorified door opener), on numerous occasions open the door for all pinoy but ignore me, (whitey). I understand that this may not be there job but come on.
    I do have a pet hate and that is how they blackmail their own children with pity, so they are forever in the debt of there parents. They dont work much if at all and any chance of their children having a successful life is taken away when they take the money from them and raise the parents children for them cos they cant stop making babies. Eventually their children will follow in there footsteps because they have given it their best shot at long term steady employment and after many years they still have nothing because they gave any and all money to their parents, and if that wasnt enough then they would hock any assets they had to give pesos for parents.
    Walked into a hotel restaurant for dinner where I was staying and no one would attend to us. All of the staff were sitting at one of the tables. It looked like the manageress had finished her dayshift and the staff were trying to earn valuable browny ponts. I looked at them, they looked at me – then comes that confused look on everyones face again – (I dont know what to do so I will do nothing). Well obviously browny points were more important than the customer who was staying at their hotel. So then the chef pokes his head through the serving bit at the kitchen and looks at them, now everyone is looking at each other. The chef said some words to the staff and got no reply and he then shook his head and yelled to me, “sorry sir just take a seat anywhere you like”.
    Jump into a taxi after waiting about an hour and a half from a shopping mall, drive 1 kilometre in the wrong direction. I ask why are we going the wrong way, and he says he wont go in our direction, now 9 oclock at night.
    Arrive at International airport and have things I need to declare, guard tells me there is the exit now go, with an angry tone.
    Use to watch everyday from our hotel balcony how the police would target particular motorists and extort money from them. Saw a crash at a busy intersection where police are stationed, they just walked away.
    On day of arrival tried to book a hotel for that night, they told me sorry no rooms available – this in the off season – at first it was cos they might of thought my wife was a prostitute, but in reality it would of been just plain laziness.
    Visited Borocay and the chalet had thin white lace curtains on the windows and sliding doors, I explained that I would prefer a room with privacy and could they put some proper curtains up, just to get that confused look again. They couldnt so they gave us an adjoining room to there office/kitchen/where they hang out/there tv+lounge room, which had a locked door immediately there in our room. Was better than our original room but really just as bad.
    A taxi drivers map is to stop and ask someone on the street. Taxi driver got lost and was driving around in circles, I had a tourist map and tried my hardest to show where to go. I even gave him the map and explained, but they dont understand maps. After half an hour of this, I just got out and walked following the street signs to our destination. Another driver took us home to the province on an agreed price, we took the back roads, (so he didnt have to pay the toll), at a hundred mile an hour the whole way. If he would have asked I would of happily paid the toll. I swear if I was a cat I would have only 1 life left after that trip, and I had to get my fingers and hands surgically removed from the drivers seat after we stopped, I was holding on for dear life. Surprisingly the other passengers in the taxi didnt even bat an eyelid.
    Forget what their called but needed a statutory declaration for the embassy. There was 1 across the road from the hotel. Waited an hour for the previous person then it was my turn. The girl had that confused look on her face so she rang her boss, 15 minutes later she rang back and asked what I needed it for – the embassy -. Well then I better come down and do it myself. Another hour and she arrived and all was good.
    When buying groceries at SM they have two people, the reason you would think so can speed things up. But no it is so they have someone to chat to. From my view it is scan 1 item, flirt and chat as you hand the item to the bagging boy, then repeat. Thats not so bad, at least they dont annoy you. Anywhere else in SM you get mobbed by the sales people. I swear that each and every different product on the shelf has a new and different person to help you(#$ss you off). Can I help you sir?, (politely – no thankyou), but they wont stop until you raise your voice and get angry at them. In the end I had to get the mrs to fend them off while I looked for what we needed.
    Tried to get a room for a month while I was there, behind the reception desk they could not help me, again with the confused look on their face so we left. The guard stopped us on the way out and said if your looking for a room you need to go to the 11th floor room number$%#. I thanked him and walked back in the hotel, into the elevator to the place the guard had told me. Entered the room to see about 5 women in there, straight away I see the confused faces on the ladies. I laughed to myself and was ready to walk out, when 1 of the ladies I hadnt made eye contact with asked if she could help me. We talked for a while and I was amazed at her persona and english skills which were probably better than mine. The way she presented was nothing short of a miracle for a pinoy.
    So regretfully I have to admit or agree that not all Filipinos are dumb, crazy,ignorant, selfish, lazy scammers!
    Advice I would give is when you become an adult and start working try to live a life for you and your current/future spouse. Your parents already had their turn, and if they #@$%ed up it is not yours and your brothers and sisters responsibility to fix that. It is also not your responsibility to provide for your brothers and sisters either. Sure if you work as a team together all is good, but if you have scammers in your family that want a free ride then they should not be part of the team towards a better life. I do envy the ‘family’ thing in the Philippines but it can also be the downfall of your nation, or any chance that you might have of gaining a successful life.

  97. @Pro

    Wow. You really had a bad visit. Why not try further north in Manila or Bulacan. People are much more “foreigner” friendly there. I think you went to the middle and southern regions where there are tons of tourist spot. Education in those part is a mess. Have had a few friends there who experienced the same thing. The thing about those in the Visayas and Mindanao regions is that they have a different dialect. They can’t understand tagalog or english.

    People from down there aren’t used to speaking english or even educated enough to understand the basic things Americans know. I hoped you enjoyed the VIEW.

    The family thing here in the Philippines also drag us up. Home for the aged doesn’t exist here. We keep our parents with us. We let them enjoy being with our children. There is usually a case of ‘stupid’ sibling in any family, it’s just that Filipino families won’t leave anyone behind even if the person can be a drag. That’s how we have always been. Through joy and pain.

    Our country is still in its young age. It is still in it’s chaotic form.

    I bet i only need a small piece of paper to write you’re countries 65 years of history.

    I don’t know but those SM employees have been kind to me. Maybe they can sense people with attitude?

    Why don’t you guys tell here you’re nationalities? Afraid to get bashed with you’re people’s own stupidity?

    The thing is, every single person in this world will commit stupidity. The americans murdered many innocent people in vietnam. The australians killed a few tribes. The europeans onced fought amongst themselves. If you look closely, every nation commits stupidity. Now if you guys aren’t educated enough to understand that, then you’re quite as ‘dumb'(ignorant is a better word) as the people you encountered in the Philippines. 🙂

    This forum keeps me laughing everyday. Lots of people tend to show their degree of humanity.

    • John you are as retarded as you are naive, no one said SM people are not nice – just that they have no clue what to do when actually asked a real question. also, I already revealed I am from Israel about 5 times in my last mail – are you stupid?? oh yeah I forgot – you are!!!
      Arguing with you is same as sticking a finger up my butt – useless. you are truly retarded, commenting and then lol at your own comment… my god…

      And for the last time you gimp – this is not about your country being young or dialect issues, but you don’t seem to get it and probably never will so no point in explaining to you again. only hope is someone with enough brain to come in this forum and see that even someone like you or Itachi, pretending to be smart filipinos are actually childish, naive stupid bubble heads with probably the same moronic hollow gaze into mid air…. oh just forget it, ur an idiot, is that simple enough for you?

  98. Oh and BTW, Filipinos will always have trouble with the booming population. Abortion is not allowed here because we believe that life is not for us to take. We simply cannot abort a life.

  99. @Tyler

    Whoops sorry i didn’t read your other post. Yeap Israel is a great country. My sincere apologies. Actually Israel is what i want for my people to become their inspiration. With all the enemies surrounding them, that is something. Seven day war was awesome. A feat only Israel was able to do.

    Oh, and Israel is not a young country. I have read your history. Well, Israel suffered more than anyone in these world, i give you that. I wish we can be like that.

    Israel is like another civ. You cannot compare my people to your people. You’ve been at war almost all your life. Necessity has pushed you to become smarter, stronger… That is already in your genes mate. That’s what make other nations envious of the jews.

    Filipinos were not into large scale wars before the spanish came and enslaved us with their doctrines. They called us “indio”(dumb) for lots of years(and now we are still called as such by people around us). Then the Americans came, they gave us false democracy by controlling our leaders, although we were better off if they stayed. Then came the japs, raped our women. Killed the children. Ravaged our infrastructure.

    And compared to israel, i guess we still suck. I don’t think anyone can be as great as Israel(remember the covenant to your forefathers). And my apologies again for missing your other post.

    Oh and the family thing about the 5 healthy boys. That is true, but what job can they get? There aren’t any jobs for them unless they graduate to college. But i’m quite disappointed in those people because this country can be very creative yet none would think of a way. maybe majority of the people are fed up with working hard and not getting anything. I have a few college mates who are the only hopes of their family. Their parents would stop taking their meds so that their kids can go to school and have something to eat.

    Ofc a lot of Filipinos are “dumb” and “lazy”. But it is because of the circumstances that made that that way. I only hope the next generations will rise up and stand on their own feet.

    About loling at myself, that’s a Filipino trait. We laugh at our mistakes, thats why foreign employers take us because we can handle hardship better than other nationalities.

  100. Israel has existed since 14th May 1948… John you really are a dumbass…

    I am British… what delights have you got to share about one of the most powerful and strongest countries in the world?

  101. There are some funny statement in this forum. ‘Stupid’ people is everywhere! Now, if you are educated enough, then you should understand that! and Yes, there are stupid pinoys but still LOTS of white people wanted to live in the Philippines. For what? to join the Filipino stupidity? thats kinda funny! They wanted to marry a Filipina so they can live in the Philippines. Again, for WHAT?

  102. Israel existed as a people for a very long time. They”officially” existed after they acquired a land. they have had a long history as a civilization. they’ve experienced more than we Filipinos have had. They’ve already had their own free societies even before the Philippines went out of the Tribal stage.

    now who’s the dumbass? I normally don’t use hurtful words since i was raised not to use them. But your case is extraordinary.

    you’re people is not arrogant, are you really a brit? i’ve had a few rich British friends and they are not like you. Such a shame for a child of a noble country.

    Now if i’ve offended you, i am obliged to apologize for my misconduct.

    A lot of people fail to see that. They marry Filipina wives, and still fail to appreciate their wife’s culture and civilization.

    • John, you might be the dumbest person not realizing his own stupidity in this country. “long history as a civilazation”??? what does that even mean?? are you referring to jews, not Israelis? if so, what good would it be to jews scattered around the world? Israel was established and became a high tech power house within a few decades. Ph was established and became a nurses and cleaners power house, great success! and I’m not berating cleaners, only this is the most you have.

      stop trying to sound smart – you’re making a fool of yourself. you may as well just stop talking at all.

      your buddy FW is even more of a brain death case than you! people come here to make money, not to join stupidity. this is nothing to be proud of on your end.

      holy crap – you 2 deserve each other

  103. My uncle is in his 50’s and decided he would use the internet to finally get a wife. He’s overweight and running out of time so the natural thing to do was find some desperate third world whore from the PI and bring her over to be his little house monkey. Shortly after he got her home she became a real pain in the ass. She found a group of local Fils and started going out to karaoke bars and partying every night even though she is in her late 30’s. She rarely even came home and just stayed with friends. And she became diagnosed with cervical cancer. My uncle’s insurance didn’t cover it and he came out of pocket for tens of thousands of dollars for her treatment. She recovered and went back to the partying. He said “basically, I fixed her p***y so other guys could put their c***s in it”.

    So are Filipinos stupid? Heck no, they are very clever.

    Go to any bar near a military base and you will find middle-aged Fil housewives chain-smoking and looking to get screwed while their husbands are at work or deployed. Every one of them claims to be strict Catholic but have no morals whatsoever when it comes to marriage or money.

    Stop bringing these sluts back to your countries. Go there and screw ten at a time for the a few drinks and a handful of pesos. Their only hope for the PI is to get conquered. Again.

    • spot on . . . ur 100 per cent right my friend . . . if these bitches get a BAD husband , they cry about it . . . if they get a GOOD one , they take advantage of his kindness n abuse him . . .
      . . . I agree that the only hope for Philippines if to get conquered again . . .

  104. London guy here. have seen how Filipinas are. My buddy brought one back to England after being married there. The girl cheated on him while waiting for the visa and cheated after she got to England. Yes, he was daft for forgiving her, but he did not expect such horrid behavior.

    Another buddy caught his gal cheating when he surprised her with a visit. She thought he would be gone for a month, but he went back to Cebu early. He caught her with another white guy. S***!
    They always say they are Christians. Like hell they are.

    Both men were being used. Their wives were screwing all day in their husbands houses while the husbands were making money. And another thing. filipinas must be on the pc. Americans and Japanese get the blame for watching too much tv and internet, but Philippines is alot more.

    Men beware!.!.! They will use you while saying they love you. And always watch your back and where she is. Do not trust.

    • the only ones i can trust in Philippines are DOGS . . .
      . . . a joke goes like this :
      q. How to tell if a filipino is lying ?
      a. if his lips are moving , HE’s LYING . . .

  105. ^^^
    Stop marrying pokpok (prostis) and you’ll get a better life 😛
    Most whites are attracted to prostitutes who are in fact butt ugly for Filipino standards.

    I often find whites walking with those kind of girls.

  106. @Tyler

    I do not wish, nor am I compelled to dispel Filipino stupidity…or anybody else’s stupidity. I also have no wish to explain myself or my position to Filipinos. As you have stated, they are too stupid to understand anyway so why bother mention or suggest it at all? You are not making too much sense. I am nobody’s apologist. GET THAT RIGHT. Please read my earlier posts. My primary bone of contention with other posters here was that Filipinos are as stupid as everybody else. Mayhap more, perhaps less (doubtful) stupid. So what?


    Filipinos can be as nice or kind or cruel or racist or invasive as any other people…

    Furthermore, whether foreigners view Filipinos as stupid should be of little consequence. Remember that people will always have negative ideas and opinions about other people. Get used to it.

    BTW, there is only one race…and that is the human race.

  107. This is really such about criticizing forum. I agreed with John, every nation commits stupidity. Why don’t you try to evaluate your own land? Why don’t you try to look at the good side and not the stupidity of other nation? Look at YOU! evaluate your own! and try not to criticize those POOR people! Yeah, there are stupid Filipinos, and what about your country? ARE YOU GUYS ALL PERFECT??? funny!

  108. I did not presume to judge the poor. There are poor everywhere. Most keep their dignity and do not sell themselves as sex toys.

    Who is on the internet most doing sexual things to get cash? Filipinas. Get some dignity and stop using your bodies to get things you want.

  109. What a lovely blog entry. It’s a bit of a surprise that the “Pinoy Pride” defenders haven’t noticed this and turned this into a trash bin of ad hominems and profane language.

    And yes, Filipinos are ignorant, stupid, and incapable of critical thinking. Unfortunately…..

  110. Since others are discussing the “white craving” of Filipinos, it’s interesting to think that it’s a manifestation of Filipino desires to NOT be a Filipino.

    It’s easy to notice how many Filipinos are always saying I’m part Chinese, Spanish, or anything else with such pride. Th way I see it, some Filipinos are not comfortable in the skin they’re in.

  111. @Tyler

    I cannot believe how a person like Tyler live in a world of imperfection, you are so perfect in every possible way. Anyway, i will accept anything you will throw against me. You can call me stupid, ignorant or whatever. At least, I see the good in all people. I do not look at how stupid people can be but how they live in this world with positivity in their souls. You can call us stupid, dumb or ignorant but it will not affect us because we live our lives not stepping on other people to get rich. We Filipinos are not perfect, nor are we superior or supreme. Our lives are simple. We become happy with what we have. We are happy to live in the nastiest places in the world with our family rather than live on our own on a palace. We do not persecute other people. We do not enjoy conflicts. I would rather stay this way than become like you or those you represent.

    Oh, and try telling the jews that they didn’t exist until just recently. I think they will gladly slap you. You do not read their history. You are not a jew. Stop acting like you know them. You are a disgrace to have been born in israel and say such an offensive thing.


    We will gladly sell ourselves to feed our family. We will gladly make sacrifices for our family. We do not abandon our family. It is a saying amongst my people that “blood is thicker than water.” People blindly sell their organs so that their family can eat. That’s how it’s done here. There is no such thing as dignity, we only have family.


    you uh…. did not make any sense.

    @”Philippines suck”(not a very good choice of words for a seemingly first world person)

    We have in our blood the representation of many civilizations. Our characteristics are often observed through our bloodline. Most countries have forgotten their bloodlines. They do not seek their forefathers. I have a trace of Spanish blood, my forefathers before me were mestizos. It is a Filipino trait to seek their family members.

    • oh my god… OF COURSE I AM JEWISH!!! you are so stupid that you may very well apply and receive retardation fees from your corrupt government! why would you assume I am not jewish and lecture me about it?? I was born in Israel, JEWISH. hell, you must be the dumbest person I have ever bothered to waste my time on. this is only worth it so people can view your outstanding stupidity. your words don’t make any sense, you are responding to people about things they never said, your arguments are idiotic and without sense. you are the perfect example for this forum only you dont know it. holy crap, this is my last response to you, since you are clearly brain dead for the past how any years…

      all the things you say about filipinos being satisfied in what they have is just an excuse for your people’s lazy ass, no brain mentality. retardation is everywhere here. the other day I sit in starbucks when 2 girls walk in. the guard says:”morning sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”
      this could be you john, if you study hard and grow a pumpkin to replace that useless piece of crap you call brain.

      I really, truly hope this country will be conquered (peacefully) by another nation so that it can fulfill it’s potential. until then – you will be blissfully ignorant and keep believing that it is good heart that is leading filipinos – not complete retardation!

      LIKE YOU

    • @John
      Re: lack of pride in Filipino identity
      So you have a trace of Spanish blood. Is that enough for you to march to the Spanish Embassy and ask for a Spanish passport? That’s what I thought.

      I’m afraid you haven’t to the US or Canada where whites take pride in their heritage (see people proclaiming they’re Irish American, Italian Canadian, etc) You are quite wrong.

      Whether you like it or not, Filipinos are mostly Malay people.

      Look at your Philippine TV shows, Aetas or normal (IE darker) Filipinos are not the norm. Instead, it’s the half Filipino-half white people who are always featured.

      Re: Your point to Tyler
      You wrote: “We are happy to live in the nastiest places in the world with our family rather than live on our own on a palace. We do not persecute other people.”

      Then tell me why Filipinos overreacted to what Chip Tsao wrote or what Alec Baldwin said on TV. Filipinos are trigger happy pulling out the race card that they end up looking foolish, ignorant, and a joke.

    • Family ???????? did u just write something abt Family bonding in Philippines ? ? ? ?
      last week i was in a taxi in Manila , n the Taxi driver offered me to have sex with his 2 daughter who were 15 and 19 , so that after that i would take them to America . . .
      is this what you call Family values ? ? ? ?

  112. Your only physically a jew. But not a true one. You do not recognize you’re peoples long existence. Saying such things about your country. You should be ashamed of your beliefs.

    I have met and befriended a few jews. They were missionaries. We worked with them. They were nice. They don’t swear. They see the good in all people. They don’t point out other peoples mistakes… Yes, i have seen jews. But they are not like you. You do not need to be born in israel to become a jew. You are a jew by acting like one.

    And yes, i hope we get conquered peacefully so that our incompetent government gets toppled. How nice of you to have thought that. Seriously i do hope that happens. Or a change of those in the palace would be great.

    Anyway, it’s been nice having a very creative conversation with you.


    PS: you do not need to reply, just act like one and you’ll be a better person. and i hope you become one and learn to appreciate other people. i am leaving this blog as well(i hope) so… farewell. 🙂 and again, if i have offended you, my sincere apologies.

  113. Morning sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Sorry sirrrrrrrrrr out of stock

    Yes sirrrrr maaaaaaaaaam pretzelsssss

    For a while sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Sir give me coins

    Give me money sir

    Sir you buy flowers… “no” then sir give me money…

    Going to mini stop and buying anything takes 20 minutes and you come out with enough plastic bags to cloth a small village.

    Open rivers that smell of shit and have rubbish strewn all over them

    Knocking the windows or your vehicle with a hand extended doing a gesture that you want food… (I have many many times gone and purchased food for these people and they are ungrateful fucks who just want money)

    Thank you sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr you buy pillows sir….

    Drones and drones of people walking AIMLESSLY around shopping malls with absolutely no purpose or idea why they are even there, if not just to piss you off and get in your way.

    Just a few regularly heard phrases and events above…

  114. AND why do 99.99% of drivers insist on driving round with their hand on the car horn… do they really think this will part the traffic and give them a free path?!!?

  115. @John

    your response is a typical uppity response from an ignoramus fil. nobody is saying that fils. should be living the american dream. obviously that’s not a priority, or the country’s economy wouldn’t be in shambles. most fils. are satisfied if they have some meat and rice for meals, and a basic house to live in. nobody is saying that the “american dream” is a model for the world. if it were, then americans wouldn’t be leaving the states in droves.

    i can’t speak for the other posters here, but that’s not the issue at all. the issue is that many fils. have not learned values and manners from their parents. here are some examples:

    *i’ve seen grown, middle/upper class fils. act like little children – snickering at someone who looks “different.” i’ve been told that fils. are really sensitive about the word “monkey.” well, i find that gd fascinating, since i’ve told several fils. never to use the “n word” around me. i don’t know if they picked it up from white trash americans or whatever–but i’ve told them it’s quite offensive. you do that $hit in the states and you’ll justifiably get a beatdown.

    *i once had 20k stolen via my atm card, by my “helper.” when i asked her some questions about where she had gone the night the money was stolen, she stated that her ex-cop uncle would “kill me.”

    *a friend of a friend, who was college educated, borrowed some dvds from me once. she got pi$$ed when i asked her to return them. she had the effrontery to ask ME to get them from her because she was “sick.” when i insisted that she return them to me, she said her uncle was in the gov’t, and tried to blackmail me.

    *several years ago i was engaged to fil. woman. the mother was confused about her daughter’s age (record keeping isn’t always precise in the province), so we had to go to the u.s. embassy in manila, to get the “capacity to marry” document. i left 500p with my finace’s father, after he promised to buy formula for his infant daughter while we were in manila. while we were in manila, i got a text from my fiance’s aunt, asking me to send more money. it seems that the alcoholic father was such a lowlife that he wouldn’t buy formula for his own daughter. needless to say, i never married the girl. she was good, but her family was f-ed up.

    *fils. are not good telling people straight-up what’s on their mind. i’ve had insults hurled at me while an elevator door was closing, as someone was passing by in a tricicad, jeepney, etc. if you have honor, you don’t do that kind of f@ggoty stuff. both the men and women are notorious for gossip, slander, defamation of character, and so on. think it’s not a problem? obviously it is. on radio stations they have to tell their listeners “if you don’t have something nice to say, on’t say anything.” in southern luzon i saw something plastered to the side of a building – basically telling people to do some filtering before they open their pie hole – i.e. is what they’re saying true? is it positive? and so on. ironically, the message was from christian business organization. i’m not partiuclarly religious, but i grew up in a religious background. the bible has a lot to say about gossip, slander, “idle hands,” etc.–and it’s not positive.

  116. @Everyone

    You can call anyone a retard. Its really pointless to call anyone a retard. It’s been fun. I’ve encountered a lot of ‘kind’ people here.

    I have encountered:
    Perfect people
    Whining people
    Smart people

    You all think very highly of yourselves. You brag and brag… You do not appreciate the people around you… You indiscriminately call people stupid…

    Have you ever thought of being in their position? Being unjustly judged? When i entered this blog, i thought i can defend them, i guess not.

    if you guys believe in G-d, I hope you can present yourselves properly to Him in the time of your judgment. Like how you lifted yourselves and looked down on my people like they were of lesser stature, i hope that does not happen to you.

  117. @Blue dog

    “With many words, sin is not absent.”

    Perhaps, Blue Dog you are right about the Fils. I give up. It’s impossible to defend my people. It saddens me but i have to admit defeat.

    But i do hope that my people will change so that they are not looked upon by other people as lesser beings. For every kind filipino, there will be 7 other filipino that are bad. :/

  118. @John

    *i have a japanese friend who owns a business in the phils. he was screwed financially three times – by three different fil. business partners. i feel for the guy because he’s retired and obviously invested a lot into his business.

    *i had an american friend from oklahoma who married a fil. woman. ok, he wasn’t the brightest of people, ‘coz he agreed to marry her before even seeing a picture of her. but nearing retirement already, he basically spent his life savings on her and her deadbeat family. she got pi$$sed when he stopped buying rice for her EXTENDED FAMILY. and labeled him as “cheap.” as you might guess, he was irate. after spending his life savings supporting her family, can you blame him? i noticed that. fils. call you “tahik” if you don’t spend all your money on them.

    *i don’t know the exact figures, but from time to time there’s something in local newspapers about foreigners in the phils. being killed after a woman’s family blackmailed him. yeah, it’s not too wise to marry a ghetto rat. but without getting into the specifics, i have a fil-am friend who got in a world of trouble from his wife’s family, after he paid for her medical degree.

    i could go on and on, but i think i’ve made my point. yes, there are always exceptions to the rule. yes, i’ve generally had fewer problems with fils. who are educated. and yes, nobody’s perfect. but i’m tired of hearing people like john basically make excuses for rude and crude behavior. anyone who’s realistic about the situation should say they’re often embarassed about how fils. act. let me put it this way – ignorance is bliss. you can say “this is how we are” or whatever. but if you go abroad and do that same $hit in developed countries, you’ll be cursed out, get a beatdown, or worse. i’m talking about cutting in line, staring, pointing, gossiping, slandering, talkin’ smack behind someone’s back, acting childish when you see something different, and so on. that’s the bottom line.

  119. @John

    sure, i’ve met many kind fils. especially when i go traveling in the province. i’m usually a very mild-mannered person. i had an american friend in the phils. who was constantly uptight and i’d say was looking for trouble. i’m not that kind of person. but i’ve never cut in front of someone in line. so obviously it’s f’n annoying when someone else does that, acts childish because their parents never taught them how to respect other people, and so on. about a week ago i was riding in a taxi. the driver didn’t have change for 100p. i said ok, but it was his responsibility to get change. i was in a hurry, so i followed him to the sari2 store to get chance. obviously he was a little bit upset that he was “inconvenienced.” i heard him make some snide remark to another customer at the store. i should have made him come correct about his f@ggoty behavior, but i didn’t.

  120. @Blue Dog

    Yeah. Actually i am quite disappointed on many Filipinos. Cutting in line. Can’t fall in line. Can’t stop gossiping. Watching lame movies. Watching wowowee(its a noontime show where filipinos are smothered with money on their faces so they look like greedy animals). Stupid employees doing things in the interest of their company. Damn. I sometimes am ashamed of being a fil. But after reading my history, being with the poor, i always get back into being a nationalist.

    I still hope that one day, things will change.

  121. @John
    [quote] Have you ever thought of being in their position? Being unjustly judged? When i entered this blog, i thought i can defend them, i guess not.” [end quote]

    I have to give you a lot of credit. You’ve come to realize that some Filipino behavior and people are not worthy defending and shouldn’t be let off the hook. Normally, Filipinos who defend their countrymen just slander the other person. making criticism.

    @ Blue Dog
    RE: About Filipinos of different socioeconomic class making fun of “different” people

    It’s really a sad case that many Filipinos cry wolf even when they’re barely part of a satire piece not named at them. Yet they’re basically dishing out prejudiced or should I say uninformed comments about “different” people. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  122. Hmmm…verybody seems to be in agreement that the filipinos are indeed stupid.

    @blue dog

    We must not mix their stupidity e.g. lack of comprehension or basic situational awareness and problem-solving skills with their malicious nature or plain mean-spiritedness. That should tackled as a separate issue. Now moving on…


    Don’t feel bad or ashamed…you did your best…although I do not agree that these people even needed rescuing. Most people are simply beyond any hope of rescue.

  123. Filipinos are the most racist people I have ever met. Their egotistical and snooty ways are unjust since they have nothing to back them up. Some Filipinos claim to be college educated and of a higher class in the Philippines to justify their arrogance while abroad. But a college education and upbringing in the Philippines is the equivalent of a rural community college in some backwoods hillbilly area of another country. The ones that live abroad strive for such lofty positions as office assistant or low grade nurse. They never aim higher to anything that requires actual decision making or ingenuity. They intend to get jobs that they can burrow into and spend their years doing poor work while getting paid.


    you guys are all fuckin racist my parents finished filipino university, my mom is a pharmacist and my dad is an engineer. Dam omg fucking stereotypes man i searched “IQ of Filipinos” to see one pop ups and i see these dam comments about you white creamy bastards insulting my race dam fuck off. Putang ina mo, hinde ka mataleno hyop ka. SURE YOU GUYS SAY THEY ARE HORNY BASTARDS AND UNEDUCATED. NOT ALL OF THEM ARE MAN CMON GO TO MY COUNTRY INSTEAD OF EXPERIENCING YOUR FRIENDS. FIND THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND PHILIPPINES. we filipinos are smart. just because we fool around with other people doesnt make us stupid, sure we make jokes but thats not true. YOu take it so serious man dam. right not reading this makes me an ignorant person saying “ooh this guy will not be smart filipino defending his country” all i gotta say is leave my country alone make fun of yours first k i get it this is about saying, “filipinos are stupid” ok easy with the fucking facts. sorry for my language but the comments hurt my feelings yeah u read this.

    • @omfg
      I agree with you but you should tone down a little bit and not burst into profanity and anger. I know how it feels but I’m sure they will understand that not all filipinos are . Instead of fighting back, why not let them know that there are other kinds of filipinos. Because those who are more nice, educated, reasonable and mature stay silent. Maybe that’s why “foreigners” don’t notice them ideal filipinos.

      Those who talk more know less. Those who talk less know more.

  125. @OMFG
    Putang ina mo rin. Ikaw ang hayop at mahina ang kukote mo. Did you even read the “racist” comments in their entirety? If so, you wouldn’t have labeled all the comment makers here as “racist”.

    Practice what you preach first before preaching here.

    • why are you ashamed of the Philippine Culture? you shouldnt say that. You don’t know what great things happened and pride that affected our country today sure President Aroyo is crap but that is just politics. Manny Pacquiao brought great pride to our country HE FIGHTS FOR THE PEOPLE NOT FOR MONEY. yeah keep reading your going to point out the backgrounds that manny has done in the past cheating on his wife and etc. Cory Aquino brought great power for the people Against Marcus. I may not know much because im only 15, but i still have great pride of my country. but if you still believe that “Masama nang Philipinas”

      • @my

        I’m not ashamed of Philippine culture or its people. There are good and bad things about both. Even my scathing blog entries point the good while focusing on the bad parts.

        Sure, Manny Pacquiao is the only world class Filipino athlete right now, but guess what? He is a fool for siding with politicians who are only using him for PR purposes. Note that I’m not even bringing up his side activities that you and other Filipinos focus on. I honestly don’t care if he cheats on his wife. In terms of Pacquiao, the only thing I’m concerned is the way the (uneducated) masses are manipulated by the Pacquiao sideshow that ultimately benefits some politicians.

        As for Cory Acquino, sure she was a part of the movement, but guess what? She replaced the elites Marcos installed with the old elites that were influential previously. Acquino also passed way too many laws that are in favor of the old elites. There was no tear or emotion that came out of me when she died.

        Have pride in your country, but know its limitations as a third world country. Learn from the mistake of the 1st John here who couldn’t defend Philippine society by himself. Even if the “Pinoy Pride” defenders come here, there’s no way they could defend the country from some of the legitimate criticism written here.

        I will continue to point out the masamang panig ng Pilipinas, but I never fail to point out the positive on my blog entries.

      • The Orange and lemos song for “Philippines Suck” which you should change your name stop the hate please start loving, just read this. 🙂

        Mabuhay nang Pilipinas

        Lahat tayo mayroon pagkakaiba sa tingin pa lang ay makikita na
        Iba’t ibang kagustuhan ngunit iisang patutunguhan
        Gabay at pagmamahal ang hanap mo
        Magbibigay ng halaga sa iyo
        Nais mong ipakilala kung sino ka man talaga

        Pinoy ikaw ay pinoy
        Ipakita sa mundo
        Kung ano ang kaya mo
        Ibang-iba ang pinoy
        Wag kang matatakot
        Ipagmalaki mo pinoy ako
        Pinoy tayo

        ‘Pakita mo ang tunay at kung sino ka
        Mayro’n mang masama at maganda
        Wala naman perpekto
        Basta magpakatotoo oohh… oohh…
        Gabay at pagmamahal ang hanap mo
        Magbibigay ng halaga sa iyo
        Nais mong ipakilala kung sino ka man talaga

        Talagang ganyan ang buhay
        Dapat ka nang masanay
        Wala rin mangyayari
        Kung laging nakikibagay
        Ipakilala ang iyong sarili
        Ano man sa iyo ay mangyayari
        Ang lagi mong iisipin
        Kayang kayang gawin


      • @my
        The song from orange and lemons isn’t even original. They just changed the lyrics from the song “Chandelier” by artist “The Care” from the album “Diamonds and Emeralds”. It’s sad

  126. @My

    “Manny Pacquiao brought great pride to our country HE FIGHTS FOR THE PEOPLE NOT FOR MONEY. yeah keep reading your going to point out the backgrounds that manny has done in the past cheating on his wife and etc. ”

    This kind of mindset is one reason why you, and your people are thought of as stupid. You are using gossip and soap opera-channel news quotes to support your argument for national pride? Do you ever wonder why Pinos elect such obvious retards for high office? It is because they believe everything they are told and are too lazy to think otherwise. You are so desperate to disprove your stupidity that you are reciting junk you probably heard 2nd hand from your parents or television. It is a gossip culture backed by laziness and contentment.

    Manny is a great boxer, no doubt about that. You should really choose your battles more wisely though so you don’t sound like an idiot in the presence of advanced cultures. Now stop reading gossip mags and watching TV and go learn something real.

  127. @my
    I won’t change my name, and it’s not racist. If you’ve bothered to read what I wrote on my blog, you’d understand.

    I have different opinions from the normal Filipino, and this line from that song sums it up: “Wala rin mangyayari
    Kung laging nakikibagay”. Think for yourself and don’t be part of the bandwagon.


    yeah, right. if you believe that one, i’ll tell you another one. first of all, an american trainer and american training facilities were crucial to his success. if you know anything about boxing, then you’d realize that no way, no how would he have had the same success without those two elements. MP has a lot of raw boxing talent and determination, but you should look at the situation more objectively before you start waving the flag.

    secondly, by definition a professional boxer gets paid to box. that doesn’t mean he needs the money or is boxing strictly for money. but the fact remains that pro boxers get paychecks, and quite big ones if they’re successful. if you want to say that a certain boxer is strictly boxing for his country, then you should talk about some olympic boxers instead. that’s not to say that a boxer can inspire people. but unless a pro boxer gave 100% of his earnings to charities, foundations, etc., it’s reaching to say that he’s only doing it “for the people.” did his last fight make any of you any richer?

  129. btw, the area where i grew up in the states had plenty of celebrities. sugar ray leonard’s son and michael beasley went to my hs. michael phelps is from baltimore. joe smith and steve francis went to my university, as did jim henson. martin lawrence went to high school up the street from where i lived. etc. etc. when there’s a celebrity from your neighborhood, country, etc. you have to take it with a grain of salt. sure, it’s natural to feel pride or be inspired, but that’s where it should end. it’s human nature for people to be concerned about their own interests first. if such celebrities were only doing what they do for “their people,” wouldn’t they be doing it gratis?

  130. someone once explained to me that fils. think they’re rich if their boss is. likewise, if a fil. has any worldwide success, fils. also think that they’re rich/successful.

  131. @omfg

    that’s a little bit of a reactionary response from you there. i’m assuming that either you don’t live in the phil., or you live in very wealthy area. of course there are some exceptions to the rule. not every fil. is “stupid.” i’d like to point out that there are different kinds of stupidity. you could be referring to someone who’s: ignorant, unwise, or hard-headed. i’m more interested in reasonability. there are 2.5 million google matches for “stupid filipino.” obviously, there’s more than one person who’s had a bad exericse. it’s not just one white trash dude who got robbed by a ghetto rat. i had a phuckin’ gun pulled on me by someone on the payroll of the phil. gov’t–when i asked the person to show some common courtesy by keeping his phuckin’ voice down early in the morning. from what people have told me, the person probably wasn’t even licensed to carry a gun- but that’s another story. just as you’re being reactionary, alot of people who have made posts about “stupid filipinos” have had some bad experiences with -certain- fils. while it might not be “fair” for them to make generalizations, there’s a reasonable explanation. i’ve mentioned some of my own experiencs here on the blog, and many have had other experiences. a tricicad driver rudely asked me to buy him cigarettes so i could get change and pay ANOTHER driver, so i used the f-word to emphasize that he was being rude. his response: “you can’t say ‘f’ in my country.” he then trailed me to another store and stood in the area until another triciad driver got him to calm down a little bit. the situation encapsulates many of the problems that foreigners have in the phils. yes, there are racist a-holes who are looking for a fight. but most simply are upset by the ghetto behavior of -certain- fils, including staring, cutting in line, gossiping, pointing, and so on.

  132. @Blue Dog

    Hey! You should have reported those bastards you encountered. They are a menace to society. Every time a family member of mine get’s that kind of treatment, we go straight to the municipal hall. There was this one time when a jeepney driver almost made my aunt fall off the jeep while she was leaving it. We went to the mayor and viola, the stupid bastard was apologizing. That’s only applicable if your mayor is a good one. You should also report it to the police.

    Anyway, the three wheeled vehicle is called a trike or tricycle.

  133. I am a Filipino and I must agree that Filipinos must be stupid. But most observations of foreigners are inaccurate. Most of the time they are either racist, flawed, or ignorant. It’s true that most innocent Filipinos have been victim of this stereotyping because most of our fellowmen are known for all of those problems. But the only thing that most of those outsiders do is attract confusion among other people. Usually these are the people who can’t shut their mouth and want to rant. They do not realize that what they post here can be read and be believed by other outsiders who won’t take the time to know things better or to look to find out what’s the real truth. Sure this country is problematic, it is my problem too. I am a life student. And you never know the negative effect that those careless words of yours can cause to the innocent people who will be victims of racist,violent, confused haters who hate this race because of confusion, hate or wrong information, I must say hate information that most of you spread. I’m sure you have your own problems in life too. But just the same: don’t blame it on the Filipinos. You can hate all those that do wrong, even Filipinos of course! Just be sure you’re hating those that needed be hate. You would hate yourself if you will realize you killed someone innocent… I’m sure you never know the real pain some people. I just wish you will focus on your own lives and maybe you will see the other side.

    • @Jack – I am focusing on my life, and you know what I realized? my pain is being caused by filipino stupidity.
      Just today:

      I go into a frozen yogurt place and order a frozen yogurt with “all the berries you have”. they look at me like I asked them to perform brain surgery. so I say ok no problem, but strawberry and blueberry. what other berries do you have? the guy strains his 2 brain cells and says: ummm we have mango sir. so I stay calm and say: no, what BERRIES do you have? so the guy calls everyone (15 employees with 14 brain cells) and they have a consultation for 20 minutes. then he comes back and says: umm sir we have Kiwi.

      FILIPINOS ARE IDIOTS! not all of course but sure as hell a lot of them/you.

      Then I go outside to get a taxi. of course no one stops even if the taxi is empty. then one moron stops, I go in, tell him the address (50 pesos to get there). he says: 100 peso only. WHY??? because I am white??? so I tell him no, just put the meter. he says: the meter is not working and presses some odd buttons.

      FILIPINOS are IIIIDIOTS!!!! not all of course but most.

      and this is my problem. and people who read it will know how stupid people here are. if they HATE anyone because of it – it’s their problem.

      • Tyler

        Berries of any kind would be a very foreign fruit and flavor to most if not all working class to peasant Filipinos. It’s just not common for those people to run into berries.

        Strawberries are more expensive than the most common fruit they eat (banana).

        In any case, I agree that so many Filipinos are idiots, but not for the reasons you gave.

      • please be calm and understand that some of them just doesn’t know. don’t spend your time being pissed off by flips. just ignore them and be happy. you might just as well help them by maybe letting them know that mango and kiwi is not a berry, in a cool, no-big-deal, nice manner. and if the taxi won’t go metered, just say no and get out and take another one. it’s just a waste of time being angry in dealing to those kinds of people. i’ve been there before.

    • i agree with jack. you cannot blame the flips of what they become. evil is just the absence of love. i think the only way is to help and be calm, i don’t exactly know how. Hate is not a good thing but i know sometimes it’s just wants to be there. we should use reason to understand things so that all will be well.

  134. @Tyler

    those similar situations are common in the phils. i’m not white and speak fluent english, but i’ve also had many problems with a-hole taxi, tricicad, and motorcycle drivers.
    about the taxi, you should have told him that by law, they’re required to use the meter. a few times i’ve agreed to pay extra. i paid double once to get to the top of a mountain, and i have no regrets because the trip was quite steep. i have a million and one stories about taxi drivers in particular. most of them get away with $hit because nobody complains. but i won’t take any funny business from them. i’ve experienced them lying about not having change, starting the meter before they get to the flag-down area, and so on. i’ve been told that many on are on some sort of ups, but that doesn’t justify being unethical.

    about the frozen yogurt thing..there are several factors. malnutrition, lack of formal education (and particularly math skills), and not knowing their product are some of the main ones. it’s not surprising that someone would make excuses for the poor customer service. anyhow that’s a common situation – the committee to form the committee, etc.

    the best way to enjoy the phils. is to stay away from the ghetto elements whenever possible. regardless of what any fil. says on this blog, middle and upper class fils. can be just as bad in terms of lacking manners and ethics. many fil. movies involve wealthy families and the same retardation you see in ghetto areas – gossip, slander, backbiting, jealousy, etc. but generally it’s much easier to deal with fils. who are educated.

    as i’ve said several times before, “stupid” can have several meanings, but when there are 2.5 million matches for “stupid filipinos,” it means that more than a few people have had some sort of problems dealing with them. i basically attribute it to the culture. the mentality of many fils. is negative and spiteful. they’re intent on tearing down anyone who’s wealthier, more successful, etc. than they are. and it’s also a culture based on talk rather than action.

    • oh yes the flip media sucks:

      many fil. movies involve wealthy families and the same retardation you see in ghetto areas – gossip, slander, backbiting, jealousy, etc. but generally it’s much easier to deal with fils. who are educated.

      they are giving the wrong example.

    • @ Blue Dog

      You’re not white, but where are you from?

      Lack of manners does not mean that they are stupid. I’ve met many people who I know are quite smart, but are also very rude. Also, manners vary depending on which part of the world you are in. I’m not sure if this is right, but in China I heard it is acceptable to burp at the dinner table.

      Picking their nose in public? Where exactly do you see things like this occuring? Do you constantly hang around the shanty-town areas or what?

      I’m not denying that such things occur, just that I highly doubt that they occur in places where foreigners would tend to stay.

      Are you guys actually foreigners? Perhaps just Filipinos pretending to be foreigners??

      P.S – This is slightly off topic, but can I ask, if you people really are foreigners…why do you bother to stay in a country where you can’t stand 99% of the population?

  135. @John the 1st

    it’s a balancing act. actually one of the problems i tend to have with fils. is that they’re not direct. if they have a problem with someone, they won’t say anything to the person directly. i’ll call someone when they do something rude or retarded. yesterday i was walking into a store, and the girl in front of me just basically stopped right after she entered the door. i said “excuse me,” but i’m sure she got the point. that’s a common situation – for whatever reason many fils. are not aware of their environment. walking while texting is the worse, but that’s another story.

    well, it basically depends on the situation and the educational level of the person. i don’t take any $hit from anyone. but when someone basically has no formal education, you have to deal with them in a different way. but one thing i’ve learned through my girlfriend is that i’ve had to do a paradigm shift about what’s “serious.” most of the problems i have with fils. have more to do with manners and ethics–not lawbreaking per se. i remember reading about a foreigner who experienced walking out of a store, and seeing a fil. using the seat of his motorcycle, to cut a mango. personally it’s difficult for me to fathom such behavior. i’m even astounded by fils. who ask for xmas presents. i’ve been told that they’re doing it in jest, but imho it’s rude beyond belief.

  136. @Jack

    i grew up in a typical middle-class family in the states. we weren’t rich or poor. i’m well aware that many of the foreigners who visit/live in the phils. would be considered “white trash” in their home countries. and as i’ve also pointed out, some of the “rants” are overkill. but the real problem i have is that when you try and get many fils. to deal with a problem regarding manners and such, they give you a “love it or leave it” attitude. the basic mentality of many fils. is that if they’re capable of doing something, they’re going to do it–and to hell with everyone else. essentially -that’s- the problem i have with many fils. many feel that it’s OK to stare, gossip, point, and cut in line because they can do it. no, it’s not OK

  137. @John the 1st

    btw, when i had 20k stolen from my atm, i got a printout from the bank. i went to the locations where the money was withdrawn, and asked the manager if they had a surveilance camera. i told. “it hasn’t been installed.” WTF? it’s every man for himself in the phils. f “reporting.”

  138. the way i see it, many fils. are rude because nobody taught them that certain behaviors are unacceptable. in the states, parents usually tell their elementary-aged children “don’t stare,” “don’t point,” and so on. also, fils. talk incessantly. i had to tell someone in the movie theater a few days ago basically to stfu because it’s rude to talk loudly during a movie. in any case, the mindset of most fils. is negative, and they love to drag down everyone around them, to their level. there’s a jewish saying that you shouldn’t use your mouth to talk about what you haven’t seen with your eyes. obviously, most fils. don’t live by that rule. the best way to deal with gossip is: 1) not to start it, and 2) to tell someone who starts engaging it, that you don’t want to hear it. it’s quite ironic that while most fils. consider themselves “religious,” they obviously haven’t read much of the bible. it doesn’t have anything good to say about gossip, slander, lies, deceit, and so on. or, as someone noted in another blog — how ironic that many fil. taxi drivers have a statuette of jesus or mary in their car, then try to rip you off when you pay your fare.

  139. @Everyone, please dint use the reply button. it sends your post in between other posts making it hard to spot and reply to them properly.

    I missed a lot of post. Been busy.

    apparently, not everyone appreciated that approach. some are just impossible to reason with. But… i do hope that i will always have the strength to accept the things i cannot change.

  140. @Tyler
    “pain is being caused by filipino stupidity”

    Why not go somewhere else? How about Israel, your home.

    @Blue dog
    That is the main problem on the majority of the populace, irresponsible parents. I have interacted with people that eat with their mouth open, doesn’t use serving spoon, doesn’t flash toilet and so on… It is our job, the educated ones, to educate them.


    When you are in conflict with your surroundings, there are things you can do unless you’re dumb.

    1) leave it
    2) cope with it
    3) change it

    But if you’re a dumb nut, this is what you’ll do

    1) rant about it helplessly
    2) talk about it but not do anything about it
    3) sit in a corner and feel sorry about yourself
    4) be consumed by it

    @Yogurt Case
    Not everyone can afford it, its very expensive for many people, that’s why they don’t know anything about it.

    @Berry case
    Strawberry is the only thing publicly present in the Philippines. Asking about other berries can be too much since not everyone have any idea what it is. It is more of like a leisure food than a survival food. Many filipinos eat food just to survive, nutrients is not a priority. Very few nutritious food are affordable to the masses. Having a simple salad can be extremely expensive to many.

    Its actually rude to eat very expensive food in front of someone who can’t afford it. That’s how sever the price of food has become.

  141. @John the 1st

    yes, i consider my girlfriend to be somewhat well mannered, but i’m trying to train her about such things – covering her mouth when yawning, not pointing at people, picking her nose in public, etc. interestingly, many times it’s not simply an issue of manners–it’s also one of hygiene and safety.

    once again, when i was at the gym yesterday, some guy brought his child with him to pick up his wife(?) at the gym). and once again, the einstein let his child run around wildly. let’s use some gd common sense. gyms have stuff like equipment, weights, etc. i told the brain surgeon that his child shouldn’t be running around in the gym. oh, and i was using a jumprope, which highlights the need to keep your child from running around wildly. anyhow, he didn’t comprehend what i was saying, so i informed the employee there, and they handled the situation. the gym has two floors and a lounge type of area on the first floor. the smart thing to do would be to require all visitors to wait in the lounge area.

    another thing that boggles the mind is that the gym has installed a dart board on the wall, at the base of the stairs. i couldn’t make this up if i tried. in fact, it’s technically about 2 stairs above the floor. a few days ago an employee was throwing darts at the board, and i explained to her that it’s probably not the best place to install a dart board. she explained that she’d stop if she saw someone on the stairs. another accident waiting to happen.

    i often play the basketball game at the various video arcades in the city. yesterday, the inevitable happened – some rug rat stole the tickets that i had won from a few games, before i removed them from the machine. it should have occured to me that many fils. have the concept that they can get something for nothing – ergo the “no free reading, “no standby” “no free sampling” etc. signs throughout the country.

  142. @John the 1st

    people tend to “rant” on blogs and such about experiences they have dealing with certain fils., because they’re often met with resistance for the sake of resistance. i think this situation says it in a nutshell: several years ago i saw someone from the arroyo administration on tv whine because a CONSERVATIVE thinktank in wash. d.c. had criticized the arroyo administration about some policy–the irony being that arroyo is conservative. i can’t recall the exact details, but i distinctly recall the response from the arroyo administration, and i quote: “only filipinos can criticize filipinos.” that says it all. many fils. will get beligerent if you politely ask them to change their behavior because 1) it distrubs the privacy of others, 2) it creates a health or safety hazard for others around them, and so on.

    several years ago i was in a dvd shop, and one of the employee’s children seemed to have a cold, and was coughing without covering his mouth. i politely asked the father to tell his child to cover his mouth. i didn’t explain the fact that a sneeze can travel a mile, or that colds/flues are often transmitted by coughs/sneezes. in any case, he had an uppity attitude. sure enough, the next day i came down with a cold. i have a million and one other stories about such situations. basically the attitude of many fils. is that if they can do something, they’re going to do it–and to hell with everyone else.

  143. for all of you who keep making excuses about the frozen yogurt story, you’ve missed the point. the story has nothing to do with how much fils. know about frozen yogurt and berries. one of the keys to working anywhere is that you must KNOW YOUR PRODUCT. i went to buy a basic chess board at gaisano dept. store once, and it took a while before i found someone who knew which dept it would be in, and the floor where that dept. was. i’ve worked in a grocery store before, and when you work in a store with different depts or product types, you should have a basic knowledge about where different depts/product types are. it’s just basic good-old-fashioned customer service.

    • YES! OMG YES, Blue Dog, thank you! all of you are MISSING THE POINT!
      it’s not about whether the filipinos know berries! but I would expect the ones SELLING BERRIES to know what BERRIES ARE!!!
      and even if they don’t – why give an answer that has nothing to do with reality? none of the idiot filipino defenders here can give a proper reason for it! I suppose the spanish occupation and the “young nation” arguments will be valid here as well huh??

      and then, after the first time I tell them mango is not a berry, that whole assembly of mindless drones, with the great conclusion that they have kiwi! OMFG!!!! I just get angry thinking about it!!!

      I just want to grab those morons and shout: “DO YOU EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME??? DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHY YOU GET UP IN THE MORNING???? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT PLANET YOU ARE ON????!?!?!?”

      I am sure that if those people grew up in a normal nurturing enviorment – they would turn out ok. it is not that filipinos are BORN idiots, but they grow up as if they are from the second the are born, usually by other idiots who have no idea what year this is, who is the president or what is contraception.

      And as for why I don’t go back to Israel – well, obviously the pros surpass the cons for me here, but it doesn’t mean that I have to accept this amazing lazy ignorance.

  144. @Tyler

    you make some valid points. i had some logistical problems when i was engaged in ’04 to a fil. woman. it’s an extreme case, but she and her family had virtually no official records that they existed. no birth certificates, no wedding certificate, etc. this actually became a problem because there was a question about how old my fiance was. it turns out that she wasn’t the age that her mother thought she was.

    i don’t think that shaking them will do any good. here’s a perfect example. i had a problem with a helper at my apts. staring at me whenever i left my apt. who knows? maybe he liked looking at men. so i started staring back at him. 99% of most normal human beings would realize that they’re doing something rude/wrong, and would cease their behavior. unfortunately, many simply don’t know any better. their parents didn’t teach them how to act, and nobody else taught them differently. as a side note, the helper had some serious personal issues, including an addiction to gambling. i’m not sure what happened to him, but after the apt. office was robbed, he mysteriously disappeared/quit. he had already been accused of stealing various high-end items from tenants.

  145. i hate how Filipinos deny they are stupid.
    they are.
    at least the ‘full’ Filipinos; born and raised there.
    I am Filipino but I am raised in Canada and i hate my race
    My parents are idiots and so are their friends.
    FILIPINOS ARE STUPID. (full ones .. )
    its true
    don’t deny it, the schools in the Philippines are idiots.

  146. I don’t understand the foreigners here…If the place is so horrible, why do you bother to stay?

    Surely, if your lives are so inconvenienced you would have left by now?

    And by the way, I have never experienced any such problems such as the berries or chess board problem. Every time I go there I have no problem communicating. I wonder, where do you people go?

    I mean if you are going to run-down places where the population cant speak english, what do you expect?

    About whether or not they’re stupid..I unfortunately have to agree that quite a large number appear to be lazy. But a lot of them are also very hard working. If they were so lazy why would they be in demand across the world?

    But stupid? I think stupidity has more to due with culture than race. Sure the Philippines is not the best place, but I can think of far worse examples.

    Again, the fact that you people are still there…surely they must be doing something right?

    • waa – this must be the most irrelevant post I have ever read in my life? have you even read anything anyone said? the PLACE is not horrible, there ARE many good things, but people rant about the laziness and stupidity of locals.
      who is talking about places where people cant speak English? your coy pretence of “this never happened to me” just shows you either have never been to the philippines or you are simply a liar.

      You answer your own questions: they are in demand all over the world BECAUSE they’re problems are a cultural issue and once they go somewhere else – they learn other ways. this, combined with the fact that they very cheap labour, makes them popular work force.

      you response is so senseless that I suspect you are in fact th president of the philippines

    • Filipinos in demand abroad ?????????? who told u that ? ? ?
      Filipinos are hired as labor abroad only and ONLY because they are the CHEAPEST ones . NOT the best ones . . .

  147. It’s not irrelevant. I was replying to what people said earlier about how stupidity inconveniences their lives.

    Whoever brought up their life being inconvenienced by stupidity is the one who began this ‘irrelevant’ conversation.

    I am not joking when I say this has never happened to me. Have I ever had a simple misunderstanding that was easily fixed? Yes… But I have never had any experience like the berries one where people have no clue what I’m talking about. Last time I went there I had no problems finding shoes, getting the flavor of ice cream i want, getting my burgers and fries etc…

    Let me make it clear by what I meant by places where people do not speak english. The only reason I can imagine you have problems is that you were dealing with someone who had poor english. Since I have never myself experienced something like that, I simply asked where do you people go to get this kind of experience?

    And tyler – I suspect that you have an agenda to simply suggest that Filipinos are worthless. For all I know, perhaps it is you who has never been there and are basing these accusations on Filipinos you have met where you live.

    After all, you have been replying here for the last couple of weeks it looks like. So clearly, this has had a deep impact on your life.

    I don’t know whether what you are saying is true. If it is true, I am sure you are either exaggerating, otherwise I sympathise with you. Although I fail to see how not getting berries in my yogurt ruins my day.

  148. @Blue Dog and Tyler
    That’s the thing the i hate most here. Yes people don’t have any idea about berries, but there are a lot of people who don’t know much about what their selling. This experience is shared in a lot of places, even in canada, america and europe and all the rest of the world. I have joined an online group called where people who have aquariums come to share their knowledge and experience. We have this thread we dedicate for those pet shop employees who we give tests about their knowledge in the fish and products they sell, and you know what we concluded? 6 out of 10 employees tend to not know what their selling.

    @ Tyler, specifically to Tyler i would like to apologize on my approach on my recent posts i aimed against you. It was totally rude. My apologies.

    I hate conflicts.

    @Posts above, damn too many.

  149. @ BDog and Tyler
    That’s basically what MOST filipinos lack, responsible, knowledgeable and well mannered parents. Years of poverty makes an entire clan a clan of uneducated. My family have encountered tons of poor people because of the feeding program and we have learned a lot from them. We also learned the cause of their continuous poverty that will be hard to abolish. Filipinos(the poor masses that form the majority of the populace), usually have no knowledge about diseases and proper health. We have this maid that had disease every other week, we have advised them to buy clean water but they won’t listen. Mom had to fire her because of her absences.

    Anyway, it is up for us, the educated ones, to enlighten them. It is up for us to teach them our ways. We would be generally useless if we just let them suffer their ignorance.

    It is more like the relation of the teacher and his/her pupil.

    I guess most of you may have concluded that this people lack proper guidance that should have been given to them by their parents. The only problem is that their parents are ignorant of these knowledge as well. As i usually say to my friends, it’s up for the smarties to teach the dumbies.


    That is exactly the point. Filipinos have trouble listening to foreigners because of the way they speak. I once had trouble talking to people from New Zealand because their english sounded real weird. I came up with the solution, i made them write what they were saying on a piece of paper. lol

  150. John,
    First, you have nothing to apologize for. the nature of arguments or debates is people disagreeing with each other. not every time people disagree – it is a disaster. this is actually another illness of this country – people will do everything to avoid a conflict, even if it means to do the right thing. I have not been offended by you, and if any – I have been the aggressive one.
    also, your last comment was the most sensible of them all. the wise should teach the dumb. but the problems are:
    they dont think they are doing anything wrong, cutting in line, pigging at the buffet, staring, giggling and pointing. just those blank looks…
    and then you have geniuses like waa who are defending them with all sorts of excuses. this way – no one will learn that is it NOT ok to be lazy, it is NOT ok to be mindless and do the minimum required of you and so on.

    I have been to Rustans supermarket yesterday (waa – I live here you moron) with my gf. we stood in front of the meat section for 15 minutes. why? no line, people cutting in, the billion employees behind the counter are running around like mice, bumping into each other like mindless drones. so I asked politely of one of them: are you aware that we are here? or are you just ignoring us? you know his response: “wait,sir.” can ANYTHING be more annoying??
    then, after 5 minutes more pass, my gf tried very politely (she is a filipina but a good one) to ask for some assistance. when the guy simply ignored her again – thats when I simply exploded and told him to put the meat in a bag RIGHT NOW. this is the only way – otherwise I would still be standing there.

    I stay here becaue there are a lot of good things, but give me a break…

  151. haha..

    i dont believe a word of what tyler says.

    sorry, 15 minutes – this is pure bs. the most ive ever had to wait on a crowded day was 5 minutes. and this wasnt even in rustans, this was in shopwise and SM. Usually, they have a system where you take a number and you wait til your number is called.

    im not trying to defend them. there is nothing to defend when you are obviously lying.

    like i said: you either dont live there, or even worse: you are a filipino pretending to be a foreigner.

    i mean honestly, if i lived in a place where i couldnt stand 99% of the population, i would have left.

  152. John..

    Not disagreeing with most of what you said, except for poor masses form the majority. Sorry, but the majority is not poor. Yes, a very sizable portion is poor, but the majority is not.

    Don’t believe everything tyler says. I wouldnt be surprised if everything he said is completely made up. The only time i’ve had to wait 15 minutes for anything is in a traffic jam.

    There are definitely plenty of inconveniences, but you know the guy is talking bs when he says 15 minutes haha…

    I believe he is a self-hating filipino or some pissed off guy making up stories.

  153. The joke is on the foreigners who continue to live in the Philippines. Are you aware that the productive and those with some sort of ambition have left the country or will be leaving soon enough? Yet you still continue to live in a country where stupidity and corruption are the norm.

    Let me guess, the stupid country and its people provide a better deal relative to developed countries.

    • I think its very possible that they are not even foreigners. they’re likely to be self-hating filipinos (like yourself)

      If they had any common sense, they probably would have left a country where they happen to dislike everyone.

  154. @Waa

    I don’t have any basis on the majority thing so that was just a guess. But the number of poor people is alarmingly growing. And what i really meant by poor is that they are poor just in financial aspect but also by their ability to rise into higher social status. Some are at the middle class but they sure act like they are on the lower. It’s really frustrating when you see lots of people slowly killing themselves through their habits.

    • Actually, it’s not growing. Compared to 10 years ago it is less.

      The philippines is not exactly a developed nation, but do not believe it when others say its an LDC. There has been progrees.

      20 years ago, my family had to use a well to get water.
      10 years ago, we had to call someone to deliver water and put it in a tank.
      Now, we have reliable running water all the time.

      Give it some time, you cant be a developed country fast especially with 90 million people. Compare how manila looks now against how it looked in 1990.

      I will agree that a solution needs to be found fast on controlling the population growth. (It is now growing less than 2%, so the situation has improved very very slightly.)

      Also, I do not deny that there are Filipinos (many in fact) who exhibit these so-called undesirable traits. However, where these “foreigners” cross the line is by saying that all filipinos behave that way. You yourself should know that it is pure bs.

      Any reasonable person would know which places to avoid if they dont want to deal with those kind of people.

      Every time I go to the Philippines I have never had any such problem as waiting 15 minutes in line to buy meat, having a problem getting the flavor of yogurt i want etc…

      I have had problems yes, but none on the scale that others are suggesting. Some people have done ridiculous things, but it has always been easy to fix.

  155. @Tyler
    Yes, i do hate conflicts. It’s a Filipino thing.

    Sometimes you just have to slap(not literally) people to shake their brains.

    • obviously i have been.

      And every single time I have gone, the restaurants have got my order right.

      You don’t perhaps think that the problem could be you?

  156. @waa
    to qualify what i meant, it depends where you go. i’ve waited in line for quite a while at jolibe and grocery stores, because they wouldn’t open a new register (i was told at jolibe it was to minimize labor costs). if you go to a small mom and pop store, you probably won’t have to wait more than a few mins.

    personally, i don’t mind waiting in line in certain situations – it’s part of life. what i have a problem with is people cutting in line, or simply not forming one. i’ve also been in many situations where there’s technically not a line, but someone didn’t ask first about whether you’re waiting to be served, waiting for a taxi, and so on. the mentality seems to be that they’ll miss out if they don’t get served next.

    • well, thats what i said: it probably does depend where you go and if you are really a foreigner you might want to go to a place where people are used to dealing with foreigners.

      You have to wait in line at grocery stores for what? to buy meat or to pay? That happens everywhere in the world…

      You’ve had to wait in line at jollibee…well what do you expect? Jollibee..Ya i’ve had to wait in line before, but not 15 minutes. At a fast food, the most i’ve waited in line was probably just over 5 minutes. If they didn’t open the register then obviously thats the reason you had to wait. If some place is popular and a lot of people are going there, you will have to wait your turn. It’s like that everywhere in the world.

      I mean if it really bothers you, why not just go elsewhere?

      Please tell me, where exactly do you go that you have people cutting you in line?

      And again, what i dont understand:: If these things piss you off so much, why dont you just live elsewhere?

  157. @waa
    that’s what i tried telling them. they are usually going to those not so educated zones. That’s why i told them to go somewhere north of the Philippines.

    IDK anything about the population of the poor but this is what i know, life is getting harder everyday. I just keep wondering how the poor can survive such punishment. We have a maid who would work three days to make firecrackers only to earn 60 Pesos? If only i could help them all… And i recently heard from my moms friend that there is a vacant job in a near store, the person would earn 120 pesos a day. You are to bring your own food.

    There are a ton of corrupted politicians who would steal from the government fund and they would never think about the poor. I really think that life got a lot harder for them.

  158. Oh, I stand corrected, you are now discussing Filipino traits and manners

    Well, personally when I visited, I had very few problems. Hotel services were satisfactory. Restaurant services were very, very good for the most part with courteous waiters, good food… and fairly affordable if I may add – I’d have to give the Filipinos that.

  159. @waa

    i don’t eat at five-star restaurants, but i eat out at fairly nice sit-down restaurants at least once a week. the best service i’ve received were at pizza hut and shakeys. i’ve never worked as a waiter, but i’ve worked in a few restaurants, so i know the general protocol for “good” service:

    1. the waiter/waitress should smile and give their name – only place i’ve seen it done is shakeys and pizza hut.

    2. there should be an appetizer or table water. 99% of the restaurants don’t have table water, and sometimes you can get it if you ask for it. the only appetizers i recall seeing were some “fish chips” at big mao’s, and at a chain of italian restuarnts (owned by an italian, i should add).

    3. the waiter/waitress should read back the order to verify that the information is correct. i’ve been in several situations where they didn’t–i forgot to ask them to do it, and the order was f’ed up.

    4. the waiter or waitress should return to your table at least once while you’re eating – to ask how the food is, if you’d like to order something else/dessert, need the check, etc. usually after you get your food, you have to hunt down the waiter/waitress for anything.

    i’ve been told that the service is generally better in manila.

    why would people stay in the phils if they experience problems? sometimes it’s out of necessity. i had an american friend who couldn’t afford the cost of living in the states. i don’t know the percentage, but most who stay in the phils. are retired.

    also, you don’t have to be an adonis to get some action. i remember learning that someone i knew had observed that fil. women are the most beautiful in the world. you’d have to take it with a grain of salt, since he was probably over 300 lbs. if you have some $, you’re good to go. ironically, many visitors to the phils. would be considered white trash in their home countries, but their status is elevated in the phils.

    also, even though i have problems from time to time, i’ve found that the benefits definitely make it worthwhile. there’s the obvious lower cost of living. but besides that, i find the phils. less stressful than living in the states. also, you’re closer to the beach and stuff.

    so to answer your question, some people live in the phils. out of necessity, while others find that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. basically, to survive you have to know where to draw the line. you have to keep your cool, but don’t take any $hit from them.

    • I don’t eat at five star restaurants either. Like I said – the problem could just be you…

      When I eat in the UK, the waiter/waitress never gives me their name.

      I also have to ask for water, it is not automatically given. Nor is there any appetizer on the table.

      your 3rd point, whenever i go to the philippines, they always read the order back to me. again, i dont know whereabouts you stay since you’ve never said it here. but if you are purposely going to the worst places, you only have yourself to blame.

      your 4th point: again, i’ve never had that problem in the philippines or anywhere else for that matter.

      which leaves me to conclude: you are either making it up, or you seriously need to move somewhere else.

      if you are living there out of necessity, be happy that you have a place to live. and if it really sucks, go back. that’s all i can say really.

  160. @waa

    you didn’t read what i had said. the problem at grocery stores is typically related to staffing. it should be automatic to open a new register if there are X number of people in line. that doesn’t happen. i once heard an elderly american man say while waiting in line, “in america they would have opened a new register.” i dunno if i would have said it that loudly, but he was spot on. i guess it’s ironic, but when fils. have to wait in line, they typically never complain if the service is slow. but when there’s no designated line, it’s chaotic.

    the point i was making about jolibee, is that the whole situation made no GD sense at all. it happened on several occasions. they had two registers open at LUNCHTIME, withpeople literally lined up to the front door. i don’t ever recall seeing them open the third register. if they’re not going to do it at lunchtime when the place is full, i dunno when they’re expecting to. then again, as i noted, i was told that they were trying to cut their labor costs. sure, there’s a place for that. but not during lunchtime. i basically go to jolibe if it’s the last option. i found hair in my breakfast meals twice, and once they burned the beef. they do well because they get a draw from locals – it’s jolibee. as someone pointed out–most people in the phils who eat at mcdonalds, also eat at other restaurants. most who eat at jolibee, only out at jolibee.

    jesus h. christ on a popsicle stick – you’re joking about fils. cutting in line, right? please tell me you are:

    -getting on a jeepney – several times i’ve been waiting in a single file line – then someone tries to sneak in from the side. happened yesterday and the day before.
    -buying tickets at the video arcade
    -boarding a boat – at the big piers. i once met a fil.-am guy who was ready to fight over it.
    -waiting for a taxi – if there’s no designated line, many fils. will not ask if you’re waiting for a taxi. they’ll just wave one down and jump in. i’ve been in that situation a million times.
    -buying lottery tickets
    -buying drinks at thirsty

    basically, if there’s a designated area for people to fall in a single-file line, fils. when i say designated, i mean RAILS to mark where you’re supposed to stand. if there’s no designated area, they’re prone to cut in line. the polite thing to do if you think someone COULD be waiting for a taxi and such, is to ask “are you waiting for a taxi?” if they are, then simply wait your turn. i don’t get irate when a rude fil. tries to cut in line. i simply tell them – excuse me, but i was next in line. what can they say at that point?

    as i mentioned before, the benefits outweight the drawbacks. i’m big on customer service. i’m a big tipper and a loyal customer if the service is good. if it sucks, i’ll take my business elsewhere.

    • the problem at grocery stores is typically related to staffing… well, this is really what its like anywhere in the world. you have to wait in line to buy food, simple as that. in the philippines, whenever i go shopping for groceries, i have to say that all the check out lines are being tended to. So, i cant relate to your experience.

      about jollibee..ok yes what you are saying sounds stupid. But believe me, those kind of things will happen in any country. I’ve been to a restaurant in the UK where there was only 1 waiter at dinner. But that doesn’t lead me to conclude that the UK is terrible.

      ok, now the next part about line cutting.

      I dont use a jeepney, i use a car. In fact, ive never seen a foreigner use a jeepney…are you sure you really are a foreigner? and for the rest of those things you say, i never do those either. i have seen lottery lines before. What i did notice is that they were very long, but i didnt exactly see people cutting the lines.

      Most of the problems you talk about are problems that would occur anywhere in the world.

      Where exactly do you come from by the way?

      Dude seems to be a pretty sensible person, and his experience there was pretty much the same as mine. The service is nowhere near as bad as you are making it out to be.

  161. @Dude

    you were probably insulated from most of the situations mentioned in the blog. visiting a country is one thing – living the day-to-day life is different. it’s like that anywhere. if you just stay in a country for a week or whatever, you don’t really “see” the country. when you live there at least a year or so, you have a real sense about the culture–including its pros and cons.

  162. @waa

    usually i don’t have any problems with grocery store checkout lines. conventional wisdom says that you want to get customer in and out as quickly as possible. part of that is opening new checkout lanes when there’s X number of people in a lane. maybe you live near manila and it could definitely be different there. obviously if someone found the need to make an observation about it out loud, then it’s an issue.

    i think the problem is the approach to business. many times these companies only think about the bottom line, without factoring things like expenses and losses. there once was a massage joint upstairs from where i lived. the owner had no gd clue about how to run a business. there was actually a salary deduction from the workers’ salary, for massage oil they used during a session. wtf? that makes no gd sense at all. it’s called an expense.

    another example. i got my laundry once from the laundrymat, and discovered a big gaping hole from liquid bleach, in a piece of clothing. these were real ralph lauren polo shorts that i had bought in phils., closting about 1,200 on sale. when i went back to complain, the dishonorable manager first lied and claimed that it happened somewhere else. i basically called her on the lie and said i’m very meticulous with my clothes and that that’s the only place i had my clothes washed. finally she admitted that they made the mistake. so i asked for them to refund the amount of the shorts. she said that she’d take it out of the worker’s salary, but that she (the worker) didn’t make much. i’m a reasonable person, so i said forget it – i’ll take my business elsewhere. if the manager had any sense, she’d cut her losses, and my continued patronage would have paid for the shorts several times over. there’s that old saying that the customer is always right.

    i take a jeepney at night time because it’s more economical. the jeepney is a decent want to travel though i generally don’t use it a nighttime or going to certain areas. ironically i’ve had fewer problems riding jeepneys than dealing with some taxi drivers.

    i lived most of my life in the states, and have traveled somewhat extensively. yes, i’ve seen some cutting in line in other countries, but not to the same extent. as i pointed out, the problem usually occurs where there are no designated lines. on several occasions i’ve been next in line at lotto, only to have someone stick his arm in my face trying to be served while my transaction is being processed. obviously it’s an issue – locals have told me that the cutting in line is basically a means of survival. they think they’ll miss out if they don’t get served next. the fil-am i met on a ship to surigao is a cop in the states and told me he was ready to “throw hands” because there was so much pushing and shoving at the pier, before boarding the boat.

    customer service is customer service. what the f does one waiter in a uk restaurant have to do with the points i made? nothing. my point was on customer service. if you’re running a small restaurant, you might only need one waiter. but the point i was making is about customer service. again, i’ve been told that the situation is different in manila. maybe it’s a regional thing. i was trying to think about about how many restuarants i’ve been to where the wiater/waittress returned to the table once after taking the order.

    and as i stated, if you’re driving your own car, living in a hotel, and eating at a five-star restaurant, you’re going to be insulated from everyday life.

    • Ok blue dog, so i get that what you are saying is that you have these problems in the philippines, yet you also acknowledge that they happen everywhere else.

      so, what are you complaining about then??

      the example i gave about the waiter has everything to do with what you were saying. you were saying that you were getting inefficient service as if the problem is speicifc to the philippines. i gave that example to show that it happens everywhere in the world. and by the way, it was 1 waiter at dinner time with several families there.

      yes, i do have a car, but i fail to see how that insulates me from everyday life. I still have to go to the same supermarkets to buy food.

      I dont eat at five star restaurants and i dont live in a hotel. I know what everyday life is like, and frankly its nowhere near as bad as you are making it out to be.

      Every single example you give, I can think of the same thing happening in any other country.

      i mean, if you really believe that you are right, wouldn’t the simple solution be to insulate yourself from everyday life and get a car?? i havent heard of any foreigners in the philippines who cant get a car. and if you really are a foreigner going abroad for a better life, why do you choose to live in a place if you know there are better options. As you said, you travelled abroad were line cutting is apparently not so bad. So why not go to those places?

      which is why i am starting to believe you are making up some of your stories, or you might just be a filipino american.

      Just as i suspected, some of you guys arent even foreigners. like tyler for example, who i said was filipino and he hasnt said anything since then.


      what on earth do you mean when you say “I take a jeepney at night time…..though I generally dont use it at nighttime”

  163. @Blue Dog
    Jeepneys are very economical. I usually board jeeps at night that has a lot of passenger, it can deter a would be crime.

    About designated signs or posts or whatever, you can only find them in cities that are developed. There are still a lot of provinces and cities-to-be that hasn’t implemented or can even afford such things.

    The cost of living in the Philippines is really low compared to other developed countries, especially the western countries. And about the stressful things, i guess its because a lot of places in the Philippines still haven’t turned been totally urbanized. And i guess because people are still friendlier and not too serious about their everything. Filipinos usually find some time to laugh their misfortunes unlike other foreigners. Filipinos have this positive outlook in life. Its really not common to hear the words “all is lost” here, its more common to hear words of hope like “makakabawi din tayo” or “may pag asa pa”.

  164. @bluedog

    Yes and No. Yes, I try to insulate myself from the crappy places and people whenever I travel if I can afford it. That is just common sense…and besides, you will be able to determine the type of people you will encounter in some areas through careful research and even intuition, hence, my preference to stay in grade A joints.

    No, I have also visited and stayed in a lot of places that you you may classify as crappy. I just felt compelled to immerse myself in the “real” culture, going-ons and what-nots of ordinary folk in ALL the countries that I have ever visited. Never had any reason to whine about it since it was wilfully and freely done. As the saying goes, “Sleep with dogs and you will be bitten by fleas.”

    Try to take things in stride. As Filipinos said in this forum, laugh it off. Who knows, that might work.

    The point is, you have to take the good with the bad. That is the way of the world. That is part of the human condition. People are stupid and most are lacking in good manners nowadays. So what? The important thing is that you should strive not to be like them and with the grace of the Almighty, mayhap even set a good example for them to follow.

    @John the 1st

    Impressive. Congratulations.

  165. @John – you have got to be kidding me… the Philippines respect their women? well, if you call slacking, lazy, abusive husbands “respectful” – then yes, I agree. the reason the gap is not large is not because of some great social equality and respect – it’s because women here have to feed their family and pay for their husbands drinking and ball scratching. the women are the lesser of 2 evils here, this survey only speaks of gaps, not actual scores. this is the reason why more women here go to work – because no one else in the family will! sorry to burst your bubble man, but you can;t cling to these things….

    @waa – saying that you have NEVER encountered any of the issues brought up by others here is a pile of BS much larger than you claim I post. so I’m bored with you now

  166. @Dude
    I agree. If you hate crappy places, why not avoid them?

    Idk, but in the middle east, women are treated badly. In the african continent, they are treated like property. In the western countries they are treated well enough. There are more abusive husbands in the US than here. “slacking, lazy, abusive husbands” those happen to things happen everywhere, its just that here in the Philippines, abusers will usually end up beaten-up by the friends or family of the woman involved, and if lucky enough, they get beaten on tv. Anyway, where do you live? Your place must be really crappy. Oh, and equality has been better here than a lot of places in the world, women can do almost everything a man can do. They can even become a president. If you’re in Luzon, you’ll prolly know what i’m talking about. But in Visayas and Mindanao, things aren’t as good.

  167. @Tyler
    I’m 20 years old and i have never personally known any woman being treated badly. I’m curious, where exactly do you live mate?

  168. @Tyler
    Please dont compare Israel to philippines, israel was and is always being forced to adapt the best habits because it cannot afford to slack off. You are being surrounded by your enemies even to this day. Necessity is driving your people into betterment. There’s one thing i’ve learned about humans. When they are pushed against a corner, they start thinking.

    Whats bad about Filipinos is that they usually lack the will to strive for betterment. A lot of them are contented by their current state in life. Eating three times a day and being with friends or family is enough for most Filipinos to be happy with their life.

    You know why Filipinos usually rank very high up in the happiest people rankings? Because they usually only need “tanduay” and friends to be happy. Unlike the japanese who commit suicide after they lose a job, Filipinos usually have a positive outlook in life. That’s why we can always overcome the worst disasters in our lives. If you will compare Philippines to other developed countries, of course we will suck. But we dont drive planes into buildings. We dont run around school yards shooting school mates. Filipinos dont even need psychiatrists to get on with their lives.

    Look closely and stop being close minded and you will start learning.

    Oh, Tyler, for a change, can you point out what good things you have learned from the fils?

  169. John – LOL the comment about being beaten on TV was quite funny… i’d like to see that.
    Anyway, I live in Rockwell, Makati – not a crappy place as you know, but I see and talk to maids, guards (glorified door openers as one mentioned here), friends etc and know well enough what’s going on outside my box.
    Of course abusive husbands will be everywhere but it seems that almost everyone from the province has some gut wrenching story about something horrible, or women being forcefully married or sending money to their worthless husband.
    “middle east” in a very broad and generalizing term (I am aware of the irony of me generalizing on filipinos). Arab countries and cultures DO treat women very badly, true. I do not condone that either. Israel is different than those places and is very similar to other European countries.

    one more rant – did you ever notice how taxi drivers don’t know how to use their own shift stick?? a bit of uphill, third shift, car is dragging up the hill like a truck full of crap…

    • Tyler, I kid you not. I have always been able to get the flavor of ice cream I want with no problem. I have always been able to buy things in a supermarket with no problem. Why should I take your word for it when I have my own experiences?

      The only one who’s talking BS is you and you know it. 15 minutes in line to get meat…haha…if you really did wait that long i can only say that YOU are an idiot.

      P.S We all know you are a self-hating Filipino already.

  170. Just to clarify: I never said that I have not been inconvenienced by anything. I did say that I have never encountered something on the scale of what Tyler is supposedly claiming. I stand by this, because that is the truth.

    Yes, it’s true that some people have done ridiculous things. The difference is that these inconveniences are fixed quickly, and I don’t whine about them because they happen everywhere.

  171. John – “You know why Filipinos usually rank very high up in the happiest people rankings? Because they usually only need “tanduay” and friends to be happy. Unlike the japanese who commit suicide after they lose a job, Filipinos usually have a positive outlook in life. That’s why we can always overcome the worst disasters in our lives”

    just some food for thought tho for you, regarding overcoming the worst disasters etc – maybe if filipinos were not so busy being happy with what they have instead of trying to improve – they wouldn’t suffer so many casualties and so much damage every time something goes wrong… I’m serious, if sewage and draining worked properly – a lot of people would have been saved in Ondoy correct?
    has anyone learned any lesson? is anything being done so this will not happen again? is anything being rectified, built or improved? is there ANY movement by the people to demand changes from authorities? was there an investigation on how it is possible that in a country regularly suffering from typhoons – there is no proper system to handle it?

    The answer to all these questions is a big fat NO, and this is the point John, filipinos are not laid back and happy – they are mindless sheep to the slaughter. there is a saying in Hebrew – people are pissing on you and you say it is rain – meaning ignoring a bad situation and saying it’s a good thing (yes, I am really from Israel…).

    And lastly, for your question – yes, there are many good things here: I have a filipina girlfriend that I adore, the productive people who actually do something with their lives are happier and more cheerful than other nations, the country is beautiful yet untapped, and life is easy going, and I can definitely tell you that I enjoy life more than I did in stressful Israel.

    but as this is a RANT BLOG – I am ranting.

  172. @TYler
    watch imbestigador and you’ll be very amused. 🙂 every saturday, 10pm on gma7.

    Those provinces you usually hear bad stories from are from maids who usually go to the northern region of the Philippines like Luzon. They were usualy from the Visayas region were they are “forced” to marry some nutcrack.
    Don’t expect those taxi drivers to know how to shift gear, they dont even know how to drive safely. You can actually hear the gears grinding lol.

    Israel was like a european country that was somehow placed in the middle east. Just blow them damn hezbollah terrorists.

    @disaster topic
    The government wont give a damn. Manila used to look like venice, it had a lot of canals. And about demanding things from our wretched government, nah. Counting on the government to move is like waiting for santa.

    This is a weird thing but haven’t you noticed, everytime a disaster arrives minimum casualties(life lost) would occur. Only few people died from ondoy compared to other Asean nations who experienced typhoons. Haiti was ravaged by a mag7 equake. Philippines experienced that quite a few times with lesser casualties. Filipinos, to me, are like cockroaches, they dont die easily. Filipinos usually die from self inflicted damages ie smoking, drunk driving. Maybe this, unkille-able ability will prove useful in the future. Ondoy didnt have any great impact though, no one went to prison for opening two dams( at full release) at once while heavy rain was pouring.

    Yes there are a lot of good people around. You see them work hard everyday, but still, they are paid poorly. maybe this time, this coming election, this stupid Filipinos will finally use their brain and vote for a better president.

  173. @Tyler
    About the untapped beauty… Philippines has some of the most beautiful forests and awe inspiring views in the world that are in grave danger of being destroyed by our very smart government. By middle east i always mean arab nations. Israel should not be included because they are not like those nasty arabs. There are good arabs but there are a lot of very bad ones. Filipinos are usually beaten up for no reason by those arabs. Those homo freaks…

    Israel should move away from those arab nations imho. But yeah i know, its your real home. It was the land of your forefathers. Israel shouldve pushed deeper in the 7 days war. Should’ve driven those nasties into the sea. but then again its just an opinion lol.

  174. I don’t think Filipinos are stupid, but their leaders have made several bad decisions. Raising the rent to the Americans to unreasonable levels for Subic Bay was not wise. Why would you do that to a source of so many good paying jobs? There are plenty of places besides Subic if you want to have an industrial complex. Clark AFB might have been cleaned up after Pinotubo erupted if there had been some cooperation……
    Speaking of the Americans, go back farther in history. Why not divide the Philippines into three territories, (Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon) after WW 2 and go for statehood? Can anybody tell me with a straight face that the Philippines and its people would not be better off today as part of the United States? You can still take pride in your Filipino heritage even if you are American. It seems that so many Filipinos wish they were American.
    The wasted talent of the OFW’s is heart-breaking. The most industrious workers go overseas to find jobs? Too bad GMA and her cronies don’t do more to attract foreign investment (jobs0 to keep the people employed. If there were more jobs, most of the social issues would go away.
    Filipinos are not stupid, they have many fine qualities. Filipinas are stunningly gwapa. Sadly, the bad side of the culture is what people remember.

  175. Here are additional facts about the Philippines/Filipinos:

    1. They have a national hero, Andres Bonifacio. They also have another national hero, Emilio Aguinaldo. Aguinaldo had Bonifacio killed during WW1 in a move to preserve power. Who made both of them national heroes? The American wartime government did.

    2. Filipinos fought the Guardia Civil from the “Spanish” era up to WW1. The Guardia Civil is 99% made up of … Filipinos/natives — not Spaniards. They were having a civil war all that time. They can thank Spaniards for being so few while controlling so many.

    3. Corazon Aquino took over the presidency in 1986. The majority though she was the heroine they were looking for. The fact is, the Philippines fell into much greater debt, numerous coup d’etats and corruption than the previous terms (esp in 1989). I don’t know if Aquino knew it but she was a sacrificial lamb and the one who loved her the most were the puppeteers – the politicians who hated Marcos for not sharing the stolen wealth with them (and only them)

    4. MacArthur only returned to the Philippines because he was paid to do so. Period. Why be thankful to a mercenary? He would have done the same for the other side if the price was right.

    If the Filipinos don’t know these basic historical facts, then they are doomed to repeat the suffering and gullibility that has been present for several generations. They are being manipulated by outside forces and they don’t even have a clue why. It’s simple: Filipinos are being labeled stupid because they are being/were manipulated to be stupid. Left alone, Filipinos could have had made it much farther. But that won’t happen. Same with Africa and with most countries in South America.

    On the lighter side, I just saw an Aussie who was freaking out at a Filipino waitress. He was apparently attacked by a drunken Filipino (with flying bottles). I wanted to help the poor chap. I would have told him, “Keep your mouth shut, mate. Do you want to be kidnapped, forced to eat your own filth and dragged like a dog into the deepest forests of Mindanao?” But I didn’t because I was, well, not too fond of Aussies.

    • @John the 1st

      You mentioned comparing the Philippines with “other developed countries.” There’s one major flaw in your argument: the Philippines is considered a developing country.

  176. Andres Bonifacio isn’t the national hero…. It is Dr. Jose Rizal.

    If Marcos stayed longer, democracy will be lost. Philippines is one of the first in asia to have democracy. Also one of the few who tried to overthrow their conquerors, one after another.

    Aquino’s role in giving us back democracy is the best thing she did. The people loved Cory for what she did.

    Idk anything much about mcarthur though. You have any link supporting this claim? Id like to read it.

    The thing is, Philippines is still in ruins. We have been enslaved for hundreds of years. Its status today is unstable, like in the old wild west. Every government will experience turmoil in its own time. I have never seen any government run very smoothly in its early years. Eventually, our nation will be stabilized. Africa, is a country/continent that if developed, will possibly out power any European power. South America was, like the philippines, ravaged by foreign power.

    If you will study Philippine history, the years before the spaniards came, there were existing kingdoms in the Philippines. But they were divided. Some we’re at war with each other and some we’re peaceful.

    There are many nations that are still in their early stage. Give them more time to stabilize.

    • On Rizal: I was generalizing. Please rephrase national hero to wartime hero when appropriate. But then again, have a look at this:

      On MacArthur, it was written in books by Zaide and that big thick book used for History 1 in the University of the Philippines. He was a mercenary.

      If Marcos stayed in power longer, he would have died before the next term is finished anyway. He had lupus way back in 1985.

      The people loved Corazon Aquino because they hated Marcos (in general). But there is a difference in loving and actually praising. What economic and political stability did Aquino achieve? Seriously, what? It was Ramos and the military who was controlling everything from the background when Cory arrived. Even Cory admitted (in a song) that she was only “snap election” material.

      I actually would like for the Philippines to be saved. It has oil, it has lots of natural riches, and it has a hidden history of authentic culture. It’s just that it is being overrun by outside forces. How many times have there been suppressed news that leaked out from the jungles of Mindanao? Maybe you’ve read in a newspaper how the American forces massacred a small village there, and how the item mysteriously vanished the next day. Or how come there is a huge tariff on non-Japanese imported cars? Or how some visiting Europeans have diplomat car plates when they are only in the Philippines for a vacation?

      Here’s more info: when you see the Amero currency in effect, it is the sign that the Philippines days of “democracy” are numbered. Until then, good luck warding off the commentors who label the Filipinos stupid.

      • MacArthur was no fucking merc, he was a General. You Flips are so fucked on your history- he returned because U.S. Higher Ranks ordered him to leave because he was at risk of capture and he had to take control of other u.s. troops in other parts of the world. he didn’t return simply because he was “paid” to – idiot asswholes, he came back for the americans he had to leave behind, MacArthur could’ve gave two shits about you half breed duck monkey tagalog gabbing babboons… It’s called C-o-m-m-o-r-a-d-e-r-y, its respect for your FELLOW comrades.. besides that if he didnt return then everyone instead of half or most in the bataan death march would have perished. if i remember correctly there were worthless flips mixed in among those death marching and imprisoned by the japs- it only took a hand full of RANGERS and a few decent flip fighters to get them all out. RESEARCH YOUR HISTORY A LITTLE FINER BEFORE BASHING GREAT AMERICAN GENERALS- DICKWODS

  177. @Stormvoy

    I agree. Cory hadn’t done much. Everyone here knows that for a fact. It was the transition back to democracy that made her special, nothing more. lOl

    I dont always believe the Zaide books. I have had some of those since high school and i have read a lot of inaccuracies but its has some good parts too.

    The americans have always been up to something.

    The Philippines has one of the richest lands on the earth. If a smart and righteous president would come, we can quickly rise into the first world class. Right now, we are being controlled by foreign powers that have to be purged.

    Wow, i’ve never heard of the amero. But i doubt the people would peacefully accept the amero in th Ph.(amero sounds really funny though)

    • What do you mean “your history”, retard? I’m not even Filipino. You assume too much, being a brainwashed American; or are you really one or just a recent migrant? Well, it doesn’t matter. You sound black to me.

      McArthur was paid to “return”. I am not badmouthing your precious hero, I am simply stating facts. What history book/video did you get anyway? The ones your brainwashed teachers/co-idiots gave you? Why don’t YOU do some serious research. And stop assuming you can “remember” well because I can tell your brain’s getting prematurely old.

      Here’s a search string hint: Hong Kong. Dollars. Issued. MacArthur. In Shame. Save face.

      If you have a computer, don’t spend 90% of the time jacking off in front of it, it’s got other uses too. And well, if you can’t handle the truth then you’ll just die an imbecile along with the rest of your people who are brainwashed. Idiot.

  178. That last comment by me was for AllAmerican, btw. Happy duck season, AllAmerican, you old fart. Keep living in the dark.

  179. Here I thought McArthur fought the Nips because of Japanese aggression against America (Pearl Harbor) and the fact that the Philippine Islands presented a substantial investment for the United States – that is, being American property and all.

    You always learn something new everyday.

  180. Just because Filipinos are the most annoying, sluttiest, laziest, oblivious, people on Earth does not make them stupid as a race. Every race/culture has their degenerates and annoying habits. Filipinos tend to take theirs with them wherever they go instead of adapting to advanced cultures that know better than them.

    Don’t assume they are stupid. They can be trained.

  181. @Level

    valid point. i experienced a baranGAY tanod pointing a gun at me, and one eavesdropping in front of my apt. i wonder how they would justify such rude and crude behavior.

  182. One very uncharacteristic post from me:

    I had 2 experiences in the past week –
    In the first, I brought my girlfriend (Filipina) to a Hebrew holiday dinner (passover) here in Manila, with about 10 other Israelis. it was the first time most of them met her and it might as well not have happened at all! no one barely acknowledged her when I introduced her, and no one made the slightest effort to speak to her in English even though everyone’s English is perfect. more so, when I spoke to them in English to make sure she understands – they replied in Hebrew! I do not expect them to speak in English all night just for her, but a fucking show of effort would have been respectful and nice!

    On the other hand, I just got back from a 3 day vacation with my girlfriend and some of her distant relatives (not even first family). none of them spoke more than 5 words in English but they made me feel so welcome and spoke to me as if I was a member of the family, and also told her I am very friendly because we were communicating somehow. they helped us set in, get everything we needed, made me breakfast etc just out of kindness.

    my point is – through my girlfriend’s life, I got some additional perspective. not a new one (I still think Filipinos are very stupid mostly), but an addition – they may not be the smartest, but SOMETIMES it’s enough to be human… sometimes drinking fine wine and cheeses doesn’t make you more cultured than eating rice and corned tuna with your hands.

  183. Wow, lots of posts. I thought this thing died.


    Told yah, Filipinos are very warm when it comes to guests. My grandma used to tell me about how we should treat guests(foreigners). She told me that we should let them use our fine china collections as a sign of friendship even if we ourselves dont use it because of its value. We share our best materials to our guests. That is a custom here in bulacan.

  184. some are stupid and some are not,

    but mostly those who took a depressed foreigners are the most stupid ones…


    Foreigners who are looking for Filipinas because they maybe cannot find a good one in their homecountry.

  185. @Tyler

    great post. i have to agree. i’ve had similar experiences, especially when i travel to the provinces. i always can find someone who’s willing to show me around, etc. my gf’s family is similar. even though they’re not wealthy, they try to be as hospitable as possible whenever i i visit them. fils.

    eating with hands doesn’t bother me. it’s a cultural difference that’s practiced in various countries. that said, there are certain behaviors that are generally considered rude throughout the world. pointing, cutting in line, spitting anywhere, and gossiping are some biggies. staring is another one:

  186. Ahhh.. F_@% it… you filipinos are the MEXICANS of the South East, GD monkeys. Always talking sh_t and backstabbing everyone… money grubbing gold diggers

    • And you Malaysians are landgrabbing our Sabah!
      Give it back to us! You “Malingsiah”s (Thief in Indonesian) take advantage of Sabah oil to get rich!


    • I’m not trying to deliberately insult any people. These are based on my observation and study. (And does not reflect the individual person’s decision, yet these are cultural behaviors).

      I think most of the shanty dwelling ethnolinguistic groups in Manila are Tagalog-speaking Ilonggos (Jejemon cliche inventors) and Cebuanos (significant part are victims of white slavery).

      Tagalogs in Manila are the original settlers so why do they need to build shanty on their original land. Tagalogs are pragmatic, street-smart and good artisans (of prehispanic smiths). Pampangans and Sambals are ambitious, cultured and also pragmatic (and craftsmen too like Tagalogs). Southern Luzoners are urbanized people since pre-hispanic times (Fortified cities/towns of Maynilad, Namayan, Betis, Lubao, Maysapa) and also “lantaka” (bronze cannon) makers of pre-hispanic times (Panday Pira). That’s their regional quality. Batanguenos are the best blacksmiths in Luzon prized for their Balisongs (Long, sword-sized butterfly blades is their thing in the pre-hispany until banned by Spain), Keris and Gong-making.
      Pampangans are known as a naval prowess since pre-hispany. Such evidence is the “Lacsamana” (Admiral or Almirante) social-class who commands fleets of lantaka (bronze cannon) armed Caracoa (Battle of Selurong 1600’s).

      Don’t worry I’m not Tagalog. I’m Ilocano and most Ilocanos have no love living on uncultivated lands like Bicolanos/Ybanag (Farming is part of our regional culture). Pangasinenses has best methods in fishing (Piloting aquaculture cultivation is their ancient trade circa prehispanic times). Another Northern Luzon quality is it’s people are hardworking and thrifty(mostly stingy, that’s our culture here) and to the point of anti-aesthetically simplicity on luxury. Most Ilocanos have relatives in Hawaii. Bicolanas are noted for they’re beauty (which is I find true, I have many Bicolana acquaintances). Ilocanos have also high emphasis on education.

      Highlanders (Coldillerans and Lumads) are good hunters, brave and hardworking (Banaue terraces). But hot-headed. They’re also creative (weaving by T’Boli tribes, woodcrafts for Coldillerans, bronze-smithing for Bagobo/Manobo).

      Waray are know for their hot-headedness, bravery and knack for blades and also smithing “Sansibar”‘s (Waray Longswords/Schimitar).

      Cebuanos/Ilonggos/Panay are excellent mariners and fishermen.

      Ilonggos are soft-spoken (yet dangerous). Cebuanos are frank and hot-headed. Akeanons are good boat-makers.
      Visayans are friendly and smiling-faced people. They tend to be happy-go-lucky and hides they’re problems with just a smile.

      Moro or Muslim Filipino brothers have the knack for trading and commerce. They are hot-headedly brave and artistic.

      Filipino-Chinese or “Chinoys” are also trading people, thrifty, stingy, creative, industrious and hardworking.

      Badjaos are the best boat-makers and mariners in the Philippines.

      Ivatans are resilient people who lives in the stormy (northern edge islands of the Phils.) Batanes. They are also a noted boat-makers and mariners.

    • @Airfield.

      You are clearly talking about Visayans, not Tagalogs. Visayans’ speech remind people of fart sounds, that is why they are always made fun of by their fellow Filipinos. They even established the Visayan Foundation to save the poor Visayans from the cruel .. aww heck .. from everybody else in the world.

    • Do Not Insult the Monkeys.. Monkeys are our good.

      Philippines is backward, 3rd world Nation….

      Philipppines is the “SICK MAN OF ASIA” akin the Mexico ” SICK MAN OF NAFTA”

      East Asians in china, korea, japan, korea have an IQ of 105 compared to the standard of 100… Five points above 100

      South Asians (philipinos) have an IQ centered at 85… Eighty-Five.. Yes.. there is a 20 point gap between the East Asians and the South Asians…

      Filipinos are the Mexicans of Asia… They will do the dirty jobs No one will do….

      IQ… Intellignece… IQ of 85 is the root-cause of the problems with the philippines…. yes, it true…

  188. @airfield, you are obviously an uneducated mutt.

    you’re kind usually go to poor areas then rant about it, you cant afford to go to venice? paris? ofcourse, you’re a poor foreigner LOL. i wonder if you can afford to go to upper-class places here. you’re comment really made you look unintelligent. try reading the posts above and study them so that you don’t make a stupid impression on people around you.

  189. Truthfully I searched naive first. Why? Because I have met two intelligent people out of all the Fils that I have talked to and listened to and I’ve talked and listened to a lot of them. The others don’t come off to me as stupid but more like innocent. Even the grown people from there have asked me or said things that a young child would say and ask. They are also extremely gullible and if you try to warn them about something they ignore you and go right ahead and get themselves into trouble.

  190. Trust me people filipino students are even worse, Im a filipino as well but I recieve high grades in school but my fucking classmates always try to convince me to join them in drinking parties saying that i can think of my future later , stupid right?

  191. i am a flip. well at least thats what mom told me?
    i was born in america and DUDE! filipinos are not dumb ok?

    im graduating, and im 15.

    so who’s dumb now??

  192. @Joseph

    Dude, ever wonder who taught Filipinos how to drink their brains out? Americans. But it’s not as worse compared to the US, drunken college orgies, it’s like the American dream. Frat boys drink like idiots. half naked chicks chugg like sinkholes.

    And not everybody drinks like that. There are a lot of Filipino students who cant afford lunch because they are poor. But still they go to school. Maybe you refuse to look beyond your nose. I have a few mates that i give some of my money to because they have no money to atleast have a decent meal.

    Generalizing is stupid. Everybody does their share of stupidity. It’s how you look at them that defines you.

  193. This thing is still alive and kicking! Why can’t you people just accept that there is hardly any “intelligent” life on this planet.

    @chris anyms
    Regarding treachery and general stupidity, please watch this educational and interesting documentary by Michael Moore entitled, “Capitalism: A Love Story.” It seems the yanks aren’t so different from the flips.

    Not the least bit surprised at the behaviour of the Jews. That is why everybody they encounter since the beginning of time wants to exterminate them…nobody has succeeded…yet.

    • Dude,
      Seems like you hate everyone which, to be honest, I can relate to, sometimes.

      however, I did not say anything about the jews, I said Israelis. Israeli mentality is crap but also brought great things to this world.

      from your reply I understand you are waiting for someone to exterminate the jews.. well, if you are so tough, come here and start with me, should be interesting. cunt.

  194. It seems to me that they have an odd sense of reality. For instance, Fils. claim that they “invented” the fluorescent light bulb, the moon buggy, and the incubater. It’s an interesting bit of historical revisionism, but it’s 100% BS. GE was already selling flourescent light bulbs when supposedly a Fil. name Flores received a patent from a French company.

    A Fil. was on the design team of the moon buggy, but he neither had the original concept of the moon buggy, nor had any patents for it.

    The incubater? A Fil. apparently did some research for it, but that’s about it. No patents, which is what counts if you want to claim that you’ve “invented” something.

  195. @ True Pinoy

    Why are you contradicting yourself?

    First you said GE was selling FLBs then came a Fil who seems smart enough to have a product patented.

    Then on the third paragraph you said a Fil did some research on an incubater? Are you talking about that thing that incubates, the thing we call the INCUBATOR? Anyway, you contradicted yourself by saying that patents prove that you invented or have gained the rights to a product. Does that mean that Flores actually IS the LEGITIMATE owner of the FLB?

    Dude, its pathetic.

    • @John the 1st

      I can’t be bothered to reply but your comments are so far off that I had to, lest you spread your stupidity on these boards. So let me get this straight, you actually believe that a Filipino named Agapito Flores-(cent) invented the flourescent bulb and isolated inert gases at the comfort of his own home without any theoretical background in physics and chemistry?

      Dude, it’s either you’re just naive or you just know shit, but I’m willing to bet you just know jack-shit. For the record, the flourescent bulb was invented as far back as the 19th century by the Europeans. Designs were already made by German, Irish, American and British inventors. Even commercialization came in as early as the 1930s by using patents already existing at that time. I’m not even making this up, look it up. It doesn’t even take a lot of effort due to the wonders of the internet but you still believing in your bullshit urban stories takes the cake. Not a surprise there considering you are a Filipino and your shithole of a nation has contributed nothing so far to the world except cheap sluts and mail-order brides.

      • Oh crap, another guy who doesn’t pause and reread things. I am not saying that i believe it, there are a lot of lies in this world. Even mathematical formulas have limits.

        I was merely stating that he was contradicting himself.

  196. I have to Agree the majority of Filipinos are Stupid, specially the poor,


    I meet a lot of smart filipinoes,

    and that Itachi Guy is a Fucking Idiot, go ahead prove to us your knowledgable on Differential Equation, Go ahead and ask him a Question on Differential Equation, lets see if he can answer it for 30 minutes,

    Its easy to post and lie, fucking stupid kid,

    • we study Differential Equation in 8th grade in my country , n Calculus ( if u even know vat that is) before we graduate from school . . .

  197. And yeah, I hate it when Filipinos dont follow Road Laws, the so called Professional Drivers (jeepney drivers) dont know traffic signs and traffic laws, People Throw trash anywhere and cant even form a single line,

    I do believe many many many filipinos lack dicipline,

    but theres still hope,

    Personality Responsiblity and dicipline is the key.

    Anyone Knowledgable on Differential Equations, Pls Ask that Fucking A hole Itachi guy a Question on Differential equation, let him solve the reply within 30 minutes, and you guys will confirm he just a rertarded poser and one of the Stupid Filipinoes you hate,


  198. Also many Filipinos dont walk through Pedatrian Lanes or Overpass Crossing for Pedestrian, even if its just meters away, they rather run through busy highways for convienence,

    Fucking Stupid behavior I must say 🙂

    Many Filipinos are stupid, but many are smart and educated,

  199. I don’t think stereotyping a certain race/culture answers the question about many individual persons.

    As what study shows, Filipinos in the Philippines got 87 I.Q. grades while privileged areas such as the Greater Manila Area and other urban conurbations rated significantly higher than those from the rural areas.

    On my observation, educational privilege and access to quality educational institution/materials/compensation such as money allowance (material/money that can be used as a bribe for the student to try harder, believe me this occurs many times), books and other materials (pencil, pen, paper etc.), internet, computer, affordable quality schools, sustainable classroom and to lesser extent, the student’s mood (like classroom decoration, “neatliness” or cleanliness). These makes my theory that socio-economic status is the larger chunk out of all the factors pertaining to a person’s intelligence.

    Also, another factor on my conclusion is culture. Confucianism or other philosophies highlight the importance of education as an embodiment of happiness in life. Asian tradition (East Asian and Southeast Asian) also value the importance of education (especially parents that nag about homework and early sleep) as the key to one’s success or happiness and the best way to get out of poverty. Here in the Philippines (especially Ilocano tradition, because I’m such), my parents emphasize education as the only best heirloom they can give to me.

    Another factor is family encouragement. Children belonging to broken-family tend to have less motivation to study which means less grades. It’s also interesting to note about a country’s educational institution’s style/way of teaching. Japan/China/Korea/Philippines/Thailand/Vietnam/Malaysia/Taiwan tend to have a rigid educational system (and even stressful like giving dozens of homework everyday). Western Education tend to have a more open or liberal approach to education and has strong emphasis on self-expression.

    – Jes Legarde Cruz, Camiling, Tarlac, Philippines

  200. I’m not trying to deliberately insult any people. These are based on my observation and study. (And does not reflect the individual person’s decision, yet these are cultural behaviors).

    I think most of the shanty dwelling ethnolinguistic groups in Manila are Tagalog-speaking Ilonggos (Jejemon cliche inventors) and Cebuanos (significant part are victims of white slavery).

    Tagalogs in Manila are the original settlers so why do they need to build shanty on their original land. Tagalogs are pragmatic, street-smart and good artisans (of prehispanic smiths). Pampangans and Sambals are ambitious, cultured and also pragmatic (and craftsmen too like Tagalogs). Southern Luzoners are urbanized people since pre-hispanic times (Fortified cities/towns of Maynilad, Namayan, Betis, Lubao, Maysapa) and also “lantaka” (bronze cannon) makers of pre-hispanic times (Panday Pira). That’s their regional quality. Batanguenos are the best blacksmiths in Luzon prized for their Balisongs (Long, sword-sized butterfly blades is their thing in the pre-hispany until banned by Spain), Keris and Gong-making.
    Pampangans are known as a naval prowess since pre-hispany. Such evidence is the “Lacsamana” (Admiral or Almirante) social-class who commands fleets of lantaka (bronze cannon) armed Caracoa (Battle of Selurong 1600′s).

    Don’t worry I’m not Tagalog. I’m Ilocano and most Ilocanos have no love living on uncultivated lands like Bicolanos/Ybanag (Farming is part of our regional culture). Pangasinenses has best methods in fishing (Piloting aquaculture cultivation is their ancient trade circa prehispanic times). Another Northern Luzon quality is it’s people are hardworking and thrifty(mostly stingy, that’s our culture here) and to the point of anti-aesthetically simplicity on luxury. Most Ilocanos have relatives in Hawaii. Bicolanas are noted for they’re beauty (which is I find true, I have many Bicolana acquaintances). Ilocanos have also high emphasis on education.

    Highlanders (Coldillerans and Lumads) are good hunters, brave and hardworking (Banaue terraces). But hot-headed. They’re also creative (weaving by T’Boli tribes, woodcrafts for Coldillerans, bronze-smithing for Bagobo/Manobo).

    Waray are know for their hot-headedness, bravery and knack for blades and also smithing “Sansibar”‘s (Waray Longswords/Schimitar).

    Cebuanos/Ilonggos/Panay are excellent mariners and fishermen.

    Ilonggos are soft-spoken (yet dangerous). Cebuanos are frank and hot-headed. Akeanons are good boat-makers.
    Visayans are friendly and smiling-faced people. They tend to be happy-go-lucky and hides they’re problems with just a smile.

    Moro or Muslim Filipino brothers have the knack for trading and commerce. They are hot-headedly brave and artistic.

    Filipino-Chinese or “Chinoys” are also trading people, thrifty, stingy, creative, industrious and hardworking.

    Badjaos are the best boat-makers and mariners in the Philippines.

    Ivatans are resilient people who lives in the stormy (northern edge islands of the Phils.) Batanes. They are also a noted boat-makers and mariners.

  201. @Jes Legarde Cruz

    both your efforts are being wated here my brothers, these westerners and some dumb folk think our culture stink. They see their own culture as the perfect ones. Eventually, we will get the chance to prove ourselves, after all, we are good survivors, unlike these non-bathing westerners. 😛
    Oh, and these capitalist(oil suckers) turds will eventually self destruct.

    Why is it that whenever a Flip go to some western country, they always nag about stinky people? Not enough soap? xD

      • Instead of implying some group of people for canine species, isn’t gourmet Chefs have high sense of smell?

      • ” ISNT gourmet chefs have a high sense of smell” ? ? ? vat does dat even mean ?????????
        correct ur grammar first , then we’ll talk . . .

  202. im a flip & i agree with some of the comments in this page & i personally avoid flips. but i know myself and a few flips who also hates these kind of flips. im thankful coz my parents raised me very well so i didn’t end up like the other bad flips. flips are even biased even to their countrymen. i know, coz lots of them, tried to hurt me only coz of crab mentality. but i always think that everybody, whatever their nationality, religion, color or cultural influences has or have their own flaws. nobody’s perfect. even your ten fingers are not the same. if we think of flips like these, then we should try to help in our own way. if we think, we’re too smart, then we should try & help others improve. this is life, there are people who will piss us off every now & then. but if we let them really piss us off, then who’ll lose. u may be angry, a flip hurt you once, but not all flips are the same. who are we to judge anyways, we are full of flaws in everyway… everybody is just who they think they are. its either you live, to please or piss someone or go in between. either way, whoever you are, don’t be too judgemental, coz you don’t want your Creator to overly judge you in the end.

  203. -were not stupid, we rock the world, were not lazy & we work hard for our future, we dont mess around or do some drugs like young americans do. we study hard, we help our communities. & we TRUST each other.

    • “were not stupid , we rock the world”
      — do u mean Karaoke by that ?

      “were not lazy n we work hard for our future”
      — Oh REALLY ! ! ! the only hardwork Pinoy knows is how to sleep all day NOT work or study . . .

      ” we dont mess around or do some drugs like young americans do ”
      — yap , here its more common than in American

      “we study hard , we help oour communities”
      — DAT is why its hard for school graduates to even SPELL simple words like PHYSICS ? ? ?

      “we trust each other”
      — BULLSHIT ! ! ! filipinos dont even trust their relatives coz ALL of them are liars , forget about the general pinoys around them . . .

      With you saying all the things u said , it just proves that YOU are also a LIAR , n same like other pinoys you simply dont want to admit your flaws . . .

  204. we’ve had estrada as a president, revillas as senators, pacquiao for congressman and a whole bunch of stupid people in the goverment. who voted for them? of course the majority of filipinos. i can go the whole week complaining about the stupidity of most filipinos. mind me, i would never vote for those stupid “officials”. and i still have the faintest hope that my countrymen will go smarter one day. (gibo teodoro for president)

    • How about the pornstar Mary Carey for gubernatorial candidate of california, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gary Coleman, MANY MORE!

  205. Well here in Canada there are a LOT of filipinas coming to work as nannies. In Canada, most of the times the white women want to continue their “careers” and “lifestyle” so they hire nannies from overseas to take care of their children. There is a “hole in the wall” in the immigration system which allows them to become landed immigrants after two years of working here, so Canada is a haven for filipinas, who then after start bringing all the family troops into the country. Filipinas are the typecast nannies in this country. Nannies and nurses are her main occupations, rarely seen as full professionals (i.e. engineers, doctors, like chinese women)

    Most of the filipinos are quite plain people. They seem like they just came down from the mountain. Their way of speaking english is rough and plain, their tagalog dialect is a mush of english/spanish/malay phonetics. Although they are cordial, they don’t seem to understand complex interacting. I’ve seen filipina nannies playing with their kids in charge like they’re kids themselves. These girls are sometimes easily taken by guys, realizing their mistakes much later on. Old white guys who have been bitten by their white wives/girlfriends are the most prone to pick filipinas, either for sex fun or for a more stable relationship. Filipinas will send money to their families like addiction. Rarely a filipina will live standalone, and the ones they do will sooner or later get attracted to money and even gambling.

    The way how filipinas interact is sometimes plainly stupid. They have a HUGE predilection for food. Every gathering is immediately followed by some huge lunch or dinner, and it’s a pride to be photographed at the table with their empty plates after eating. Some of them do not use utensils, i.e. they eat rice with their bare hands. If you and your filipina girlfriend are driving somewhere, and her friends appear on the way, they will take over and will ask you to take them where they want – your aims become null. Yes many of these women are nice but there are strong caveats with their plainliness and their ties to their families, advocating them before you (even if the men in their families back in the Philippines are lazy asses spending time with their lovers)

  206. if in a country where student who are school passouts cant EVEN spell ” Physics” . . . i’d call it stupid . . . ( applicable especially to Philippines ) . . .
    . . . these people dont even know their National Anthem . . . forget the rest . . .

    • Is there any evidence not pure accounts for your argument? Or you just got your statement from your inventive mind?

      • i saw that on your favorite show ” Wowowee” it was some kind of a graduation day special where only school grads were allowed . . .
        when the students were too dumb some1 called me to see it . . . . EINSTEIN . . .

    • Your referral to the ranking of Filipino being ranked @ 2 above number 5 ranked non-Hispanic whites. Of all 1 thru 7 only the whites traditionally live in homes without extended family member. Included in household income would be all member in the home that are income earners As in aunts cousins. So if you household has 5 for an example people working vs. 1 or 2 in the average Non Hispanic white household you should have a higher household income, but not a higher personal income

  207. I admit Philippines lacks a good government for it’s hardworking people to have work/job. It is the lack of jobs that forced others jobless, not out of personal choice or laziness. Then if you decide to establish business, you also lack capital. Is there really a choice?

    • @Jes Cruz
      i wanted to help a filipino bcz he was educated but STILL poor . . . i gave him capital for the business he wanted TWO times . . . as i thought he failed the first time bcz of plain bad luck . . .
      but after the second time , i wasnt convinced by his reasons , so i started finding out WHERE the money went . . .
      ANSWER – half to cockfights , n the other HALF to gambling . . since then i dont feel pity at any one of them . . . they are poor cz they are just downright LAZY . . .

      • Cockfighting money is nothing compared to your VEGAS CASINOS you mutt. Think before you speak.

        In the USA, Filipino Bachelor and Higher Educational Attainment Percentage (47.9%) is higher two folds than the general White population (27%). Filipino Median Household Income is higher, compared to Non-Hispanic White population which accounts to approx. 74 positive negative of the Filipino counterpart. This proves the fact that Filipinos are not lazy and productive (Under a good government).

        and one thing, your downright AIRHEAD! — Greetings from RP.

      • And still, about the mistress thing, I’m not stereotyping or whatsoever, Public sex is such not a rare sight there isn’t it?

        Who’s more of an animal than us? Is public sex a human thing?

  208. guys STOP criticising filipinos so much . . . or else i’ll sue you by The Animail Rights Act of blah blah blah . . . leave the monkeys alone . . . LOL

    • I bet your imitating Chris Crocker from Youtube, your downright GAY!

      Your much more of an animal compared to me for not knowing the word RESPECT? do you have any?

      • public sex is NOT a human thing , i agree . . . but getting happily PAID for public sex ( referring to ur filipina sister whores out there ) is WORSE right ? ? ?

  209. Try to leave this place jes. You’re bound to encounter dumb people. These people don’t have any sense of morality. All they care of is intelligence. That’s why they invented their A-bombs so that we, the not-so-smart people will always be afraid of them. Oh they are so smart they pollute the earth like they have a replacement. They are so smart they preach democracy through bombs. They are so smart they don’t value the lower levels of society. They think they can live without us, “the lesser people”

    Oh, and have you heard recently? That these racists burn our houses because they are soooooooo jealous we excel on their own land? Ain’t that funny? Westerners aren’t capable of success here in our ‘lesser’ lands but we can outsmart them in their own lands. Ain’t that pathetic for these so-called smart people?

    @jes, the people you encounter here are the crap of their society. Do not listen to them. Do not think badly of their people just because one westerner gave us some bad impression. The rest of them are kind and helpful. I bet most of those foreigners ranting here are either below average(mentally or socially). Remember, these dumb asses have low EQ, that’s why they rant. 😛

    They hate us because we are becoming better while they are worsening. Rest of the world see us as good people. Rest of the world see them as racist crap people.


    i’m going to canada. you better prepare yourself. I will become richer than YOU. And i will see you serving food me in a restaurant. 🙂 kidding, i will most likely greet you and invite you for a meal, like all Flips would. 😉

    • @ John
      yeah u would greet him n invite him for food n THEN . . . try to borrow money from him , n NEVER give it back – like all filipinos would !

      • If i can give him free food, what’s the sense of borrowing? You’re a no brainer aren’t yah?

      • bcz the money will be worth more than the food u’ll give . . .
        COMMON SENSE John , “Use Your Boco” . . .

  210. I really hate Filipinos. They irritate me so much. I hate their culture and the way they act. Each and every single one of them is the same. Violent, ignorant, very dimwitted, and angry people they are. I would know this because I am half Filipino. I have been to that shit hole country twice and each time was a nightmare! My mother is a full blooded Filipina that was born and raised there. She got lucky and ended up in the states because she tricked some idiot marine into marrying her and taking her to the U.S. That would be my father. He even regrets bringing her here. She has been in America longer than I have been alive and she has the worst accent ever. Not only that but she has an annoying screeching crow voice and yells at the top of her lungs every time she gets upset over nothing. I blame this on the culture. The Filipino soap operas all have the same shit. Yelling screaming, the beating of children ( I have experienced all of this myself through my idiot mother ). That country has the worst education. Many of the Filipinos are downright stupid. I live in Georgia where all the dip shit rednecks are and when I went to the Philippines it’s like I never left home. The only thing different was that they were Asian and there were palm trees everywhere. I’m made fun of here for being “brown” and I was made fun of over there for being American. I say we just nuke the Philippines!!! …. and the state of Georgia. Let me pack up first.

    • Jah, them’s the break kid. Sorry you have stupid, fucknut parents and have the skin color of my dog’s turd. It must be tough. Why don’t you kill yourself?

    • Why don’t you renounce your heritage and have your skin bleached (like MJ’s) and adjust your facial features (like MJ’s). I bet there are many Plastic Surgeons there. And don’t forget to blonde your hair.

      Idiota, hijo de puta, cojones, pendejo…

      • he can get his SKIN bleeched but not his BLOOD u know . . .
        dats y he’s STUCK with ur SICk nationality . . .
        even Mosquitos are better than u people , atleast they just take a small portion of the blood . .
        but when u people see a foreigner , u try to take ALL what he has without any kind of conscience . . .

  211. @Jarvis
    First of all you are a violent, ignorant, very dimwitted, and angry person. And you are the product of crap so i call you a fil-am crap or just plain crap who doesn’t know his own nationality.

    Your way of speaking just made you look like an idiot. Being the child of an Idiot makes you an idiot. You’re dad was stupid and for marrying a stupid fil, i bet she’s from the lower social class. Stupidity, it can be inherited – you are already demonstrating it. Being a child of a brainless couple makes you what? Any smarter? I bet not.

    One word of advise, use your brain if you even have one.

  212. The problem here in the Phils is the lack of education. Lots of flips want to go to school but cannot because of lack of money. In the west, things are easier. Going to school is easier, getting a job is easier. And yet a lot of you would just stop studying after high school. I’ve seen kids here in the Fils who have no shoes but still, they would go to school. The problem here is is that you westerners think its easy to live in the Philippines. Have you ever tried not to eat for a whole day so that you can pay for your school fees? Have you fuckin tried going to school all wet because you can’t buy a fuckin umbrella? Have your family shared a single can of tuna for dinner? Damn, all your ranting makes me sick. I thought westerners, of all the worlds people can understand the grave reality of poverty.

    • NO John we never suffered like that because we are not lazy n we care about our kids n thats why we WORK . . . something u people dont like to do . . .
      Rich or Poor . . . my own experience in Phils before showed me that you ALL simply believe in FREE MONEY . . . not HARD-EARNED money . . .
      when we are tight-up financially we do overtime to EARN money , not like you people you leave their houses to “FIND” money . . .
      “asa ka pare”
      “panghita ko kwarta”
      heard that MANY MANY MANY times there . . .

      • Oh, i don’t really know if you’ve actually seen a flip.

        You don’t know anything about making money in the PHils. You BETTER SHUT THE FUCK UP. Try pulling your head out your ass. My family has three maids. Before we hired them, they work on fireworks factory that gives them 60 fucking pesos a day. They would get an additional 10 pesos for over time. You dont fucking know what you’re talking about. What’s 60 pesos gonna buy?

        I have a classmate who works for jollibee at night and would go to school the next morning. The friend of mine still can’t fucking afford a new calculator! That’s how fucked and unfair things are in the Phils – white people cannot survive here. I don’t think you can either.

        IT’s like a game

        USA – Easy
        Europe – Medium
        SEA – Hard
        Africa – Insane
        Dictatorlands – Brutal

        That’s how easy it is to live in your country. You don’t know true hardship(you just think you know).

      • Ok ! forget developed countries for a while . . .
        look at Korea , India , China . . . they were also in ur country’s condition NOT a long time ago . . .
        but look where they are NOW . . .
        n as much as i know about these countries is that they focussed on EDUCATION . . . NOT on getting pregnant at 17 or else finding a rich foreigner for themselves to become rich . . .

        U deny it or u accept it , filipinos as the one of the worse in returning borrowed money . after borrowing they just start making excuses or change their mobile nos.

        n that my friend IS called believing in free money . . .

        even ur 3 maids would do that if they get a chance . . .

  213. Filipinos are exactly liar they said its great and they are disturbing bunch of crap stuff i just laugh what they said about this :O

  214. If you don’t like Pilipino, the whole Philippines or any of our culture.

    Things that you must do:
    1. Don’t live or visit in the Philippines or do any business here. We don’t want you here or any of your money.
    2. Don’t make friends with a Filipino or don’t marry one.
    3. Don’t say any racial words in our faces and expect something nice in return.

    For you foreigners who don’t like the Philippines Go Fuck Yourself and go back to your Fucking country.

    And for the Pilipinos who don’t like this country and your own people (if there is some in here). Go get a boat and go in some country and i hope you will have a good life.

      • Haha, who’s talking now, after Europeans exhausted spices, culture, gold, and wealth from Asian countries, so that they can live prosperous now.

        Look whos talking. FUCK YOURSELVES n STOP slaving other countries.

      • @Rolly who asked for your fucking help? And FYI We don’t ask any of your governments (Free help). Government AID doesn’t Mean Free of charge, You dumb fuck. Those AID(Money) are being Lend to the Philippines and will be back to your fucking country with interest so what the fuck are you talking about?

        “Help” doesn’t mean Free Dumb ASS learn to read a book about how business in politics works before you post any stupid comment here.

      • @ Useless Arguement
        b4 calling ME “DUmb Ass” , go read some proper newspaper Einstein ( the ones with some REAL news , n not pics of nude gals )

        a foreign LOAN is a LOAN , it is supposed to be paid back , OK , i agree . but try to find out YOURSELF u BUTTHOLE , how much money Phils has got for as “HELP” , means “FREE”
        . . . btw , also try to find out how much of that was transferred to Erap’s personal bank account . . .

        KNOW THE FACTS , THEN SPEAK . . . or better SHUT UP . . . with that dirty mouth of urs . . . IDIOT . . .

      • Your dumber than i though, ask yourself this and i bet your mama even knows better than you.

        Is there free money in this world? or i can make this simple so that your “logical mind” can cope, If you have to give money to someone and your a businessman do you expect something in return?

        You trust someone and lost your said “millions” and you blame the whole pilipino people for your stupid ass and you troll here.

        Why won’t you file a complain in the NBI instead of trolling here, you dumb fuck.

      • My guess is that he used money on Illegal contracts, that’s why NBI can’t help him. He must have thought of easy money like most foreigners do.

      • @ useless argument
        i did bro . . . i DID contact the NBI , they REALLY helped me out bro . . . thanx for the advice . . . n i take back ALL my words on this blog . . .
        sometimes brothers DO fight bro . . . hope u understand my situation too n forgive me for my blogs . . .
        i take all my words back . . .

  215. I just want to add my 2 cents.

    I know many Filipinos in Canada-including close family friends and acquaintances- and after all my experiences I find Filipinos (overall) low-class, low iq, unambitious, with low standards.

    Firstly, very few Pinoys are educated. In fact most of the kids (esp. boys) drop out of school and engage in low-class jobs (janitors, apt building repairman, etc.). I can talk to fellow Indo-Paks, Chinese, whites, etc. and talk about career but Filipinos…nothing.

    Secondly, they tend to be so cheap in their mannerisms, how they furnish their house (cheap tacky collectibles like white trash and cheap furniture). The way they talk is also so annoying with that horrible nasal acccent and cheap nicknames “allloo Pinkeeee”. Yuck.

    Third, they act so ghetto and often thing they are so tough and scary. I like Oriental girls but when I find a girl is Pina I know her background is low. The guys like to think their tough like blacks or Mexicans, but they are just woosies and give off (often) a gay/tranny vibe. Quite a few women have lesbian lovers complete with mustaches. I’ve heard that’s because so many men work as sailors or abroad.

    Furthermore, the women aren’t that attractive at all. Pakistanis, Indians, Spanish, Lebanese, Chinese, etc are hot and exotic. Filipino women are quite short, flat-faced, have pudgy noses, etc. White men love them but white men don’t know beauty. They see any ‘Asian’ and they find them exotic. Whatever!
    Also, Filipino women marry anyone. I know several poorly educated black men who are married to Filipinos. I know a Pakistani guy who married a Filipino women- I lost respect for him for marrying something any desperate man can get.

    People say “Asians” are smart. Usually they are when we look at 3 groups: Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. The Chinese control and rule much of the Filipino economy. Pinoys can’t do that- too lazy and disorganized. All other Asians are lower- Indonesians, Malaysians, Thai are below them and the Vietnamese, Loatians are below them. At the very bottom are Filipinos.

    You can argue all you want about pros and cons- but generally Pinoys are friendly yet still low-class, a little sneaky and definitely dumb!!!

      • Your dumb, coz you judge without studying facts. Your plain slanderer.

        How about you check this out to see who’s on the bottom, I see whites has lower rate of college graduates than us (US Statistics):

        So we got 47% College graduates on your US Schools and you racists & supremacist have only 27%?

        If it’s a lie, I don’t know about US Statistics.

      • btw the stats is about ASIANS in the US . who ARE competitive enough . but since when did u start thinking that filipinos are upto the standards of Chinese, Japan, South Korean , Malaysian , or Indian intelligence ? ? ?
        Phils is one of the worst countries in Asia when it comes to education . . .
        i dont talk all this crap about other asian countries . . . but i DO about Phils . . . cz there’s a big difference . . .

      • n also remember that the
        Chinese – known for being good at business
        Japanese – known for being good manufacturers
        South Koreans – known to be good in IT ( by dat i DONT mean call centre agents )
        Indians – known to be good engineers, doctors n scientists

        What the hell are filipinos known for in developed nations ? ? ?
        read some new and you’ll know . . . i just dont want to say it myself . . .

      • @Rolly

        That is what you think if you just see the whole picture and watching TV too much. You should research, not generalize and learn to respect what others have. I think your paying attention much on details not facts.

        Pfft.. US media.. sensational and turns somebody to an idiot. Same as the media here!

      • @Rolly

        When it comes to education?? Are you sure?
        Why do South Koreans go here for education since 1960’s?
        Not only it’s cheap but why pick cheap that is substandard? They have their own universities there?

        It seems we are just unlucky because of turmoils and political instability for the past 3 decades that hindered opportunities.

        We have high literacy rate.. compared to other S-E-A countries…

      • And it’s not Asian Statistics you idiot simpleton..

        Should I highlight..

        “Non-Hispanic Whites”???

        Are non-hispanic whites Asians too?


      • @ Jes Cruz
        i finally took time to go ahead n read ur links . . . all the bullshit there is as much true as Filipina being a “Conservative” . . . . LOL
        if u really believe that filipinos are smart people , God Help You !
        when i was in Phils , EVERYDAY i encountered mind-boggling stupidity happening everywhere . . .

  216. Brown & Real

    @Yeah, very true. Very good observation for an idiot.

    What do you mean exactly?

    low iq
    with low standards

    Ok let’s start with this. Are you, yourself a high class person, i’ve never seen a high classed person waste their time on hate threads or whatever this is. Low IQ, yeah, what’s your occupation? Are you more valuable than me? Unambitious, what do you mean. Ambitious enough to attack other countries for oil? Low standards, now that has no proper meaning at all.

    You know why i think you’re a low class person? Because of your company, you’ve told me your friends so you’ve told be about yourself.

    Have you actually met any Flips? I think you’re just making your stories up.
    Next time you rant, back them all up with stronger backgrounds. You looked helpless. Try rewriting you’re rant like what tyler did ^^^^^^^^^^^^ way up.

  217. Brown & Real

    BTW, why is canada importing tons of engineers and medics? Does it mean that Canadians aren’t producing enough? You’ve ran out of white collar workers. I think the problem canada is experiencing now is it’s people’s lack of will to go to college, like what america is experiencing now. They would like to settle on EASY jobs that don’t require college certificates. Are you a college grad?

    Philippines has TONS of engineers, nurse and doctors – that shows our will to get a better life. Our own land just doesn’t have enough because we’re still recovering from the f*cked up plan the marcos regime made.

    • Do u have ANY idea . . . what r filipino docs known for ????
      they’re just known to b dumb n incompetent . . . n by my own personal experience – IT’S TRUE !

      • So why do other countries import them if they’re dumb?

        I think your only experience is to waste yourr time on hate threads.

        Your the dumBEST! 😀

      • Have you actually ever gone out of your moms house? Have you even paid her the money she spent trying to educate you?

      • @ Jes Cruz
        every1 knows that the DOCS in Philippines go to the States n work as NURSES there . . . fuckin funny right – does that indicate that they were very good as Docs ? ? ?
        n the Engineers from Phils are just used for running the errands of a REAL Engineer abroad . . . be TRUE , n DONT deny it . . .

        @John the 1st
        first of all when i support my family , i dont COUNT how much they spent on my education . . .
        secondly , my family is proud of who i am – n i am NOT just a Seaman or a JANITOR working abroad ( which makes you people proud) .

      • So that means, they’re hiring engineers, nurses and doctors just to do errands? heh.. pathetic reasoning you’ve got.. very illogical on my perspective. Why would companies on your country waste money on uncompetitive workforce? Aren’t companies supposed to survey and hire first?

        My father was an engineer who worked abroad, Libya and U.A.E.

        He’s not the highest of sorts but (not for sakes of boasting) he’s become the chief structural engineer on (Alulawawi?? Can’t read much Arabic scribbles).

      • @Rolly

        I was not really talking about the amount of money. I was merely stating my point. I don’t really think any parent would be proud of a racist son/daughter. Unless of course if your parents are racist too.

      • @ Jes Cruz
        just temme one thing – Filipino docs go to the States n work as NURSES or not ?????????????
        n by my own personal experience , i’ve seen the filipino Docs dont know nething but the basics of biology which i studies in School in my country . . .
        n when it comes to engineers , well if they are so brilliant , why could’nt Philippines repair its airport radar in Manila itself last month ? ? ? ? ? they had to call engineers ALL THE WAY from India to repair it . . . . dat proves my whole point . . .

        n when it comes to education in Phils – EVEN the English teachers in the country dont know how to speak ONE English sentence properly . . . God knows if ur other teachers know their subjects or not !

        n btw . . . u claim ur father is the “Chief Structural Engg.” , n u dont even know WHERE he works ? ? ? that sounds pretty believable to me . . .

      • You don’t really know anything about engineering don’t you.

        Engineers are not allowed to tamper with others works – i.e. the radar. It’s the same as losing the warranty of an appliance after tampering with it yourself.

        Why would a doctor try to be a doctor when it’s more logical to become a nurse. It’s an utter waist of time for a doctor who just wants to earn money by studying medicine in the respected foreign land. Doctors here earn as much as a nurse can earn in the states. Applying as a nurse cheaper and less complicated. A doctor who wants to become a doctor in the states would need to study again for an awful lot of time.

        And if we are really bad in our english, why would the japs, chinese and the koreans go to the Philippines to study English? Why would they bother?

        Come on mate, you’ve got to be better than that. Use your brain.

      • @ Jes
        first of all , could u explain me the logic behind a DOCTOR wanting to a NURSE . . . r u stupid or vat ? ? ?
        filipino docs become Nurses in the States cz they arent QUALIFIED enough . . .
        n when it comes to the radar in Manila . m talking about an Airport Radar dude , NOT about a RIce Cooker , whose warranty would be void if u try to fix it urself . . . THINK b4 u SPEAK . . .
        ur engineers were SIMPLY INCAPABLE of fixing it , thats y they had to get engg. from India for it . . .
        n when it comes down to the japs n Koreans coming to Phils to learn English , believe me dats even a JOKE for me . . . me n my friends laugh about it many times . . .

      • @Rolly

        You are dumber than i thought. When we talk about large equipments, warranties are very valuable. An engineers work is different from another engineers work. Those radar system you were talking about were prolly made in india. Tampering with it would be stupid. EVERY ENGINEER KNOWS THAT. You’re not an engineer(obviously), you can’t understand any of this. I’ll soon be graduating as a Mechatronics Engineer. I haven’t graduated yet but i already have 3 job offers(one is foreign). I’ve been training in some companies and I know what i’m talking about. If you have no knowledge of a certain area, better not talk about it, you’re just making yourself look stupid.

        Are you making fun of the japs, chinks and koreans? They study English here whether you believe it or not. I even gave a few of them some pointers and some short lecture. You and you’re friends? Are they laughing because of what I told you or are they laughing because they think you’re an idiot? Better think twice mate.

      • @ John the 1st
        my own dad is a Deputy Director in an international airport , so dont try to tell me about airport equipments A#hole . try getting knowedge yourself n THEN try arguing with me . . .
        u people never Knew anything , n will NEVER kNOW anything . . .
        STUPID IDIOTTTS . . .

    • Yes, small dick yet we do not fuck a monkey for testing, (or pleasure) that paved the way for a disease killing thousands like AIDS.

      Yes, small dicks, yet we don’t contract Syphilis and STD like YOU~

      (I bet you don’t know the meaning of Syphilis, try Wikipedia)

      I think your Gay, coz your fond of comparing dick sizes you have tasted. ROFL!

      • @Rolly, your stupid coz you think a man with a same nationality has the same body. Ohh, All Japanese have slanted eyes? All Indians have natural mascaras? All foreigners have large dicks?? Are you jokin? or just out of this world (fruitcake).

        Can’t you distinguish someone sulking from someone admitting something?

      • All Japanese dont have slanted eyes , but most’a them DO ,
        All Indians dont have natural mascaras , but most’a them DO . . .
        same way . . . . . . . . ( you guessed it . . . LOL ) . . . .

        God gave you beautiful gals , but didnt give u the tool to satisfy them . . . guess dats what nature calls a JOKE !

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  219. For unlimited stereotyping, degrading, humiliating, hate, bigotry, trolling experience:

    White Supremacists: PLEASE GO HERE:

    We also have a simulation game for exterminating “lesser” races.. ALL FREE!

    Non-Whites NOT ALLOWED

  220. I think, some are stupid. I do stupid things sometimes. 🙂 And then later, I try to make up or fix it. Ting, your blog is colorful – lots of different emotions around. I think, before I post my replies here, I better double check my spelling and grammar. hehehe. The problem would be… if I would know it’s a mistake.

    • it doesnt matter if m American , European or Australian . . . for u people i’ll still remain “Joe” . . .
      . . . m simply some1 who was impressed by the fake “filipino hospitality” at first , n made the huge mistake of investing in ur country . . .
      it was not a small buss. , every single transaction was not less than a million pesos . . .
      i delivered the product to several exporters there , n EVERY1 of them promised the payment in 2 DAYS ! but after they got the delivery , no FUCKIN EXPORTER paid . . . just kept saying “ugma n lang” n “bukas n lang” , this reason n dat . . . .
      these were RICH millionaire people i was dealing with . . . n they NEVER paid . . . after 8 – 9 months when i started getting angry at them , they threatened to kill me . . .
      this shows how immature the people are in ur country . Rich or Poor , educated or uneducated . . . i’ve dealt with them all . . . all are the same . . . freakin’ idiots . . .
      seems to me that they just grow PHYSICALLY with age , MENTALLY – big NO . . .

      • after my experience , i’d rather trust a Snake than trust a Filipino . . .
        i lost millions there JUST because of the filipino habit of LYING . . . .
        n now Jes dont go ahead n say that maybe i just dealt with the wrong people there , cz some of the ppl who still owe me money are ur Mayors n TV Celebrities too . . .
        n btw m not even counting how much i lost trying to “Help” poor people in my neighbourhood . . . same like the exporters , even their nos. changed after they got my money . . . .

        All are the same in ur country . . . freakin’ bunch’a LIARS !

      • @Rolly

        That actually showed that you are stupid investor. You gave them money for their word. Dude, you’re STUPID. You TRUST very easily, you’re STUPID.

        They weren’t immature, YOU are. They we’re prolly laughing coz they stole money from you. Just like stealin’ lollipop from a kid. Looks like you are a very trusting little mutt are yah? YOU MAKE ME LAUGH! It’s like asking random people to take a picture of you while you give ’em your cam. xD you really make me laugh!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

        YOU are beyond stupid. Don’t return here, you’re too stupid to live or invest here.

      • @ Jes

        u can call me stupid if u want to , n can laugh at me if u want to . . . but i grew surrounded with people who had something called “Word of Honor” . I never expected so many people to lie so shamelessly .

        n btw , i didnt give them MONEY , i supplied them some agroculture product . i had before n i still have the reciepts for everything , but these people were pretty powerful in their localities , n fighting them wud just mean an invitation to a murder attempt .

        Maybe i wasnt street-minded enough to do buss in the Phils . bt i just wanted a fair buss. , NOT a bussiness with fights n murders for money .

      • @ John the 1st
        “It’s like asking random people to take a picture of you while you give ‘em your cam. xD you really make me laugh!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!”

        WOW . . . so nw ur telling me that u cant even trust a random person to take a pic of urs without stealing ur Cam ? ? ? THIS shows what kind of a SHITTTTY country u live in . . .

        Try going to other countries ( except Thailand , Russia , Czech Slovakia ) n you’ll see WHAT it means to be civilized . . .

      • I’ve always wondered mate, why can’t you give us your country of origin? Why do you keep avoiding that question? You’re scared? Cuz your country is prolly more disturbing than ours? Come on say it! Too scared little girl?

        You’re logic is very very truly pathetic. Everyone made a fool out of you. You lost four million pesos with your own plain stupidity. You’re dumber than a piece of rock. I bet you will continue to lose more your entire life cuz you are nothing but a dumb idiot who blames everyone for his own stupidity.

        HAH! You can’t say your country because you are DISGRACE. You’ve made your country look like it’s filled with spoiled dumb asses. Your country doesn’t deserve you! Nobody deserves you. Good thing you left Phl, you made my country stink with your scent. Four years of throwing your filth around. Hideous.

    • if ur so proud of philippines n think that filipinos are honest , GET ME BACK ALL MY MONEY ! ! !
      . . . n if u can do that , i’ll lick ur feet n drink ur pee LIVE on ABS- CBN . . .
      bt i know u cant, cz probably even u KNOW how much of a LIAR u people are . . .

    • @ Jes
      try putting YOURSELF in my shoes , n u’ll know what m talking about . . .
      i didnt come to Phils with a bad impression abt filipinos , YOU people created it . . .
      . . . after my experience , n a loss of millions of pesos , why the FUCK should i respect u LIARS ? ? ?
      u people are nothing but scum on earth , hope that nobody else makes the mistake of trusting u people the way i did . . .

      • @Rolly

        Seems like you’re the stupid one. Same shit will happen to you everywhere because you’re too trusting— and of course, stupid.

        Anyway, it’s wrong for my people to have done that to you, especially for someone who thinks he’s helping people. But i bet you’re not as dumb/trusting as you once were. You had the potential of making more money so don’t feel bad. You’re prolly luckier than those other white people that went here and got kidnapped–and beheaded– by the abus. Just consider yourself lucky that you ain’t dead — yet.

        And of course I feel sorry for you. Oh well, I hope you learned something from these past events.

      • Ok.. Millions.. 😀 your making me laugh,,

        Why would a rich person waste his time trolling on forums.. you should have been busy acquiring assets and updating your portfolio, there are many opportunities for investments for a rich person, there are no investments here than hate and pathetic mumbling.

        Trolling on sites like these does not take back your supposed “Millions”…


      • @ Jes Cruz
        vat do mean ? ? ? millionaires ( in pesos ) dont go online ? ? ?
        u just prove my point even more A&*hole ! ! ! dat u people are JUST too stupid to even have an argument with , , ,
        btw . . . best of luck for ur COCKFIGHT tomm. . . .

  221. @Rolly
    Ok.. Millions.. your making me laugh,,

    Why would a rich person waste his time trolling on forums.. you should have been busy acquiring assets and updating your portfolio, there are many opportunities for investments for a rich person, there are no investments here than hate and pathetic mumbling.

    Trolling on sites like these does not take back your supposed “Millions”…


    • Millions eh? Did they actually ever exist? I think it was just a few thousand dollars amplified by the local peso. He actually thought he was rich! LOLOLOLOL!

      • @ John the 1st
        shit people like you who dont even know how many digits there are in a million , pls dont comment . . .
        ever heard of fishing bussiness in Phils ? ? ? not the small fishing boats , m talking about the fishing vessels u ppl call “sipper” . . .
        i invested in that . everything is simple in it , get the labor , get the supplies needed , SAIL . wait for it to return approx in 15 days , get the fish , deliver it to the exporter , get the money ( its never less than 1.5M ).
        BUT , the last part of it , which sounds the easiest also , turned out to be the hardest one – GETTING the money . . .
        i had 2 fishing vessels there , one cost me 2.5M pesos , the other one 1.7M pesos, both were used ones .
        many exporters took my delivery , promised the payment in 2 days cz “its a company policy” , but AFTER two days the stupid reasons started , n i never got paid .
        even CHILDISH things like changing mobile nos. were done ( WHO THE FUCK , leaves millions when a simple mobile no. is changed ??? )

      • @ John the 1st
        shit people like you who dont even know how many digits there are in a million , pls dont comment . . .
        ever heard of fishing bussiness in Phils ? ? ? not the small fishing boats , m talking about the fishing vessels u ppl call “sipper” . . .
        i invested in that . everything is simple in it , get the labor , get the supplies needed , SAIL . wait for it to return approx in 15 days , get the fish , deliver it to the exporter , get the money ( its never less than 1.5M ).
        BUT , the last part of it , which sounds the easiest also , turned out to be the hardest one – GETTING the money . . .
        i had 2 fishing vessels there , one cost me 2.5M pesos , the other one 1.7M pesos, both were used ones .
        many exporters took my delivery , promised the payment in 2 days cz “its a company policy” , but AFTER two days the stupid reasons started , n i never got paid ( i waited more than a fuckin year ).
        even CHILDISH things like changing mobile nos. were done ( WHO THE FUCK , leaves millions when a simple mobile no. is changed ??? )

      • LOL! dude, i know math. You make me laugh! Are you ROLLY? I don’t remember talking to you.

        I bet i’ll beat you in any math skills. I’m an engineer FFS.

      • @ John
        well . . . i dunno wtf is FFS . . .
        just temme ur no. or any means of communication , maybe skype or something , n then lets see if ur claim about Mathematics is true or not . ..
        ur an engineer right ? ? ? wtf do u know about maths ? ? ? Trignometry ? or basic calculus or what ?
        fuckin LETS DO IT !
        lets c if u can really Walk the Walk , or do u just Talk the Walk . . . ! ! !
        ( can Never believe a FILIPINO can beat me when it comes to education, they’re just too stupid )

      • And now why would i give a vital info to some wacko? You sure you want to give me a way to track you or send some unwanted material to you?

        BTW, there is no MATHS, just math.

      • @ John
        lol . . . ur just the kinda DOG who just knows how to BARK n not to BITE !
        ur bloody scared to facing me 1 on 1 when it comes to maths . . . even though ur some kinda n “FFS” engg. . .
        F$#k u liar . . . ur the same as all the others in ur country . . . a simple BLUFF . . .

  222. @Rolly
    is the least you can do is to get revenge? revenge is not here, your in the wrong place.

    It’s like shooting a shotgun on a crowd to kill the criminal..

  223. Why stay in a place where it’s dirty,the people are stupid and lazy.I’d rather stay in the comforts of my well built mansion and sip my margarita!

    You’re all the same…you think you’re better than anybody else. Your being white is JUST a birthright.Haven’t you noticed?America is sinking!!

    Many are dirt poor,eating rubbish,and uneducated!!

    The US isn’t super power anymore..wake up!

  224. MAYBE m stupid bcz i was not used to such liars in MY country ! ! !
    i thought people have values n can be trusted !
    but in Phils even ones father cannot be trusted until he signs on an affidavit !
    THIS is the kinda FAMILY VALUES u have . . . total BULLSHIT ! !!
    u people go the church every Sunday , but STILL have no souls . . .

  225. @Rolly

    LOL, why can’t you tell us what country you’re from? Can’t you defend yourself? I don’t think you can. Agricultural Product equates to money smart ass.

    Come on, if your so honest, why can’t you tell us where you’re from. I bet you’re from an honest country. 😀

    But still, you are STUPID. IT WILL NEVER CHANGE THAT FACT. And if you are a REAL business man and not some stupid dollar man who thought his small money can grow here without actually using his brain then you don’t believe ‘word of honor’.

    Doing business without leverage, LOL, you get dumber by the minute.

    Still feeling the protection of anonymity? For a seemingly white guy, you sucked it real bad. Now i bet your seemingly big dick can save you huh? Dumbass. You’re a shame to white people, stop posting.

    • @John the 1st

      So you’re actually happy that Filipinos are known to be liars and thieves who have no word of honor? You know, it’s people like you that make me ashamed of my heritage (which is part Filipino) because asshats like you who run amok, like they were just released from their animal cages, are allowed to do what they want without any consequences for their actions. What’s worse, you tiny brained numbskulls actually SUPPORT these behaviors because you actually think it makes you look “smart”, when in reality the only thing it makes you look in the eyes of the international community are a bunch of dishonest pricks who can’t be trusted and would rather do business somewhere else. Then at the end of the day, you people call them “racist!” for speaking out their experiences against you leeches who are utterly useless in almost any field (except in being ‘hambog’ and pretentious liars of course, you dumbfucks excel in that).

      Way to go genius, you just proved what he was saying all along. Seriously, it’s people like you that give the Philippines a bad name and I can’t wait for the day that you roaches are exterminated on the face of the Earth. At least the number of morons in the world population will significantly drop.

      • @anonymous

        Another dumb reply. Was there a sentence I wrote that made me look like I support liars? Come on show me brainless mutt. I am opposed to lying! There’s nothing COOL or SMART about lying!

        Could you kindly reread all my replies so that you will know what I am and who I am.

        Not cool man. Not cool.

        It’s people like you, who wouldn’t bother listening or knowing the other people’s side that makes this world a warzone. People like you who dont read the whole shit before giving a conclusion. Seriously dude, read my other posts.

      • BTW, you are the one who’s running amok. Look at your posts. I am calm in most of my sentences while you, on the other hand, is not demonstrating any form of civility.

    • first of all , it AGROCULTURE , not agriculture . . . but i guess u filipino college grads dont even know the difference between the two words . . .
      2nd , 4.2M pesos investment is not a small money OR a small buss. specially for you people . . .
      n . . . u said . . .
      “And if you are a REAL business man and not some stupid dollar man who thought his small money can grow here without actually using his brain then you don’t believe ‘word of honor’. ”
      . . . lemme ask YOU do u even KNOW the meaning of the phrase “word of honor” ? ? ? it seems u dont , cz ur post doesnt make sense dumbfuck ! try to learn proper ENGLISH first , n THEN reply . . .

    • Dude, you’re dumb. Not only are you a fucking twat, you also give out excuses like there’s no tomorrow:

      “You gave them money for their word. Dude, you’re STUPID. You TRUST very easily, you’re STUPID.”

      Why is it that you Filipinos need to have the word EXPLICITLY said when anyone with a half a brain with the proper comprehension of the English language would know exactly what you’re talking about. In case you’re forgetting what I’m referring you moron without a brain, the fact that you flamed him for trusting a man for his word of honor SPEAKS A LOT about YOUR VALUES and ETHICS as a whole. The fact is you folks cannot be trusted and for insulting him instead means you SIDE with already prevalent Filipino practices and that is lying and cheating to get what you want. If you really disapproved then you wouldn’t have said that in the first place.

      I know it wasn’t really smart for him to trust a man over promises done orally but your comment shows a LOT and it shows how utterly misplaced your views are. Do yourselves a favor, stop making out excuses. If there’s one thing I hate about you Filipinos it’s that you’re just chronic liars and do not ever accept your mistakes. Stupid is as stupid does.

      BTW, another case on why you sea monkeys are dumb, ever watched the recent Mendoza debacle? You morons sure are INCOMPETENT and STUPID.

      • Yeah anonymous(another sissy who can’t show his face/name/home because he’s more stereotyped).

        I was merely making him feel really bad. I ‘flamed’ him and set him ablaze because he started insulting my people(You would do the same, if you are patriotic at least). Everyone who has a sense of patriotism and dignity would protect people who can’t protect themselves. But i admit it, it’s wrong of me to do those things. I think I apologized to him already.

        Do you know anything about ethics? I bet not. Do you give out you’re services to poor people? I bet not. Do you feed people from a tenth of your income? I bet not. Do you help the people in grave need. I don’t think so.

        About the Mendoza crap, that’s our NATIONAL SHAME. I have no further comment on that f*cked up event. Hell i would sue PNP if I can. It’s kinda’ weird though, Mindoza killed 8 chinese, while the chinese are slowly killing all of us with their lead filled milk, egg, toys. Maybe we Flips should start OVERREACTING TOO. Maybe we should try sinking chinese ships killing our turtles, stealing our fish, moving inside our territories.

        Oh, and there is one thing I hate about you proud people behind your monitors? You bully the little guys.

        You have no idea who I am. I have no idea who you are. I cannot tell if you’re really a racist or not. This is a RANT thread filled with anger and hate. I pour out all my anger here, keeps me from being irrational outside of my house.

        *Ok, I will stop answering rant messages here(except for the one i am talking to now) because it would just make me feel angry too. I better do my job in helping my FILIPINO people into progress.

      • @John the 1st
        asshole , that guy was a fuckin relative of my wife . . . as a human i didnt expect HIM to cheat me , but he did . . .
        maybe i was stupid to trust him , but the way I was raised up , i thought atleast RELATIVES CAN be trusted . . .
        i just knew after coming to phils that there Are people who value money more than blood . . .
        U SICKKKK FILIPINOS . . . .

  226. Not all of filipinos are bad . Some are just AWESOME . . . an NBI agent helped me out with all my payments n made my life happy again . . .
    i apologise for all i said bad about filipinos here . . . chill guys . . . brothers DO fight sometimes . . . 🙂

    • If you don’t get angry at bad things, somethings wrong right? It’s a normal thing. Are you the same crazy Rolly i have been exchanging funny conversations for the last month? So what happened? You got your investments back?

    • @ Rolly

      BTW, are you still gonna honor the peeing on ABS CBN thing? That would be awesome, i don’t like ABS CBN. 😀

      • i didnt get my investments back YET , but now some REAL progress is being made by the NBI for it . few arrests have been made n properties been seized . . . hope to get my money soon
        . . .

      • he he . . . well , i said that if YOU would get that done. right ? but i guess this time its the nbi , not u , or else maybe i wud’ve got OBLIGED to do so . . . he he . . .

  227. I’m half Filipino and half white.

    Intelligence is indisputably rooted, at some level, in genetics. There are many scientific blogs that explore these types of issues. E.g., the gene expression blog at Discover Magazine: There are many elucidating examples of this fact (e.g., students from black families making over $100k make less than those of white families making less than $30k, the children of high IQ parents [whether white or black or whatever] regress towards the mean IQ of that race, etc.)

    My family is pretty educated, and has attended some of the better universities in the US. I was always surprised by the dearth of Filipino representation at elite American universities compared to other Asian Americans. I was also intrigued by random anecdotal experiences in the Philippines suggesting a lack of intellectualism/intelligence. For example, the Philippines was one of two countries who supported McCain more than Obama (Israel was the other), the culture is very flashy/entertainment based, and–seriously–I’ve had really bad experiences with a lot of call centers based in the Philippines. Obviously my experiences shouldn’t be considered as generalization for an entire people, but it did make me curious enough to research the issue.

    And then I go online forums like these, and even the smarter comments by Filipinos are, well, kind of dumb. I’m not saying the non-Filipino comments are smart–they’re pretty dumb too. But it would be nice to see some Filipinos argue in complete sentences, without using “ur” or “bcoz”–because yes, these are indicators of (lack of) intellect.


  228. @J

    After writing tons sentences, you yourself will also appreciate the use of ur and bcoz. When i was younger and haven’t learned much about internet, i would always use proper spellings, grammar and the like. I eventually ended up using shortened versions of words. It has it’s uses too. Now that I am attending an engineering course, I learned how to be more efficient for instance, pressing shift while typing capitalized letters can be a bit of a time consumer if summed up.

    Also take note that we Flips from the Philippines have been using our mobile phones mostly for text-ing. Flips eventually found out the using ur, u, coz, and bcoz is most efficient since text messages limit the number of letters per message. Efficiency is the reason we use such things. But I do not tolerate such things on formal occasions because it looks disrespectful.

    Gamers also use shortened words because it is bothersome to type in whole words. I hope that gave you an idea. 🙂

  229. Come to Saipan! Chamorro people are the native islanders here…But…..Majority filipinos……Minority Chamorro…..Their like cockroaches they just keep multiplying with no stop sign…..And to top it all off, their as STUPID as STUPID can be!!!!!!!!!

  230. i’m a filipino,
    i agree with most of you that my countrymen are really dullminded, with short or no visualization
    i really hate these countrymen of mine because they are already stupid and to add to that they boast!, they look at your slightest mistake and make it extremely big just so they can have fun…
    (For Boys) They really have no sense of their future, in their early days, what they do is tease, fight with other boys to show they’re strong(but stupid), go to the computer shop play games and watch porn — and expect that they will live a good life im infuriated!

    (For Girls) They don’t care if the boys lust on them, stupid bithces, the only thing they think about is getting the boy of their dream, no matter what method, even though they know that the only thing the boy wants from them is Sex!, and them comes the time she begins to be pregnant and regrets everything so stupid!!!

    The primary reason my countrymen are like these is because of the carelessness of the parents, and the personalities of the youth of being weak willed, even though they know it is wrong, they still do it just not to be out of place…..
    Ive had this experience, where i thought my friends were good friends, when comes the time they started doing bad things, i went away from them, and then started to tease me even more, bully me, but i dont care, they have a bad attitude, then bad future, i wasn’t influenced by them, therefore better future…..

    Some other problems are having no sense of improvement and CRAB MENTALITY( people, sometimes even your friends, try to pull you down from the top, even though you’ve done nothing wrong just because they are envious)
    and sometimes, people mock you for being excellent, just because they aren’t hate it! hate it!!


    • another, most of my countrymen attend church then learn nothing, even the priests are horny people, thinking only about sex,
      if you’re a boy in our country and thinks clean thoughts they’ll call you gay, i dont see the connection( there really is none), just because most of them are horny people, doesn’t mean i have to be one of them, this is one of the reasons our population is bursting, a boy, pretending to love the girl, then haves pre marital sex, them marries, then haves lot of children, both of them are stupid,
      therefore, chances are, their children will be stupid or even more stupid than them…..

  231. Some Filipinos are not that intelligent, just like other other people in different countries. Fuck even american people can be stupid too.

    • Yes , there are stupid people in all countries , but only a FEW . . .
      but in Phils , only a FEW can really think more than sex or cockfight . . .
      u people just fail to think further than todays meal .

      • So that’s why a third of the world’s sailors are flips, because they are ‘dumb’. Moving ships must be VERY EASY. Now i wonder why these so called smart people can’t automate them.

  232. What do you mean filipinos are stupid? Why are americans have billion of dollars in debt with the chinese? Why did americans have election tampering during presidential race in florida? Why did americans invaded the middle east? Why do they have fucking depression….If you can answer this i am very relieved because I’m glad filipinos are not the only one in this damned world who are stupid……Remember before the spaniard and americans invaded our country we are traditionally have our own fucking datus and rajahs….You know what the invaders are all BI(bad influence) hahahahaha……

    • vat do u have to say about the Phils President Noy Noy Aquino smiling when he went to the bus hostage location ? ? ?
      does that seem like a very nice thing for a PRESIDENT to do , especially when its FOREIGNERS who got killed ?

    • vat do u have to say about the Phils President Noy Noy Aquino smiling when he went to the bus hostage location ? ? ?
      does that seem like a very nice thing for a PRESIDENT to do , especially when its FOREIGNERS who got killed ?
      does it seems to u to be a very INTERLLIGENT thing to do ? ? ?

      • We do have Rajah’s before, what are you talking about? and the smile of President Ninoy’s on that stupid buss it is a smile of discontent, Most of us if we get frustrated or angry we just have to smile and from the back of our mind “Damn, i want to punch this guy”. It is to avoid confrontation and confrontation is our last option.

      • damn, how stupid can you be? do you know what the word culture means? Philippines have been one of the diverse culture in South East Asia, We have indians, Chinese, Malays, Aeatas etc. etc. working side by side a thousand of years ago before the spanish came here in 1521. Actually we have alot of culture/s here in the philippines, Do you even know what you are talking about? We have our own beliefs just so it DIFFERS from different parts of the Archipelago.

        We do have civilization here before the spaniards came, Learn about the whole philippines before you open your mouth.

        Funny how you are calling other people an idiot while you yourself have no clue on what you are talking about.

      • And btw, just a little bit of knowledge South East Asia have alot of Rajah, Indonesia, Malaysia, Indian, Singapore or even Pakistan have rajah, There’s no historical fact where the word Rajah originally came from.

        Just because indians are using it now that doesn’t mean the word Raj or Rajah came from them. OMG a higher being more than a filipino don’t even know that.

        Note: Philippines have it’s own language and alot of natives or in the provinces are still using those.

        Philippine Rulers are called Datu, Rajah And Sultan.

      • so where’s ur true language NOW ? ? ? why are u people using spanish , indian n english words with tagalog ? ? ?
        learn about ur own history first THEN talk to me . Rajah IS an indian word , n i read it in ur own filipino history book , which was also published in the Philippines . . .
        u people dont even have ur own way to write ! ! ! u use english alphabets . . .
        talk sense here man . . .

      • You are very funny, You mean to say that the every Pilipino is not even using there own language, do you know the Philippines have around 50 dialects, Tagalog is composed of those dialect that have been mixed in 1 single language.

        Philippines have been a trading ground back in the days, Malays, Hindu, Chinese even the Arabs went here to trade.

        And yeah about the english alphabet why won’t you tell me that the Mexicans are not even using there own Alphabet. We do have an alphabet system used before the spaniards came, but you should blame the history as the spaniards burned those books.

      • @Useless Arguement
        Now ur saying that even Mexicans do so . its almost like saying “his shirt is dirtier than mine” . try comparing urself to countries like China , America , Japan . . . not Mexico or Vietnam etc to make urself luk good ! ! !

        Reasons , Reasons , Reasons . . . dats all u people can give ? ? ? the day u people start giving RESULTS will be the day u’ll end up becoming something more than servents . . .

      • @ Useless Argument
        so u mean after the Spaniards burned the books , the filipinos didnt have the guts or knowledge to print their own to preserve their culture ? ? ?
        now dat proves dat u were stupid since before . . . nothing else . . .
        they could’ve burned the books but not the knowledge in one’s brain right ! ! ! then WHY they couldnt preserve it ? ? ?
        stop playing the blame game here n start talking about the RESULTS ! ! ! cz THATS what civilized people DO n u DONT . . .. .

    • LOL. My PEOPLE, my uneducated people. Fucked up because of a selfish dictator that sent us back to stone age, sent us into a hell of bankruptcy. The world used to love us, about 50 years ago. So unfortunate.

      I didn’t vote for noynoy because i think he was too sissy. But i’m gonna have to put my faith in him.

      I hope that before I die, my people would be a proud and respected race. :/

  233. HELL YEAH !
    My wife is a filipina , after living with my family for a year , when she went back to visit the Phils , even SHE now admits that filipinos are STUPID , they never admit their mistake , always make excuses and ALL are LIARS .
    she herself got frustrated by all the bullshit on her visit home last month and doesn’t want to go there again .

  234. Yes filipinos are stupid alright,

    the poor families, usually consist a mother, a father and 5-10 children (or maybe 20) will go outside and do endless protest and blame the government for their poor status.

    But did the government persuade them to be horny and have sex all the time and produce offsprings nearly every year?

    but filipinos can change, WE can change.

    its only time that will dictate when is that going to happen.

  235. we, filipinos, are never stupid! it’s just that some of us are not making use of their brain cells; thus many sad events happen in their lives. still, others tend to use their brains in wrong doings! who can forget the computer virus that the filipino made that invaded the privacy and nearly destroyed the computer systems in the world! haha. yes that deed is evil but…do you think a moron can do such stuff? hell no!….hey look fellas, filipinos are never stupid for so many reason i won’t bother enumerating like the way you don’t bother to count how many pubic hairs do you have! don’t judge us by the wrong doings of some of us because its never right to judge a house being filthy and dirty just because you saw a poop in the doorway… ( what’s with that analogy?…lol) the thing is, your countrymen (if ever your not a filipino or pretending to be not) also does some stupid, hilarious things so its never right to label us as stupid just because some of us are…which is a normal thing in the first place… 😀

      • I must comment on this one even though I wasn’t here for a long time:

        Jeko – you are a complete moron, only proving your idiocy with trying to give smart answers. you are indeed retarded beyond belief…

        If you had any brains at all, I believe what you COULD say is that filipinos are not necessarily stupid by lack of attention in class, but because they are hardly provided any means to learn, any stimulation or motivation from family/friends/teachers and its not completely their fault that they turn out stupid…

        but YOU are stupid.