First Pinoy Idol: Gretchen Espina

The finale of Pinoy Idol left me confused. It has been a week since the much-awaited night, but up until now, I wonder on what criteria they chose the big winner with. Is it based on text or the Judges’ votes? I have nothing against Gretchen Espina. She is a good singer, even if the judges were mean to her in their comments. By the way, congrats to Gretchen for bagging the title of first-ever Pinoy Idol.She proves to be not just another spoiled rich kid in the biz. She got talent.

Actually, my bet was Ram Chaves, but since he is already a renowned local band vocalist, I think that that it is just right to give others the chance to fame. In fact, he had a couple of talent shows under his belt As far as I could remember, they were —Stars In A Million (the season wherein Frenchie Dy won) and Pinoy Pop Superstar Season 1. Sad to note, he was not able to make it to the finale. Basically, Pinoy Idol made him big.

Sometimes, these reality TV talent search has becoming unreliable. Obviously, the text votes drive a lot of profit for the show. People do not vote because of talent, but because of relation or other personal biases. You can not say that, it is purely popularity. I am sure, most of the contestants spent so much money on buying phone loads to vote. I hope that, one day —voting will be based on phone number, and that a certain number can only vote once in every voting cycle.


6 thoughts on “First Pinoy Idol: Gretchen Espina

  1. Cute baya sa ato sa bisan unsa nalang huna hunaan. The first time I heard of pinoy dream academy naka ana ko unsa man na. I thought kay academy jud ba pero bura diay ug big brother. Akong sis kay hilig man kaayo ug kanta as in and I posted her video sa akong blog and a couple of people already told me to audition para lagi aning dream academy. Akong ingnan akong sis mo graduate sa ko no siya pagka nurse before nang mga ingon ana. Sige nalang go na.

    Hope everything is ok nimo diha Ting.

  2. ting,

    i think gretchen is not the first pinoy idol. naa man pinoy idol sa una… c ryan agoncillo gali tua ang host (ryan seacrest) and sa channel abc 5 tua. luoy pud sad tong naka daog adto na contest murag na walay pulos iya title… nag change channel lang… na erase na iya name. … mao pud. limot sad ko sa name adto nya….

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