US Immigration Process: Like It or Hate It

I have been regularly visiting two immigration forums lately. I have seen people who reminds me of “me” two years ago. Even if I am already here in the US, I am still eager to learn more about immigration, especially the changes and new policies.

In case you do not know, we did not hire an immigration lawyer to help us with our process. It is my pride. My work. As first, KISA contemplated on that, but I discouraged him and promised that I would do all the research. At the beginning, I was intimidated. The process looked so complicated, and seemed like there’s no room for errors. But eventually, all went well.

Today, I got busy updating my immigration page. I just want to impart the little knowledge Ithat  have with this immigration thing, especially for K-3 and K-4 beneficiaries. I just hope that I will touch some lives and help in my own little way.


3 thoughts on “US Immigration Process: Like It or Hate It

  1. Ryan just turned 23 when he petitioned me. We didn’t hire any lawyer. Nag research jud siya ug maayo just to make sure that everything is ok and like other things pariha sa removal sa condition sa akong greencard, then later sa akong application sa pa pagka US Citizen then karon sa among petition sa akong parents to join us here, si Ryan ra jud na tanan and far so good. It is not hard if you only research and read.

  2. Hello, In. Nice to see you here. Yes, that’s very true. The immigration paperwork is tedious. You have to read and understand the instruction word for word in every form that you are required to submit. Maybe because time and money is the consequence if you file wrongly.

    Ryan must be really a patient man…and smart too.

  3. Hi Ting,

    Great work. Talking about immigration. Mag 5 years nko dinhi still waiting gihapon for my 10 year green card. I agree with In-in very tedious kaayo but we did it ourselves. Goryo hired an immigration lawyer to get us here kay nabusy sa work but when we submitted the AOS – nag DIY nlang mi. Plus, hastang mahala ang fee sa immigration lawyer pud.

    I’m really hoping na before mi fly sa pinas dis year naa nakoy green card. 🙂

    Blog hopping diay from Jet’s blog. Take care!


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