Acne, my teen-age life problem

As a teen-ager, I suffered from a acne. Though it was not severe, it was enough to cripple with what was left of my self-esteem and confidence. When I talked to people, I hid my face with handkerchief. I could not look them straight in the eyes because I was afraid that I would see them staring at my face. My parents could not afford to send me to a dermatologist. That time, acne treatment lotions were so expensive. So I had to endure all my teen-age life, embarrassed of my face. It was the most awkward stage of my life.

Now that I have a daughter, I will never let her undergo the same predicament as I had. Since skin irregularities can be hereditary, there is a chance that she can have it. Besides, acne treatment products are no longer that expensive. With less than thirty dollars, we already can purchase one, like murad acne complex. This acne complex is reportedly effective to different skin types, and has proven testimonies of real users. Whatever it is that makes this murad acne so famous, it does not hurt to try it. Well, I still hope that Amber will not have a skin problem growing up.


2 thoughts on “Acne, my teen-age life problem

  1. I suffer from acne myself. I like reading posts about it and browsing sites like yours reading what people have to say about the different cures. I find lots of different opinions thx

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